Bill Musgrave will remain Broncos offensive coordinator

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The Broncos have let several assistant coaches go since their season ended with Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs, including their offensive line, running backs and wide receivers coaches.

That will lead to significant changes to the offensive coaching staff for 2018, but there will not be a change at the top. General Manager John Elway and head coach Vance Joseph said at a Tuesday press conference that Bill Musgrave will remain the team’s offensive coordinator.

Musgrave opened last season as the team’s quarterbacks coach was promoted to interim offensive coordinator when the Broncos fired Mike McCoy in November. He’s also had experience running offenses for Philadelphia, Carolina, Jacksonville, Minnesota and Oakland over his two decades as a coach at the professional and college levels.

Musgrave drew good reviews from Broncos players for simplifying the offense after taking over for McCoy, although it remains to be seen how many of them he’ll be working with in 2018 as the Broncos are set to make changes at quarterback and elsewhere before returning to action.

7 responses to “Bill Musgrave will remain Broncos offensive coordinator

  1. Man. they really don’t get it on Denver, eh? They had an epic fail this year…

    Maybe they’re mile “high” on the air there…

  2. When this guy was with the Vikings I used to hear the joke from Minny fans that his playbook could fit on an index card. But he’s had quite a long career and has survived Elway’s wrath so he must be doing something right.

  3. When the Vikings got slammed by the Packers in 2012 in the playoffs, they’d lost Ponder & had to play Joe Webb. The run/pass option was working and Webb was gaining yards easily. Same formula the Niners dominated the next week with. Musgrave completely abandoned this approach because receivers were open. Problem was that Webb kills worms with his passes and couldn’t hit the water falling out a boat. He had a 2000 yd runner with AP but completely abandoned that aspect because players were open, even though Webb couldn’t do it. Musgrave blows.

  4. Bassplucker is exactly right — my first thought when they said he simplified things in Denver was that of course he did, he’s only got room for about 15 plays on that matchbook-sized play calling sheet he holds.

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