Hue Jackson’s attention now turns to recruiting

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On one hand, the Browns are terrible at football. On the other hand, the weather is awful in Cleveland.

When you look at it like that, it’s hard to imagine why people might not want to flock there, and that represents (yet another) challenge for coach Hue Jackson has he tries to improve on his 1-31 record the last two years.

With UCLA Josh Rosen saying-it-without-saying-it, there’s no use avoiding the reality — many people with options are going to choose to go someplace else.

“In general, being 0-16, the stigma that comes with that is that we’re going to have to do some recruiting everywhere,” Jackson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “First of all, not just players, we have to re-recruit our fans. We have to re-recruit everybody who is associated with the Cleveland Browns first and foremost. . . .

“We have to go out and do a better job with the players and get them to understand really what’s here and what we’re trying to accomplish and what we’re trying to do,” Jackson said. “Is there some convincing we’re going to have to do? Absolutely. We’re in a war for talent on every level right now.”

With four wins over the last three seasons, it’s easy to see they’re not winning it.

But yet again, the Browns go into an offseason with a wealth of cap space and draft picks. They have over $100 million worth of space to spend on free agents (including their own), and 12 picks, including four of the first 36.

“I do believe without question that this organization needs to get to winning as fast as it can and Hue Jackson needs to get winning as fast as he can because you can’t continue to go down this road of 1-31 and losing,” Jackson said, using the third person (which you normally only get to use when you get your third win) . “That’s unfair to all involved. Like I said, I’m here because I truly believe we’re going to win, I truly believe we are going to do the things that support the coach in giving him an opportunity to win.”

The Browns added some gravity by hiring John Dorsey as their new General Manager, but retaining a coach with a .031 winning percentage might not be the best way to convince people that this time, really, things are going to be different.

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  1. 1st get a Franchise QB and a fill in Vet, DO NOT TRADE ANY OF YOUR PICKS!! Then use that $100 mil to get an OL to protect him. 4th pick get the best player on the board

  2. I wonder if Jackson managed to negotiate a huge “breakage fee” in his contract that is triggered if he is fired before his contract expires; there is no other answer to his unfathomable retention by the Browns. Jackson threw Sashi Brown under the bus as if Brown had total control of the personnel, blamed players (some players’ coach), has gone 1-31 over two years yet remained amazingly arrogant and seemingly unfazed by his failure. The Browns fans are in open revolt against Haslam for keeping Jackson severely depressing the value of the franchise. How else can you explain Jackson’s continued employment?

  3. Josh Rosen doesn’t want to be there and he will be the best quarterback in the draft. This is so “Cleveland” and they will find a way to screw this up.

  4. Cleveland should use both their 1st and 4th pick in the first round on QBs. Yeah, I know it’s crazy and will be expensive. But teams need a QB in this league. Get them both in camp and pick the one, then Garoppolo the other one to another team for a future draft pick.

  5. There are no better cities to play for, than the rust belt cities.
    The communities are tight, the areas are the best in the summer, and the fans are the most loyal.

  6. The weather? It’s winter in the northern US, of course it’s awful. Just like in Buffalo, NYC, Green Bay, Minnesota, New England…other than that, getting drafted and paid a few mil or coming in as a FA and getting a check usually makes a guy a loyal employee. I’m pretty sure if Deshone “Red Zone INT” Kizer had actually NOT turned the ball over 30 times, the Browns would’ve won 5 or 6 games. Seeing that I actually watch AFC North football from my couch and consider myself an expert since ’83, that team was competitive until the QB got the ball within scoring range. They draft Allen and Barkley, there might be some good things coming out of the Browns. Awful weather in January…yes sir.

  7. The Browns will be able to recruit once they get a franchise QB , as opposed to trading away the high pick, and passing over good QBs in order to be “thrifty” and get a “bargain bin” QB in a later round.

    And 1-31 doesn’t help, ya gotta have a decent season first.

  8. The Browns just need to recruit a scout that is good at evaluating QB’s. Maybe they already have one in the building. But it’s as simple as that. Then, everything else will take care of itself.

