Lions request interviews with Mike Vrabel, Steve Wilks

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The Lions fired head coach Jim Caldwell on Monday morning and they have started putting together a list of candidates to replace him.

Albert Breer of reports that the team has requested an interview with Texans defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel and Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that they’ve done the same with Panthers defensive coordinator and assistant head coach Steve Wilks. Any interview with Wilks will have to wait until after this week with the Panthers preparing to play the Saints in the Wild Card round.

Vrabel just finished his first year running the defense in Houston. He was previously the Texans’ linebackers coach and also coached at Ohio State since finishing his playing career. Much of that playing career was spent in New England, where Lions General Manager Bob Quinn was in the personnel department before moving on to Detroit.

Wilks was promoted to defensive coordinator when Sean McDermott left to become Buffalo’s head coach last year. He’s also been mentioned as a possible candidate for the Giants opening.

Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is also expected to interview with the Lions.

20 responses to “Lions request interviews with Mike Vrabel, Steve Wilks

  1. Matt Patricia would be a TERRIBLE hire. As a Jaguar fan, I was kind of hoping he would be hired within our division.

  2. Not sure I see Vrabel as HC material as his DC work has been certainly underwhelming. I would think he needs to show more before moving up….

  3. Vrabel is just Vance Joseph v.2 for gosh sakes. Can people stop hiring one year “wonders”, where “wonders” means kinda okay?

  4. in my opinion, Bobby Quinn (belichick pedigree), is going to hire a Belichick guy. So my guess is it will be Vrabel (O-H!) or our DC Matty Patricia. McDaniels will be the head coach to a place that hires NICK CASERIO as GM. If Patricia does get hired, it will be weird to see him without a beard. Its only been 12 years.

  5. Vrabel’s DC has been underwhelming? Apparently you’re unaware of the injuries the Texans defense suffered. And that A.J. Bouye was lost in free agency.

    Getting eleven guys on the same page each play was quite an accomplishment under the circumstances.

  6. At least the Lions canned fish face. Seriously, who could be worst with the exception of Marvin Lewis and Jeff Fisher?

  7. Vrabel certainly has moved up the charts quickly.
    @ FatBaba how many openings are better than Detroit’s and what are they? The Lions have a healthy franchise QB, stable patient ownership, a GM that gets it and a decent roster that doesn’t require rebuilding. Sounds like a pretty good gig compared to the Raiders, Colts, Bears or Giants.

  8. Patricia has grown into the DC position and become a pretty good one. Not sure he’s ready to be a head coach though.

    Vrabel needs more seasoning as a DC before he’s ready to be a head coach as well. He could be a great coach in time

  9. vrabel is not can’t spend 1 year as a coordinator and then
    be ready to be a head coach.

    manboobs thought he could do that and look what happened to his
    piddly career after being so arrogant.

  10. codylaws says:
    January 1, 2018 at 10:15 am
    Oh no, why? Don’t take belicheat former player/staff. No one was successful wherever they go.

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    that’s cute..we all
    see what you did about cowheracheat comes back from the studio and sticks his chin out to make you feel good about the hire, huh?

  11. Houston’s defense finished last in a number of categories, including points allowed. So even allowing for the injuries and the crappy offense I wouldn’t call Vrabel’s first year a rousing success.
    If it comes down to him or Patricia, I can’t see the Lions preferring Vrabel over the other two.

  12. Pops Caldwell was beloved by his players. But the time had come to put him out to pasture. He can watch his grandkids grow like weeds while a young buck moves into his empty office.

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