Jay Gruden: Kirk Cousins is a very good QB, but we’re 7-9

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Does Washington coach Jay Gruden desperately want the team to spend whatever it will take to retain free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins this offseason? It sounds more like Gruden would be fine with having Cousins around but not overly disappointed if some other team out-bids them for Cousins’ services.

Gruden was asked to sum up Cousins’ season, and he answered, “I’m still in that evaluation process.”

That’s a bit of an odd statement. The season is over and Gruden has watched Cousins all year, not to mention last year, the year before that and the year before that. At this point, Gruden would seem to know what he has in Cousins.

So what does he have? Gruden noted both that Cousins played well and that he didn’t play enough to elevate the whole team during a challenging season.

When you’re 7-9, you know it’s hard to say, ‘Wow, this guy really was outstanding,’” Gruden said. “Kirk had his flashes where he was really good. From a consistent standpoint, over the course of 16 games, you know, we’re 7-9. He did some great things, threw for over 4,000 yards and 29 touchdowns. So I think he’s a very, very good quarterback without a doubt, but as far as getting us over the hump from 7-9 to winning a division with all the injuries that we had, I think he competed and did some good things.”

So now the question is this: How much is Washington willing to pay a quarterback who is “very good” but not good enough to elevate them above 7-9? And if they invest more money in Cousins, how will they afford to improve elsewhere on the roster while still fitting under the league’s salary cap? And if they don’t pay Cousins, who will be their starting quarterback in 2018? Those won’t be easy questions to answer.

69 responses to “Jay Gruden: Kirk Cousins is a very good QB, but we’re 7-9

  1. Yup let me go Gruden then you will be 3 and 13 and unemployed…Don’t worry though I’m sure your big brother will hook you up will a Raiders job in Vegas!!

  2. You took away all his weapons. He took a 3 or 4 win team and almost got them to .500. He did stink it up against the Giants though. He might not be Brady or Brees but if you dont pay him like that he is going to walk and it will be another decade of top 5 picks.

  3. Kirk should take whatever the Burgundy and Gold offer him, or else he’ll be sporting Orange and Brown next year.

  4. The Redskins should let Cousins walk and draft his replacement in the third round.
    That worked 6 years ago, no reason it can’t work again.

    PS – say hello to a perpetual 4-12 record.

  5. I would applaud Jay Gruden for saying it like it is…Kurt Cousins is a losee QB period…but Gruden is the same dunce who let the best QB he will ever have in his career out the door in RGIII!!!

  6. LOL, yeah gruden, let cousins walk and I’m really curious what you’ll be saying about Colt McCoys performance and what your record will be.

  7. Not sure why the Redskins are so intent on insulting this guy. He’s going to get paid, and it looks like he will have a choice of where he wants to go. If I were Cleveland, Denver, Buffalo, Miami (maybe even Cleveland and Minnesota), I’d be lining up outside of his door for the second that I could propose him a contract.

  8. He should walk into free agency. Washington has jerked him around in a bad way. I know they’ve given him a ton of cash too….but this is NOT how you treat a player you value.

  9. I love how you people who don’t watch the Redskins and just see his garbage stats think Kirk Cousins is worth a damn. He’s a Joe Schmoe who will never be a winner. Tony Romo Junior, LOSING QB. The Redskins can and will BE BETTER without him. Please god let AJ McCaron and Jay Gruden unite and show you all how it’s done!!!

  10. Dude isn’t worth being paid the highest salary in the NFL. It would limit the Redskins from surrounding him with talent. You think it was bad this year with injuries and missing the top 2 WR targets from last year….. well that would be the norm if we over pay Kirk.
    He’s a good QB, not worth being the highest paid. Highest paid QBs should be able to be dropped into any team and make them a power house…. i.e. Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning.
    If you say you can compare Kirk to them, well maybe he should stop trying to be paid like he should be compared to them.
    Finding a QB to go 1-5 in a struggling division shouldnt be hard. KIRK IS OVER RATED!!!!!

  11. ALL HAIL?? funny how WASHINGTON’s fan base has been pretty quiet all year huh? Hey Jay your team is 7-9 because the owner and mgmt are incompetent…i’d luv to see Cousins sign with the browns…he could get them to 7-9 next year probably…

  12. This coming from a head coach that had his team phone it in for 25% of the season and looked unprepared; plus he’s never won a season opener and can’t make any second half adjustments.

    This team had no business winning any games – it was that bad to start the season. It is amazing that Cousins finished the season with one of the worst offensive lines in the business and the defense played when it wanted to.

  13. With the way these rookie QB’s are balling out today (in the right organizations) you cannot say what a replacement will do. If the skins were averaging high win records like the Chiefs with Cousins then perhaps there would be reason for pause. HOWEVER-that is no where the case!!! And the higher standard teams and fan bases like the Chiefs have already decided Smith was not elevating the team enough!!!! Imagine that!!! So they draft Mahomes.

