Matt Ryan, Julio Jones make history

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The best news for the Falcons is that they managed to secure a playoff berth in Week 17. The good news is that a couple of their key offensive players have made some history.

According to the NFL, quarterback Matt Ryan finished the season with 41,796 yards. That’s the highest total for any player in his first 10 seasons, surpassing Peyton Manning’s 41,626.

Likewise, receiver Julio Jones has gotten to 9,000 receiving yards faster than any other player, in only 95 games. Hall of Famer Lance Alworth previously held the record by doing it in 98 games.

With Ryan, Jones, and an array of other offensive weapons, the Falcons could be one of the most dangerous six seeds the NFL playoffs have ever seen. The first team that will get a chance to slow them down is the Rams, Saturday night on NBC.

9 responses to “Matt Ryan, Julio Jones make history

  1. thrifty says:
    January 1, 2018 at 1:53 pm
    No one will ever confuse Ryan with Manning.

    Definately now. Its at leat 2 inches of forehead difference.

  2. What the hell is this guy talking about the Falcons beat the Bears, Lions, and Bucs two times. Wow get your facts straight before making a stupid comment like that!!!!

  3. I guess you haven’t been watching the falcons lately there defense is playing as good as any defense in the playoffs. All they need to do is cleanup the penalties and better on 3rd downs and they could easliy be represent the NFC in the super bowl.

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