Eric Studesville set to interview with Giants Friday

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It’s going to be an interesting week for Eric Studesville.

Studesville was fired from his post as assistant head coach/running backs coach by the Broncos on Monday, but he’ll be ending the week with an interview for a head coaching job. Studesville was named as a Giants candidate on Monday and Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that he’s set to interview with the team on Friday.

Studesville was the Giants’ running backs coach under Jim Fassel from 2001-03 and then spent six years in the same role with the Bills before moving to Denver in 2010. He was the interim head coach for the final four games of his first year with the Broncos.

The Giants have also requested permission for interviews with Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia and Steve Wilks since the end of the regular season. Interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo is also expected to get a formal interview for the permanent job.

14 responses to “Eric Studesville set to interview with Giants Friday

  1. Don’t waste your time on McDaniels. He’ll just run back to New England once he realizes he’s in over his head again.

  2. Well, it looks like Mara is doing his due diligence 😦 The Rooney rule has long since served it’s purpose. If I were a minority, I would be very insulted, IF I felt I was just being used to satisfy a “rule”!!!

  3. There are worse things than an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City to tour the Giants facility and be wined and dined.

    That being said,
    Rooney Rule.

  4. People saying “this has Rooney Rule written all over it” are exactly right. Had you ever heard of Eric Studesville? But you have now, haven’t you? The purpose of the Rooney rule is not to force teams to HIRE minorities. It’s to get interviews for guys and raise their national profiles so when teams down the road are making lists of potential coaches, he will already be on their radar. Hardly the down fall of modern society.

    I’ve never seen so many people get so worked up about such a harmless rule. Get over it. Nobody is doing anything to you.

  5. For those on the Rooney rule bandwagon, they are also going to interview Steve Wilks. If this was truly an attempt to satisfy the Rooney rule, why interview more than one black coach?

    If you want to whine about the Rooney rule, wait a few days when the raiders hire John Gruden……….

  6. Wilks also covers the Rooney Rule, can they trade one of those interviews to Oakland seeing they clearly are in violation of it for a draft pick or player to be named later?

  7. As a Broncos fan, I can tell you that Studesville is a very good RB coach. Head Coach? Not sure about that, but with how bad the Giants RBs have looked the last few seasons, they’d be crazy not to offer him the RBs coaching job at the very least. He helped revive Willis MaGahee’s career, coached Knowshon Moreno to a 1,000 yard season, and made undrafted FA CJ Anderson into a solid NFL RB (who carried Denver in their SB50 win). The Giants have been a dumpster fire at RB the last few years, so Studesville would be a great hire as an assistant coach.

  8. Or the Giants like the guy. Do you guys realize that Steve Wilks fills the Rooney Rule as well? Silly liberal race baiters. You guys need to find a better hobby than playing with bongs, dildos, and worrying about the Rooney Rule.

  9. Those who complain about the rule just see their unearned comfortable existences threatened.

    The rest of us see the point and a commenter above accurately explained it.

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