Jerry Jones happy to have a winning season, despite the dip in draft positioning


The Cowboys won a meaningless game on Sunday, allowing them to finish the year at 9-7 instead of 8-8. The cost? A drop from No. 16 to No. 19 in the first round of the draft.

For owner Jerry Jones, it was worth it.

“It’s important,” Jones said during a Tuesday appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. “We have had a winning season, had an ugly winning season. If you can deal with what we’ve dealt with and have a winning season, then let’s pick the main areas that we would like to improve upon and we’ll have a better won-loss record. But, no, I wanted that win a lot.”

Jones hopes to parlay 9-7 through adversity into something even better, with hopefully less adversity.

“Now — the word N-O-W — is very big,” Jones said. “Just by the nature of the rules of the NFL and what we do, then you can’t get it all done now. But ‘now’ is very important. This defense, we’ve really got it on the come. It’s going to be better. Quarterback, we’ve got a good footprint what we want to be with that offensive line and with running attack, and again we’ve got the quarterback. Let’s just get it coached up and get it out there and give ourselves a chance to be where we’re not right now. I’m not dismayed and you know I’m not going to get dismayed, but I am really taken back that we are not in these playoffs.”

The Cowboys have made it to the playoffs only three times in the last 10 years, winning only two playoff games since 1996. They’ve yet to return to the NFC title game since 1995, joining Detroit and Washington as the only NFC teams that haven’t played for a berth in the Super Bowl.

25 responses to “Jerry Jones happy to have a winning season, despite the dip in draft positioning

  1. I wouldn’t be so happy if I were you, Jerruh.

    You need a professional quality QB – the league knows he is a fraud and his numbers prove it!

  2. lol. Jerrah – your entire team is your declining OL and Zeke. You know it. We know it. Dak was exposed as the backup he was intended to be last year without that crutch. You have exactly no good WRs. Mayyybe Beasley.

    Keep dreaming. You will die before the Cowboys are relevant again.

  3. The only reason you can say you had a winning season (and not yet another .500) is because the eagles played their special teamers during your final game. And you barely beat them.

  4. I laughed when I heard one of the cowboys players on NFL network saying they’re happy they finished the season strong and with a win. I’m starting to think that they’re serious about thinking they played “strong” vs most of Phillys backups and won 6-0. Cowboys fans won’t admit it but they can’t be feeling confident about daks performance this season.

  5. I too would rather have a winning season, than a draft slot.

    Like rooting against the Giants to insure they would draft #2 overall. I rooted for the Giants to win, draft be damned, and rooted for the Colts to win, which they did.

    All the armchair GM’s and their root against their own team for draft slot is absurd. Loser mentality.

    What did ‘Suck for Luck’ do? Made the fans get used to losing and that’s about it.

  6. JJ, you need to wake up and smell the coffee!!!! Keeping Jason Garrett is insanity, doing the same thing over & over, expecting a different result. Comparatively, Wade Phillips was a better HC, if you want to compare time on the job, vs. results, and he didn’t even get to pick his own OC. I am sick….

  7. “. Cowboys fans won’t admit it but they can’t be feeling confident about daks performance this season.”

    This is one decades long Cowboys' fan, who most certainly will admit it! The only coaching Dak has this season is Garrett and Wilson, the same 2 who could not coach 3 different q/bs to win more than 1 game in 2015, in Romo's absence!!! Dak had Romo, with the headset on at every game last season…..I am still just sick 😦

  8. If i hear one more dope repeat “the definition of insanity is…” im gonna lose it. thats a quote. not a goddamn definition. stop parotting stuff because you think it sounds clever. its not. i`ll get off my soap box now.

  9. Of course he is pleased. This season’s 9-7 record means the Cowboys have had 16 winning seasons vs 13 non-winning seasons since Jerrah bought the team and became GM.

    You can’t fire a GM who has more winning seasons than non-winning seasons, right Jerrah?

  10. Jones is living in the past, the pre free agency period to be exact. Absent the networks and certain media sites pretending the Cowboys are “America’s Team”, Jones is just a rich guy whose value is dollar, not achievement, derived. Jones has “flown too high on borrowed wings” to quote another whose phony success was revealed.

  11. Jerrr , please , never give up the reins !
    You exposed your whole organization for what it is by playing your starters the whole game just to get a _W_!
    They both looked and felt terrible and have a long off season to rationalize the current situation.
    Happy new year ! Jerrr

  12. Congratulations on beating Nate Sudfeld and a group of players that qualify as Arena League players by a grand total of 6-0. Im glad you are so proud of your team

  13. The Cowboys problems run deeper than Dak. Their #1 RB was out for 6 games. Their replacement was okay at best. They need some new OL since their great line is aging, and what they really need is a #1 WR. Dez sucks and has since he signed that huge contract. Dump his ass and get someone that won’t drop so many passes.

  14. 9-7 in a season where your best player gets suspended for 6 games is actually not a bad accomplishment. They win another game, maybe two if Elliot is there.

    I am not saying Dallas is the best team in the NFL, but they are good. They need to get better, of course.

    And I don’t even like Dallas.

  15. If you can deal with what we’ve dealt with and have a winning season, then ……blah blah blah.
    Really? This clown is more clueless than Goodell. Just what monumental issue did they deal with? Lost their lead back for 6 games? – so what! Brady played all 2017 with only ONE of the three wideouts he had last year – Edelman gone, Mitchell gone. They have 10 guys on injured reserve including the best defensive player (Hightower) and two best special teams players missed most of season. Last year they played four games without their QB and won it all despite losing Gronk. Jones defined himself – Losers make excuses.

  16. Damn you Jerry! I knew he wouldn’t get rid of Garrett, but now I’m reading both coordinators jobs are safe?!! WHAT?!! Can we at least dump Dez? Can this team do SOMETHING to try and get better?? Nope. Jerry is the problem. He actually thinks this season was a success, and only Zeke’s suspension kept them from making the playoffs. Well that’s probably true, but based on the last two games they didn’t belong in the playoffs. They looked like trash. I can’t even blame most of the players for the offense being so bad. It’s the coaching. It’s the consistent lack of creativity in their play calling. Every defense knows what’s coming, have for years. This offensive coaching staff is a damn joke.

  17. jerruhjones says:
    January 2, 2018 at 12:50 pm
    8-8 isn’t a winning season

    9-7, not that it matters.

    & neither do you……………

  18. I think it is very hard to compare any QB in the NFL to Brady besides Rodgers. These two know how to win. Dak makes a lot of mistakes and takes way to long before he decides what to do on any given play. I agree that Garrett needs to go. He’s really not offering the team anything as to bringing them an “X” factor because he’s such a great coach. He’s average at best.

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