    Cousins has been with this same team 6 years now! And he has amounted nothing much more than passing stats!!! The Chiefs are looking higher-they have higher standards- and the skins are ACTUALLY fighting to make Cousins the HIGHEST paid player in the league-even on a franchise tag. Cause if you tag cousins he will not sign a LTC!!! He knows a fool when he sees one.

  14. I’d like to see what Cousins would achieve on a good team like the Jaguars and would hate to see him stuck in Cleveland or Landover.

  15. That’s the thing with Cousins, he puts up great stats year after year but he can’t elevate a team to overcome things like injuries and a bad defense and he still throws off his back foot that leads to a lot of bad interceptions!!!!!!

  16. Cousins needs playmakers around him and a great defense to be an elite quarterback, he is definitely not worth 34-40 million per year, it’s going to kill a teams salary cap if they sign him to a deal that averages that per year!!

  17. .
    I once floated the idea of a Cousins, Garopollo three way on this site and the Washington fans eviscerated me.

  18. I hope he leaves

    The Redskins have treated him like crap when he’s actually a pretty good player

    He’ll leave and go to Denver or Jacksonville and be in the playoffs while Washington will sink even further

  19. Jay Gruden knows that being a shameless toady for Snyder is the only way to keep a job in which he is in way over his head.

    The Skins are moving forward with the Trifecta of Failure: an owner with a 19-year record as an abject failure in all things football while turning a proud franchise into a laughingstock and his own private ATM; a team president whose football incompetence is only matched by his arrogance and his usefulness to Snyder in extorting a larcenous stadium deal from Virginia, Maryland or DC; and, Gruden whose teams are unprepared for big games and whose gameday performances are atrocious in playcalling, time management, adjustments, uh, er, you know, head coaching.

    For Skins fans old enough to remember when the franchise stood for something other than utter football incompetence and gouging fans for every last penny, Snyder, as the owner in his early 50s, is a life sentence to watching the team lose while insulting and extorting them for good measure.

    As a lifelong Skins fan, I hope Snyder finds a way to con the NFL into giving him a Super Bowl in DC, and Kirk Cousins wins that championship on Snyder’s field for another team.

  20. exinsidetrader says:
    January 2, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Cousins is top 10 easy. His replacement will not be.


    Yeah, um, no he’s not. You would (or should) take any one of these guys over Cousins (in no particular order):

    Tom Brady
    Aaron Rogers
    Ben Rothliesberger
    Carson Wentz
    Russell Wilson
    Drew Brees
    Deshaun Watson
    Cam Newtwon
    Jared Goff
    David Carr
    Andrew Luck
    Jimmy Garappollo
    Mathew Stafford
    Matt Ryan

    Note that most of the guys on the list will be in the playoffs this year. And guys like Prescott, Mariotta and Winston have better upside. Cousins is a middle-of-the-pack QB in the same neighborhood as Andy Daulton, Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor, etc. Sorry, that’s what he is.

  21. The model for new teams getting to the top of the league is draft a good QB out of college and use the savings to pay for other players which raises the quality of the entire team (see Mariota, Wentz, Goff, et al).

    I like Cousins. He’s solid and he’s bet on himself. The question Washington must answer is: In our two decades of Snyder ownership, have we proven we can develop QBs, or did we get lucky with Cousins?

    Data says they got lucky.

  22. Despite the rhetoric they will make him the highest paid player in the league. Right now the team is just playing chess with his agent. Not that I’m saying he’s worth it but that’s what’s going to happen.

  23. This hardly sounds like a ringing endorsement coming from your head coach.
    I think you can win with Cousins if he is surrounded by solid talent.
    The entire environment with the Redskins organization is not one that inspires great confidence starting with Snyder.
    The skins have turned into a mediocre franchise, and this is a shame. They have a rabid fan base and great history……with them its decision time….do you or do you not want to win.

  24. “Translation: Cousins isn’t that great and wants $30m/season. We could get Case Keenum for $10m and use the excess $20m to rebuild the roster.”
    One, Case is going to get $17-20M this off-season.
    Two, he ain’t leaving MN.

    Good luck.

  25. Instead of building a competitive team around Cousins, Washington will make another typical move and opt for some flashy pieces inckuding a new shiny QB well past its prime (Eli, Palmer, Bradford, Taylor maybe even Dalton) and wonder why for the next five years they fail to make the playoffs.

  26. Highest paid QBs should be able to be dropped into any team and make them a power house…. i.e. Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning.

    No, the highest paid QB should consistently win you Super Bowls…i.e. Tom Brady.

  27. I am a Redskins fan of 45years. I have been through disappointment after disappointment for 20 years. I am no longer scared of anything. I cant be hurt any further. I really like Cousins and will root for him no matter where he plays even if its not in DC. I am not afraid to see him go however. Bring on the next debacle….. Its the most interesting part of Redskins football anymore.

