Report: Colts expected to interview Josh McDaniels, Matt Nagy, Dave Toub

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The Colts are one of the teams looking for a new head coach and a few names of interest have surfaced a day after they relieved Chuck Pagano of his duties.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Colts are expected to interview Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy and Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub. McDaniels can interview this week while the two Chiefs coaches can’t interview until after the Wild Card round.

McDaniels has been a popular candidate in recent years, but has not taken a head coaching position. He was 11-17 in parts of two seasons as the Broncos coach.

Nagy took over play calling duties for the Chiefs amid a slump in the middle of the 2017 season and the unit saw better results once that switch took place. Toub interviewed with the Broncos and Chargers last offseason and has been in his current position since 2013.

16 responses to “Report: Colts expected to interview Josh McDaniels, Matt Nagy, Dave Toub

  1. McDaniels is going to wait it out, and take over the Pats, whenever Bill calls it a career.
    That is what I am hoping, anyway.

    Even if I am wrong, Josh would never stoop down to the level of taking over for the Colts.
    Lies, Frame-Gate, Participation banners, and a crack-head owner would make a hard sell!

  2. Based on previous performance, McDaniels first act would be to trade Luck to Denver for Osweiller, then draft a fullback with his first pick to groom for qb. His first staff hire would be Scarvechio to be his film guru.

  3. Every coach who’s ever stood on the Patriots’ sidelines while Tom Brady has been their QB has looked good, but none of them have ever accomplished anything away from Brady. I loved Charlie Weis, and I love Josh McDaniel, but the winning is mostly due to Tom Brady. Nagy is just the latest flavor of the month. Toub actually looks like he could be a good head coach. If Andrew Luck comes back healthy, they could actually win big with any of these coaches, just like they did with Pagano and Arians when Luck was healthy. Both coaches won Coach of the Year honors, and Ryan Grigson was Executive of the Year. Look what happened in Green Bay when their star QB went down. Andrew Luck took the Colts to the AFC Championship game his 3rd season, and won 36 games over those 3 years. They were 2-14 the year before Luck. If Luck gets healthy, this is by far the best coaching job available.

  4. McDaniels has HC experience. And was terrible, not to mention that he was unethical in the process.


  5. The NFL should make all of these teams wait until the current season is over before making any personnel moves. It is a distraction to the current teams otherwise….. just imagine if teams could already approach and sign free agents from playoff teams. Why are coaches any different?

  6. If I were the Patriots I’d approve every interview request except for the Colts. After deflategate, changing the rules, and every other ridiculous thing they have done, F them. Still waiting for somebody, anybody to explain the colts air pressure. Just for the sake of my own clarity. Pats balls deflated equals “obvious cheating”. Colts balls deflated equals “hey look, something shiny”

  7. If Brady were to retire this year, McDaniels will be the head coach at New England because Belichek will be right behind Brady in retiring. The qb next year would be HOYER. Belichek is not going to foul up his legacy by going 4-12 or 6-10 with Hoyer at qb. Brady covers up a lot of weaknesses in the Pats and Belichek knows it.
    If McDaniels can come up with an offense to get to the playoffs with Hoyer, he is a genius.

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