Matthew Stafford hopes Lions can keep Jim Bob Cooter

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The Lions fired head coach Jim Caldwell on Monday, but offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter remains under contract.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford hopes that remains the case once the Lions hire Caldwell’s replacement as well. Stafford said he’d love to continue working with Cooter, who was promoted to his current position in the middle of the 2015 season. Stafford feels the offense “has moved in the right direction” and that he’s “playing some of the best football of my career” since Cooter was promoted to his current job in the middle of the 2015 season.

“I think continuity is important in this league to a certain extent and I voiced my opinions earlier just a second ago on our guys on the offensive staff,” Stafford said, via the Detroit Free Press. “I think they do a good job, I think our offense is going in the right direction, I think our team is close so we’ll see what happens.”

There are several defensive names on the early list of head coaching candidates, which suggests sticking with Cooter is on the table for the Lions. General Manager Bob Quinn also said Monday that he thinks Stafford is “a good enough quarterback that he can kind of play in any system,” so that’s far from a sure thing as the search process gets underway.

17 responses to “Matthew Stafford hopes Lions can keep Jim Bob Cooter

  1. Has to be bitter disappointment. They spent too much in the offseason to fall short. The fact is Stafford is paid elite money but has not given Lions fans elite results.

  2. They need Boss Hogg, but he’s too much of a disciplinarian and not really a player’s coach.

  3. Whether or not he improved the Lions offense is a big question. The Lions still do not have a running game. But a lot of that is on Mayhew’s preference for speedy smaller running backs over grinders, and Mayhew’s fetish for drafting WRs.

    But – if the franchise QB loves the guy, that carries a lot of weight.

  4. Ol Jim Bob Cooter is standin’ pat until that job in Tennessee comes open. The endorsement opportunities alone for him in the heart of redneck land would make it a gold mine. Just imagine; The Official BBQ Joint of Coach Cooter, Coach Cooter’s Fishin’ Shack, Cooter’s Coveralls, The Official Truck Tire Provider for Coach Jim Bob, the possibilities are endless…

  5. Stafford needs to start winning big games! He’s a monster against bottom feeders and a “rubber doll” against top teams. “Just win Baby”!

  6. I’m not a Lions fan or a Stafford fan.

    But, he has a point about him playing well with/for Cooter.

    This past season, here is where Stafford ranked among QB’s.

    4th most TD passes
    6th in QB passer rating
    6th in yards per pass attempt
    3rd in total passing yards
    6th in completion percentage

    No, he’s not a Brady or a Rodgers but, for him, he’s done better than he has and he had Cooter have worked well together.

    32 NFL teams and not every team can have the #1 or #2 QB in the league.

    If you have a QB that is solidly in the top 10 (or around #5 like Stafford was this past season), you’re doing OK.

    No, Stafford hasn’t performed like this for many consecutive years and if the new coach brings in a new offensive coordinator and Stafford has to start over again, it makes it more difficult.

    Continuity is important. Some poor QB’s have new coordinators and coaches every other year.

    I’d give Cooter and Stafford another year together based on what they just did. I mean, if the numbers Stafford ended up this season were what he did every year, then bring in a new coordinator if you like. But those aren’t numbers Stafford has put up before so I’d be careful about switching offensive coordinators.

    His INT% was 1.7% two seasons ago and 1.8% this past season. It had been at 2 or higher the previous 5 seasons.

    His passer rating this past season was his career high.

    Keep Cooter and Stafford together for at least one more season.

  7. “I think our team is close so we’ll see what happens.”

    No, the team is close to making the playoffs but not close to winning in the playoffs.

    They have talent, but they can barely beat bad teams. The offense has trouble scoring in the red zone. Stafford makes all kinds of bad decision throwing and even holding onto the football.

    You can blame the O-line, but coaching has not adapted to plays that work with a bad O-line. Even if they try, Staff doesn’t always make a good throw in that play.

    To me, it’s both coaching and Stafford.

  8. Well if Cooter sticks around he needs to find a way to improve the running game. Cooters system seems to suffer on the road in cold weather—when Cooter needs to be able to grind it out. If they can find a way for Cooter-ball to travel and the new HC is defensive minded then I am all for it. Cooter is young and still growing on the job; youth is a good thing right now in this league, and Cooter has that going for him.

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