  28. concretechuckles says:
    January 2, 2018 at 1:44 pm
    Cousins and the Skins have an odd relationship.

    The Skins have been an odd team since Dan Snyder became owner.
    This, so far, is the understatement of the year.

  29. footballneblog says:
    January 2, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    No, the highest paid QB should consistently win you Super Bowls…i.e. Tom Brady.

    How is that working out for the Raiders and Lions?

  30. Cousins is not setting the world on fire – he’s a choke artist. I’d rate him a 7 at best. Even with DJax and PG we still didn’t make the playoffs last year. We shoulda dumped him two years ago. Instead we have been putting off the inevitable and wasting money on the franchise tag.
    Rip off the bandaid.
    Cut him loose.
    Send him packing.
    Wish him well in his future endeavors and then give him das boot.

    In summation: meh.

  31. They took away all his weapons, his OL offers no protection, their defense gives up the 5th most points and his coach publicly laments that Cousins didn’t get them over them hump? That he had flashes of playing good? Man, if I were Cousins I would have have already cleaned out my locker. Let this guy play for some team that appreciates what he has to offer.

  32. I understand when people get upset at the words “coach/coaching” and “genius” being used in the same sentence.

    People like Jay Gruden make the case for those upset feelings.

    The Guy is kind of an idiot.

  33. Just as soon as Cousins starts catching his own passes, blocking for himself, and playing D he’ll be worthy of Gruden’s praise. And the funniest part is that no doubt Gruden looks at his own performance and thinks he’s top-notch with few things he could personally improve upon.

  34. Because of you, Jay.

    And letting Scot McCloughan go, too.

    Why don’t you just insist on nepotism and joining your brother in Oakland?

  35. Cousins is not that team’s problem. Best thing he can do for his career (and mental well-being) is bank his bajillions of tag money from the Skins and then head someplace else for an even bigger payday where he is appreciated.

  36. They have lowballed and insulted him for 3 years and wonder why he won’t sign a deal. Snyder and Haslam seem to have developed a league of their own. Pretty wild that 2 mo ths ago I would have placed Jed York with em.

  37. 7-9? Big surprise. That’s about what Cousins is… a career .500 QB with no glaring post season success and yet he’s bagged two big paydays the last two years. Not worth it.

  38. I don’t see why the Redskins have such a wish-washy attitude about Cousins. He’s been better than a lot of QB’s while we all know he’s not in the top tier. It seems like they feel he doesn’t have ‘it’ when the game is on the line, but you could probably find holes all over the roster that point to that idea. I think they should just move on if they’re so undecided about making the commitment. Or if they franchise him again, Cousins should opt out.

  39. While I agree with the belief that Cousins doesn’t have enough by himself to take any team to the SB, I also believe that you at least need to get to the playoffs and then the SB to even worry about that.

    With this comment by Gruden – I think that there are a couple possibilities.

    1. He is trying to generate leverage by lowering his outside value. This might have some merit because even MDS said that Gruden is in the best place to know where Cousins is. However, people will also believe that he is trying to lower the value as well.

    2. He is trying to help Cousins, by lowering the value to the Redskins even lower, he makes it easier for the Redskins to want to part with him.

    Either way, I still think the Redskins haven’t learned from their mistakes. Cousins while not the best out there, he is better than most currently and since there aren’t really any better options, it might behoove them to start acting like they have a clue.

  40. Oh yeah 1 more thing…. Hes probably the best qb theyve had in decades. Rg3 mightve been better if he never got hurt but he did…seriously whose been better…mccoy,brunell,campbell,grossman,ramsey,banks,mcnabb,wuerffel,matthews,b johnson,trent green,frerotte???? Think about it. Not exactly a murderers row of qbs…..unless you count murdering the skins playoff chances.

  41. I suspect Cousins will choose a team like Denver or Buffalo and sign for less money to have a chance to win. His chances of going to the playoffs with Washington aren’t all that great.

  42. it dosen’t matter who the qb is…this is not a winning organization…it starts at the top…the only chance they have is if every other team in the NFC East has a bad year…

  43. I am a 49 year Redskins fan. Cousins is the best quarterback we have had in that time frame. Not validating him with a great long term contract is the stupidest thing I have witnessed in my lifetime love of this team. Gruden is looking his gift horse in the mouth. Very discouraged with management and owner, not with the QB!

  44. I think Jay loves Kirk and he’s forced to follow the company line which most of us have to do 8 hours a day. “Just doing my job” is a lousy thing to say but so is asking everyone to fall on a sword for us because we want them to get crosswise with their boss. Jay got his extension. Kirk is getting paid one way or another. Dan Synder sells $15 beers. He’s cornered the market on beer in his stadium so he gets to do it. Kind of fun to see Kirk have him over a barrel.

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