Most 2017 coaching vacancies come with a quality quarterback

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Typically, coaches get fired because the teams doing the firing don’t have a quality quarterback. This year, plenty of the vacancies include a quality quarterback under contract.

The question for the coaches who get the jobs will be whether they want those quarterbacks.

Think back to 2009, when Josh McDaniels first left the Patriots to become coach of the Broncos. His first order of business was to run quarterback Jay Cutler out of town.

This year, the three highest-paid quarterbacks currently don’t have coaches: Matthew Stafford of the Lions ($27 million per year), Derek Carr of the Raiders ($25 million), and Andrew Luck of the Colts ($24.5 million).

The other current vacancies will give the new coach two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning in New York, capable veteran Carson Palmer in Arizona, or No. 2 overall draft pick Mitchell Trubisky in Chicago.

Palmer’s potential retirement gives the Cardinals job the most empty cupboard at the position, and signing on to work with Eli Manning could cause a new coach to quickly come off as a villain, if there’s an effort to move on from him. Likewise, the coach who gets the Chicago job may not be all in with Trubisky, an opinion that likely will be held close to the vest until after a four- or five-year guaranteed contract is signed.

Regardless, this year’s coaching jobs generally will give the guys who get them something that few coaching jobs ever entail — certainty at the position important position on the field.

16 responses to “Most 2017 coaching vacancies come with a quality quarterback

  1. Matt Stafford is overrated.
    Andrew Luck is broken, and who knows if he’ll ever get fixed
    Eli Manning is done
    Carson Palmer is WAYYYY done
    Mitchell Trubisky is, well, who knows?!

  2. Quality? None are elite.

    Manning is over the hill. Carr is coming off of a down year. Trubisky is unproven. Palmer is not what he used to be. Luck is questionable coming back from a major injury. Stafford is probably the best among them. The Giants job could be good if a coach is given time with Rosen (if they can get him) and maybe Manning gives you a bridge year.

  3. I think it’s not just Eli they want to move on from – they don’t want to be on the hook for an outrageous OBJ contract when he’s coming off of injury. No sense in paying $20 mil to OBJ if Eli isn’t there to throw to him

    Of course in my opinion they’d do well to admit their mistake, bring back Coughlin, get Eli to agree to a 3 year max medium range salary to afford some WRs and OL and see if they can get hot again.

    It makes more sense than scrapping everything and starting from scratch – and only delays that for a few years.

  4. Why would a coach go to Chicago if they did not believe they could make it work with Trubisky? What exactly do they think their other options would be? It’s a moot point anyway as Pace has already said that he will not give up control of the 53 man roster and Pace is all in with Trubisky.

    The other thing that was not directly mentioned for the QBs for these open coaching spots is that Trubisky is a lot cheaper than the other 5 qb’s at this time. So, whoever gets the Chicago job has a 3-4 year window to win with Trubisky while building up other aspects of the team before the next big qb contract hits – assuming that Trubisky does indeed turn into a franchise qb.

  5. I maintain that is why the Bucs kept Koetter… Could not compete with these teams for a quality HC… All better QB options than the turn-over machine they have…

  6. Only the Bears can hire a coach that doesn’t believe in Trubisky and the GM doesn’t know until after the contract is signed.

  7. After seeing what happened with Eli this year, I cannot imagine taking that job unless you were absolutely convinced he was your guy.

  8. If G men want to draft a QB at #2 instead of getting the best LT out there, then they at least owe it to we who buy tickets to tell us what Webb’s shortcomings are so we can understand the pick. Just knowing that he was 3rd round instead of #2 overall is not enough. We were told that this was a redshirt year for him and that’s exactly what transpired. What changed going forward, if anything?

  9. You seem to value what a qb is paid over his ability.
    Just because you are paid like a top qb doesn’t mean you are a top qb.
    Stafford is good, but Carr sure looks average at best, and no one knows if Luck will be healthy enough to play at a high level.
    As far as Manning & Palmer, their best days have been behind them for awhile.

  10. Lions have:
    Quality QB – check
    Good WR corps – check
    Strong DB backfield (Slay, Quin, Diggs) – check
    Good LT – check

    9-7 past two years, it bad

    Weak D-line, suspect LB,no RB, so e questions along the O-line….

    All in all, a pretty attractive job opening, not to mention, they build a statue of you outside the stadium as soon as you win a playoff game….

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