Jerry Jones: Cowboys will make changes to coaching staff

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear he wasn’t interested in a new head coach.

But he’s going to get rid of some assistants to shuffle the deck a bit.

Via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Tribune, Jones said during his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan that there would be changes on the coaching staff, with some assistants leaving.

He reiterated his previous stance that firing head coach Jason Garrett was “not even a thought for me.”

There were reports that wide receivers coach Derek Dooley would be among the changes, which he denied. But some shakeup seems necessary, as they failed to meet expectations this year, and still haven’t figured out how to get quarterback Dak Prescott and wide receiver Dez Bryant on the same page.

But later in the interview he said he wanted to keep offensive coordinator Scott Linehan and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, so it’s unclear how big of a shakeup it will be.

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    The Cowboys were so disappointing and the Eagles were so competitive this season, that one has to wonder if the window has closed in Dallas.

  2. I think Jerry got so wrapped up in feuding with Goodell that he forgot to care about the games on the field. If he watched, he would know Garrett needs to go. You’ve got a team with a talented young QB, dynamic young RB, good O-line and good Defense, and they draw the best ratings in America. They could probably have their pick of the litter of coaches, and instead they are sticking with The Clapper. The only explanation I can think of is Jerry is still holding out hope for Sean Payton.

  3. Todd Haley as OC?

    Hard to argue with success, but he and Ben may have had enough of each other. Ben still not over the first Bruce Arians retirement.

  4. Red Puppet doesn’t have what it takes to lead the Cowboys to a deep run in the playoffs. It has been proven over and over again. But us fans keep buying merchandise, selling out the games and giving the Boys high ratings on TV… so Jerry finds no reason to fire Garrett. It’s a chronic problem whose responsibility lies both in the organization, with Jerry being the main culprit, and with the fan base, who enable Jerry and his actions with the false hope that every season will be the one where we will finally reach a Super Bowl. For us more realist fans, we know this is not happening any time soon. The defense is nowhere close to a championship caliber defense. And Dakota, as “acceptable” as he is, showed his true self this season. He is no more than a slightly above average QB. So unless they find a way to make it work like last year (difficult as teams will now have two years of tape on him), this team will never live up to expectations.

    Oh, and Dez has got to go. He has become an overrated diva, alla OBJ with his stupid tantrums on the sideline and his lack of concentration on the field, in addition to being prone to injuries…

    Tough times ahead for Cowboy fans… rejoice rest of the league…

  5. Jason Garret, Linehan, & Wilson NEED to be gone!!! Sure, Dooley is the problem…smh..Keeping Garrett is the definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result 🙁 Romo mentored Dak every game last season! This season should remind everyone of 2015, when JG and Wilson could not coach 3 different q/bs to win more than 1 game in Tony’s absence…I am SICK 🙂

  6. Man, did they blow it last year or what. So many bandwagoners it was ridiculous, I watched so many videos of people with fresh gear on, creases on jerseys and shirts, cap bill still fresh. lol. Little did they know how poorly this team has responded to adversity. Any team can be good when things are going well, its when things hit the fan like say MY SAINTS starting off 0-2 and running off 8 straight wins. WHO DAT

  7. “And Dakota, as “acceptable” as he is, showed his true self this season. He is no more than a slightly above average QB. So unless they find a way to make it work like last year (difficult as teams will now have two years of tape on him), this team will never live up to expectations ”

    Tony Romo is gone, so don’t expect Dak to repeat 2016!!! The WRONG one left…should have been Garrett 🙁

  8. No need to overreact in a down year. Bad teams make rash decisions and fire coaches and don’t have a contigency plan. The Zeke suspension hurt this team the most, taking its offensive identity (and what was the formula for success last year) away. Just have to reload and get everyone back healthy.

  9. How many coaches wouldnt care if the owner stripped you and your OC of play caling and then hires someone has to serve as the “pass game analyst.” Garrett lets Jones run the team with total control when most owners would delegate. Jerry is hands on with every aspect and Garrett is cool with it, so Jones doesnt see any reason to fire him. Most coaches would be sick of Jerrys ways but Garrett doesnt challenge him.

  10. Fools!. Taking shots at Dez is stupid. Look at his production under Romo and look at it under Prescott. What’s the common denominator for Dez’s production? Do I need to spell it out for you? SMD.

