Thompson’s departure from G.M. role will spark a scramble for power in Green Bay

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The news that Packers G.M. Ted Thompson will transition to a new role means that the Packers will be looking for a new G.M. Which will spark one hell of a scramble for the ability to run a football operation without having to ever answer to a traditional owner.

One person who would have been a top candidate for the job just took the same job in Cleveland. A year ago, veteran Packers scribe Bob McGinn pegged John Dorsey as the “best bet” to replace Thompson. While Dorsey seems to be all in with the Browns, the thought of an annulment surely will at least cross his mind, even if it will never happen.

Another G.M. of a different team also may be regretting the removal in his latest extension of a contractual clause that would have allowed him to bolt for Green Bay. Seahawks G.M. John Schneider is a Wisconsin native — and a Packers shareholder. The question is whether owner Paul Allen would let Schneider leave, even without the term allowing him to.

Internally, director of football operations Eliot Wolf’s name will emerge, even though there has been a sense lately that he may end up moving on before he gets the chance to move up. Also, director of player personnel Brian Gutekunst has in recent hiring cycles gotten interviews.

Then there’s former Packers executive Reggie McKenzie, who has been the G.M. in Oakland since 2012. If/when Jon Gruden returns as the head coach, he may want his own personnel table-setter, which could put McKenzie in play for Green Bay.

However it shakes out, the job will be coveted. And coach Mike McCarthy will be hoping that the new G.M. won’t want a new head coach.

40 responses to “Thompson’s departure from G.M. role will spark a scramble for power in Green Bay

  1. McCarthy is as good as gone.

    Might as well clean house and get rid of the ribbon cutter, Mark Murphy, as well.

  2. There isn’t a GM available with the political capital to fire McCarthy this or next year. That’s not happening.

    Wolf is most likely the next GM and all it takes is Murphy saying so. No power scramble at all.

  3. I’d never considered the lack of a (single person-majority) owner would impact decisions/power-structure in the organization. The Packers aren’t my team so, I’d never payed it any attention. My kid is a diehard fan. I started watching the businesses side after I bought him, “stock” a few years back. Should be interesting to watch.

  4. I agree with Elliot Wolf as GM. Who will then call his HOF dad—who will then tell him to get his own HC in there.

    But McCarthy needs to end in GB for other reasons. Bill Walsh (remember him—3 rings in 10 years?) famously said that any more than 10 years as a head coach with a single team is too much. Message and scheme gets stale. U “lose”players. They tune out. The fact his team quit on him against Lions really lit some fires it seems.

  5. Seahawks G.M. John Schneider has not drafted well these last several years has he?
    After drafting the legion of boom and RW a number of years ago he’s not done much.
    Maybe he got lucky and isn’t especially good?

  6. Hate to stick a pin in the ‘mad scramble’ balloon but it’s hard to believe Thompson is stepping aside without a plan in place. The only monkey wrench in the works might be the sudden availability of McKenzie with Chuckie headed to the Raiders.

  7. Wolf is going to be the guy they hire if they are smart. He’s been groomed to be a GM since he was a kid.

  8. Man, all the Packers need to do is fire the training staff for all of the constant injuries and it’ll be a perfect offseason in Green Bay already.

  9. Time to pry Schneider away from Seattle and boot McCarthy. Get on the phone with Paul Chryst, a little understated but reminds me a bit of Belicheck. He strikes me as a guy who would make a good NFL coach. Hurts the Badgers but they could promote Jim Leonard to head coach to keep him from leaving. Only in his 30’s but look what Lincoln Riley is doing at OU. May sound a bit crazy but I think drastic measures are needed in Titletown.

  10. Schneider has been good early because Scot McGloghan was the man telling them who to draft. As soon as he left Schneider hasn’t really had a good draft. Let Schneider go and get Mcgloughan back in the fold. Who gives a rats ass if the guy likes to have 2-10 beers a day. We all have our issues.

  11. “Man, all the Packers need to do is fire the training staff for all of the constant injuries”.

    This has been an uninformed opinion for years. Exactly what training methods that aren’t being used are supposed to prevent broken bones and torn ACL’s? In addition, modern training methods aren’t some secret science. Every NFL team is using essentially the same methods, the differences are miniscule.

