Sam Bradford will return to practice this week

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The Vikings will see the return of Sam Bradford to practice this week. Coach Mike Zimmer said they will wait to see where the veteran quarterback is before making a decision whether to activate him.

“Things could happen in the game [if] somebody gets hurt,” Zimmer said, via Ben Goessling of the Star-Tribune. “You never know.”

The Vikings will have three weeks to decide whether to activate Bradford from injured reserve.

Minnesota placed Bradford on IR on Nov. 8 to activate Teddy Bridgewater to the 53-player roster. Bridgewater has backed up Case Keenum since. Bridgewater has thrown two passes, with one interception this season after returning from his devastating knee injury that kept him out in 2016.

The Vikings currently have Kyle Sloter as their third quarterback, giving them the best depth at the position in the league by far with three starters and a developmental prospect.

8 responses to “Sam Bradford will return to practice this week

  1. I suppose if he proves he’s healthy you could have 3 active QB’s on the roster for the playoffs. Probably a special teams player that could sit out, especially if he was one that was trying to cover that punt return Sunday. Most importantly, nobody get crazy and say Bradford should start a playoff game.

  2. I feel Bradford when healthy is better than Teddy. So this is great news for the Vikings heading into the playoffs. I don’t think Sam will be needed however. Case will be fine in the playoffs.

  3. If he’s healthy and could replicate week one I’d rather have him for playoffs. He’s more accurate and sees the field better, even though he’s not mobile like Keenum. But it’s hard to put him back in to replace Keenum bc the way he has been playing well.

  4. Good news for the Vikings. At this time Bradford is better than Bridgewater. Hopefully neither will play again this season.

    Super Bowl homeboy!!!

  5. Vikings know that at best, they can only keep two out of Keenum, Bridgewater, and Bradford going into next season. Therefore if they see definite promise in Sloter and want him in training camp next year, then Bradford continues to practice but isn’t activated unless there is an injury to Keenum or Bridgewater. That is unless they are happy to have four QBs on their active roster.

    Has there been any update on Bridgewater’s contract status for next year? Are the Vikings able/allowed to toll the final year? That would certainly clear up some of the fog moving forward.

  6. #1) Case Keenum
    #2) Sam Bradford
    #3) Teddy Bridgewater

    This is assuming that Sam is healthy and ready to play. I love Teddy but he shouldn’t be thrown into a playoff game unless its the only option.

    A little known secret here: Sam Bradford has experience in coming back from a serious injury.

  7. It’s pretty clear Bradford’s knees will never be healthy again. He can practice all he wants, but it will have little practical difference. And I hope the Vikings never need to find out.

  8. purpleguy … no doubt … his knee is never going to be ‘healthy’ again. It’s just a matter of whether he can play through constant nagging pain and issues. Guy should just hang it it up.

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