  9. There are 32 teams in the league, with each team having about ten coaching positions. That means 320 positions available. I would guess that there are about 10,000 coaches, from high school through the pros, waiting in line for one of those jobs. Filling positions is merely choosing who you think is best for each one.

  10. Don’t forget the relatively high state income tax and municipal tax rates! Those two in Cleveland add up to nearly 10%.

    On the other hand, win in that city and you are a Legend. Immortality awaits those brave enough to try.

  11. Nothing says follow me like 1-31… He’s either the best salesman of all time or he’s got something on someone. No excuse in keeping such a horrible coach.

  12. Hue Jackson needs to recruit a witch doctor to take the curse off his team. Cleveland is the cemetery of rookie QBs – top rated guys like Rosen & Darnold & Mayfield would rather enroll in Quantum Physics classes than go to Cleveland.

  13. It’s hard to recruit people when you have zero credibility. What does Hue Jackson know about what it takes to win in the NFL? His best season was 8-8 and overall, his record is awful. Jimmy Haslam is in effect giving the out-of-town owner double middle finger to the fans by keeping Jackson on the job. They ought to let Dorsey bring in a coach of his choice and let that person use all the cap space and draft picks.

  14. Baby Huey would have to go 16-0 for two seasons to have a winning record as a head coach.

    Is everything about Cleveland predicated on being the biggest moron?

  15. If only more draftees had the NAME CLOUT like Eli Manning did. Players should be able to say NO WAY to an organization which isn’t even professional.

    Cleveland is a DUMP where careers go to waste away.

  16. Ok, fire Hue Jackson. Then who are they going to find to replace him? Sure, plenty of high school and college coaches in the world not to mention those throughout the pro ranks. At this point, who in the world wants to come coach within this organization? I love Cleveland. The ‘awful weather’ comments are laughable. If these guys had the organizational reputation of Green Bay, Cleveland would be the pride of the NFL.

  17. .
    Every year that 60 million in under the cap funds go directly into Haslam’s pocket. Why do you think the Browns don’t sign free agents? Why do they keep pushing their high draft picks into the future?

  18. pftthoughtpolicemostwanted says:
    January 2, 2018 at 7:56 am

    I stopped watching a long time ago because of the soft racist players that kneel during our national anthem. What is Hue and Haslam going to do to recruit me back?

    Hopefully nothing.

  19. Hue Jackson may be a terrible head coach, but there’s no way to know that for sure. His team has the most cap space because they have the least talent. Everyone blamed Sashi for the lack of talent, but don’t forget that they still have the baseball guy making decisions as well. Hue has made it clear several times that he does not get what he wants as far as players go. The only thing I can really say for certain when it comes to Hue Jackson is that his decision making in job choices is awful. He was THE hot name in coaching candidates and decided to take the Browns job.

  20. Draft the best player on the board at # 1 (Saquan Barkley, RB) , get your future QB at # 4 and then back up the Brinks truck for Alex Smith, and not because he’s worth it but because you’ve won 4 games in the past 3 years.

  21. Looking forward to “coach” Jackson talking about his draft picks like they’re future HOFers in May, then throwing them under the bus in December

  22. pftthoughtpolicemostwanted says:
    January 2, 2018 at 7:56 am

    I stopped watching a long time ago because of the soft racist players that kneel during our national anthem. What is Hue and Haslam going to do to recruit me back?


    As a Browns fan, SEE YA! We don’t want you back!

  23. First to blame is The Browns front office. Ray Farmer as GM? Come on, I wouldn’t have Farmer running a pop warner team. What about all the draft busts (Rds 1,2,3) the last few years. J.Manziel, T.Richardson, B.Mingo, J.Gilbert, C. Erving, L. McFadden, B. Weeden, C. Kessler, P. Taylor and on and on……jury is still out on Corey Coleman. What do they have in common? All are LOSERS!. How is it the Steelers every year don’t pick until the end of 1st rd, but always find 1 to 2 draft picks who contribute every year and stick around for years. The Steelers are winners and breed excellence year in year out. Browns are simply a losing culture.

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