Browns ask permission to interview Sean Ryan

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The recruiting in Cleveland has begun.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Browns have asked permission to interview Texans quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan.

Head coach Hue Jackson has relented and will hire an offensive coordinator, and looking for someone who can work with young quarterbacks seems a reasonable place to start.

Ryan coach the Texans receivers in 2016 before switching over last season, and working day-to-day with rookie Deshaun Watson. He was with the Giants the nine years before that, rising from offensive quality control to quarterbacks coach there, and bouncing back to wide receivers.

Of course, the Texans aren’t obligated to grant permission if he’s under contract, but coach Bill O’Brien just told reporters he wouldn’t stand in the way.

8 responses to “Browns ask permission to interview Sean Ryan

  1. Why stand in the way, he’d be a fool to take it and have to work with the 3 stooges-Dee and Jimmy Haslam and Hue.

  2. Stupid move by the Texans. If he was helping Watson, you do whatever you have to to make him stay. If Watson comes back next year and looks awful, nobody is going to say “yeah, he took a huge step back, but at least Bill O’Brien didn’t stand in his way”

    Reject the request, and bump his salary to make it contemporary with first time OC’s around the league. He’s happy, Watson is happy, and the franchise is in better shape

  3. This league should be called the No Thinking League! I mean, the Texans QB issues have been terrible with this guy. They are giving this guy too much credit for Watsons early success! See, the truth be known, many of these type QB’s do well when an NFL team allows them to just continue doing what they did in College! On ALL OF THE OTHER QB’S and prior offense and offense after Watson got hurt weren’t they awful?-Or is he allowed to bring Desean Watson along with him? Now that might be a good move. NEXT!!!!

  4. They draft a legit QB with the first pick, one of the stud running backs coming out at 4, spend a camp with Gordon, Coleman and Njoku and manage to keep their fairly good defense off the field for 10 minutes, he’ll have Jackson’s job by mid season and win six games.

  5. Of course it begs the question why would anyone sign on to a sinking ship? I think the answer is Hue Jackson will never be fired by Jimmy Haslam. This may work as long as Hue only does press conferences & locker room speeches and stays out of the assistant coaches way. and the personnel department. They need to get a new Special Teams coach too and probably a better QB coach as well.

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