    Fine I will do the math for you Duffers:

    Cowboys 1,000-yard receivers, 2006-2014
    Year Player Yards Player Yards
    2006 Owens 1,180 Glenn 1,047
    2007 Owens 1,355 Witten 1,145
    2008 Owens 1,052 – – – –
    2009 Austin 1,320 Witten 1,030
    2010 Austin 1,041 Witten 1,002
    2011 – – – – – – – –
    2012 Bryant 1,382 Witten 1,039
    2013 Bryant 1,233 – – – –
    2014 Bryant 1,320 – – – –

    Any questions….TOO LATE, SCHOOL’S OUT!

  11. The Cowboys offensive problems are a 50/50 blame. Half on Scott and half on Dak.

    Scott is very unoriginal. I get the idea of why they got him. What “he did” with Calvin and Matt Stafford number wise is probably why Jerry got him over here. I knew his offensive play calling was going to be terrible from the beginning. Any time your star WR gets triple teamed and you can’t manage to find a way to get anybody else open then you aren’t the brightest coordinator. With that said I want to give a quick apology to Matt Stafford who is actually playing well without Calvin. I certainly had my doubts.

    Anyways the other half goes to Dak. Too much blame has been put on Dez. Granted he drops passes so he should get some. I’ve watched a breakdown of Dez Bryant on YouTube and it was very interesting. If Dak had any bit of accuracy, touch, or awareness Dez would be at least 1k WR this year. Now I agree that you should expect more from your #1 but unfortunately inorder to use Dez for what he’s good at you have to be able to throw him open. I believe he can still make the in traffic catches if he was actually getting more catchable balls. EVERY WR drops passes. Dez has good hands. That isn’t up for debate. You may lose speed and quickness as you get older. You may even lose confidence but we all know his is thrpugh the roof. Your hands just don’t disappear.

    I think his issues are more so due to him not having faith in Dak. I know what gets put out in the media but Dak routinely throws high or low. Very rarely does he hit his players in stride. His pick 6 in the Seattle game Jason Witten was in the middle of the field waving his hands wide open. Dak throws a high ball to someone else and gets it picked off. His pick in the Rams game, Dez actually beats double coverage with his route running which blew my mind but Dak threw him back into it. If Dak doesn’t become a better passer this team is done. On Dak’s best day he’s Alex Smith .5 IMO. He’s somewhere between garbage and serviceable. If the offensive line and Zeke aren’t all playing lights out then we will continue to lose.

    Can someone explain to me how you draft Switzer to complement Beasly then never put them on the field together? All coaches should be GONE. JG was a so called offensive guru. As the head coach step up and make some changes. In all reality he was made to look good by Romo’s ability to improvise and creative assistance coaches. Without either one of those now his true ability is showing and it’s not good at all.

    I’m a die hard Cowboys fan. What I would like to see this off season is a new #1 WR, a new lineman I don’t like Collins at RT and Smith is always hurt, a replacement for Lee who is always hurt, another pass rusher, and all new coaches and a new arm for Dak.

    Also I never liked Dak btw. I’ve said since day one he wasn’t good. I hate that his rookie season went so well because we will be stuck with him for at least two more seasons at qb. When Romo left we lost our two best non OL offensive players Romo and Dez.

  12. Commissioner Cools says:
    January 2, 2018 at 9:53 am

    How about just trading Dez? His lackluster performance did not justify his salary… plus he’s high maintenance.
    You think there will be a trade market for a loud mouth drama queen making a gazillion dollars and putting up numbers like an avg receiver?

  13. I know how to get the Danish Ham and the part time wide receiver to be on the same page… issue a statement that both are fired at the same time.

  14. Jon GRUDEN !!!’ Dak’s biggest fan pre draft brings attitude and experience. Jerry Jones get your offer in with the Raiders!! Someone who can change game plan at half time and stop someone’s defensive end have a career day on your sub par backup left tackle..!!!!

  15. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    January 2, 2018 at 10:41 am
    That pic of Jerry Jones will always crack me up LOL.
    It’s the only one I’ve ever seen with his mouth closed.

  16. Jerruh’s gonna keep Garrett because he doen’t wanna break in a new sock puppet.

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