Report: Could be tomorrow before Marvin Lewis decision

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We knew Marvin Lewis’ future in Cincinnati was complicated, but apparently it’s going to be protracted as well.

According to Jim Owczarski of the Cincinnati Enquirer, there may not be a resolution regarding the Bengals coaching situation immediately after today’s meeting between Lewis and Mike Brown.

No decision has been made at the moment, and it might be Tuesday or later until one is.

Lewis and Brown have apparently already met this morning, and there was a scheduled press conference at noon. It appears it may come and go without any answers about the one thing people at a press conference in Cincinnati want to know about.

22 responses to “Report: Could be tomorrow before Marvin Lewis decision

  1. why expect anything less from the bungals. there should only be a 2 minute meeting to say thanks, shake hands and say good luck down the road. this is getting to the point that a new team to root for is on thousands’ of minds bout right now, including mine.

  2. No decision??? Than why the news conference at noon. They know what their going to do. If not, your in a league that only includes the Browns.

  3. oh, it makes perfect sense now. wait until all of the available candidates are hired elsewhere and then promote a work for pennies on the dollar of a good coach and promote one of them.

  4. Mike Brown: Marv, we’ve had a good run, but I’m going to have to let you go.
    Marvin Lewis: Take a look at the pictures inside this envelope first.
    Mike Brown: Sign here for a contrast extension, let’s notify the press tomorrow

  5. Those last two wins probably changed Mike Brown’s mind and Marvin will talk his way into a 2 year extension. We, Bengals fans, have been living this for too long.


  7. Well of course, the Bengals won yesterday, and we have a running game and our o line is now just fine and all is right with the world

  8. Lewis gotta go…….

    Say what you want about The Bengals, but they sure spilled their guts for Lewis this last two weeks and took The Lions and Ravens with them.

    That offensive display in the first half yesterday in B-more was pretty awesome, and gave a glimpse of what might be. That young OL looked useful, Boling stoned Suggs at LT, and Mixon sliced up that Raven D at will. They just ran out of steam on defence in the 2nd half with all the injuries. William Jackson 3 looks a real genuine stud, and LB Vinnie Rey needs some sort of special bravery award for yesterday; I think he got of the cart twice to get back in there……….

    They may be a coaching change away from being pretty darn good these Bengals……..

  9. OMG here we go again how many times do we need to see this!! Bengals have a decimal year and loss way too many games should have won than win last couple of games and wala Marv’s contract extension – so predictable!!

  10. I have an idea why not go out and get the best coaching staff possible. This franchise kills me never goes after best players or coaches, they are fine with being okay.

  11. Well the answer is quite simple while some teams/players had given up, the Bengals balled, its quite clear they hadnt given up on their coach.

  12. Marvin Lewis

    2003: 8-8
    2004: 8-8
    2005: 11-5
    2006: 8-8
    2007: 7-9
    2008: 4-11-1
    2009: 10-6
    2010: 4-12
    2011: 9-7
    2012: 10-6
    2013: 11-5
    2014: 10-5-1
    2015: 12-4
    2016: 6-9-1
    2017: 7-9

    0-7 in the playoffs
    7-24 vs Steelers (chief division rival)
    Around 8-30 in prime-time

  13. The football god, Bill Belichick, averaged winning 7 games a year in his 5 years with the Browns. Maybe it’s more complicated than just the coach.

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