  12. Yep, go after Schneider first. If that dont fly go after McKenzie and bring Gruden with him!

  13. If any CEO of a fortune 500 company was charged with finding the next Packers’ GM, they would make it very simple. The single most important duty of a GM is the ability to scout football players, primarily QB’s. They would ask all the prospective candidates to bring all the scouting reports they’ve written over the last ten years to the interview. Then they’d analyze those scouting reports and separate the talkers from the doers. Since the QB position is by far the most important, and seemingly the hardest to evaluate, they would spend 95% of the time seeing who was good at evaluating QB’s. This isn’t rocket science folks. But for some odd reason, teams can’t seem to figure this out.

  14. John Schneider has really sucked at drafting an O-line. His first round selection pick Ifredi lead the NFL this year in penalties. And Ifredi really stinks at blocking, period.

  15. No power struggle. This will be a smooth transition. They likely already have the transition plan locked down before they made the announcement. Now the question is who will take the DC job. Its a huge opportunity as it would be difficult to come in and not make an improvement.

  16. I wish McCarthy would be gone also but it wont happen! Murphy doesn’t care about anything other than sitting back and collecting a paycheck. If he did Ted Thompson would of been gone a long time ago! He “Ted” is pathetic and everyone knows it. He got lucky that he had a hall of QB already on the team and Rodgers fell to him in the 2005 draft! Rodgers has saved this team so many times and with out him GB is the Chicago Bears. This team needs talent and hopefully the new GM won’t be afraid to spend a little money. I sure hope he does not go on vacation during free agency and isn’t always looking to trade back, trade back, trade back during the draft! Murphy does not care about championships he just wants GB to be competitive and not hear a lot of noise from the fans! 8-8 9-7 10-6 and a first round play off loss with the greatest QB to ever play the game is good enough for him! If GB is in the play offs fans can’t complain even though GB should have about 3 rings with Rodgers.

  17. McCarthy hung onto Hundley too long, with expectations of adequate performances by Hundley being enough to sustain and support his self-described contention of being a good coach.

    Hundley exposed him and his poor decision-making. I want Rodgers to be excited about whatever changes lie ahead. That’s all. The rest will take care of itself. Keep Rodgers engaged and motivated. I hope they’re keeping him in the loop on anything being discussed and considered. They sure as hell should anyway.

  18. Packers might be a contender now..
    So weird to see this from a fan of a team that hasn’t even won a playoff game since the last time we won the super bowl….

  19. My only hope is that the new GM wants a new coach. Please make it so. They just got rid of everybody else, except for the biggest problem.

  20. It’ll be Wolf. This has been going on for years. When Ted decided to step away, Wolf was told he was going to get the gig. Don’t expect McCarthy to go anywhere either. He will be there until Rodgers retires.

  21. if John Schneider goes to Green Bay, the other teams in the division will celebrate like heck. Watch the team’s O line start deteriorating as he let free agent after free agent depart.

  22. me no Packer fan, but I will root against any team that plays Seattle, including Green Bay. Still celebrating the victory Arizona had over Seattle. I hope John Schneider is Seattle’s GM for as long as possible. Heck, the Niners can thank Schneider for trading Seattle’s first round pick to allow them to draft Reuben Foster.

  23. Well I guess we all owe Anthony Barr a big thank you! His hit on Rodgers has spurred on change that I never thought would happen. Looking forward to the 2018 season more than ever!

  24. How about the Juggling Drill Coordinator? He’s probably the best you’ve got in-house to become G.M. of this dumpster fire.

    This is going to smolder for years.

  25. commentawaitingdeletion says:
    January 1, 2018 at 8:13 pm
    Hate to stick a pin in the ‘mad scramble’ balloon but it’s hard to believe Thompson is stepping aside without a plan in place. The only monkey wrench in the works might be the sudden availability of McKenzie with Chuckie headed to the Raiders.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Lets see….gruden is hoping is is considered for the coaching job in Oakland, The NY jets already gave permission to their oc to join a coach who is hoping to be a coach, the bengals gave permission to their dc to join a coach who hopes he is considered to be a coach, and now Green Bay opens a GM spot for a GM to be determined, who I hope is sticking around to help the coach who is hoping to be considered to be a coach, but now that a GM spot opened on the rumors of a coach who is hoping to be considered , makes you think this GM might have a GM job where he worked for 18 years under the guy who worked where the coach wants to be considered for worked for 12 years with the late Al Davis….not that you can connect any dots, besides the fact he also signed a 4 year extension recently along with Del Rio, but we all know what happened to Jack… all makes complete sense, of course along with the Rooney Rule

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