Broncos will take down signs for company that doesn’t exist

Getty Images

The stadium in which the Broncos play continues to be named for a company that no longer exists. That won’t be the case for much longer.

But not because the Sports Authority is making a comeback; the Broncos finally will be removing the signs that carry the name of the nonexistent business. Eventually, the name will be removed from all references to the venue.

Broncos president/CEO Joe Ellis disclosed the plan during a Tuesday press conference.

“We’re going to take the signs down,” Ellis said. “All of the exterior signage will come down here starting probably in a week or 10 days, I think.”

The name will remain “for a while,” however, due to previously-scheduled events that carry the official name.

“There’s a connection to that name whether it’s through ticketing or event management,” Ellis said. “I suspect by the start of the season we will either have a placeholder name or a name on the building that involves a corporation supporting that name.”

The Broncos presumably kept the name because it would be easier from a P.R. standpoint to replace “Sports Authority” with another corporate moniker. Stripping a gratuitous name away from Mile High Stadium for a while and then later replacing it with a new name would invite a fresh round of what’s-the-world-coming-to? criticism of the corporate influence on American sports.

But the Broncos apparently realized how goofy it was to continue to use a name for a company that doesn’t exist. And it was indeed goofy.

Soon, it will be less goofy.