Jimmy Graham likely to leave Seattle in free agency

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Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham has played out the four-year, $40 million contract he signed with the Saints in 2014, a year before they traded him to Seattle. Now he appears likely to find his third NFL team.

Graham is “really unlikely” to stay in Seattle in 2018, the Seattle Times reports.

It will be interesting to see what kind of market there is for Graham in free agency. Although he’s still a good tight end and caught 10 touchdown passes in 2017, he hasn’t had the same kind of production in Seattle that he had in New Orleans, and he’s 31 years old.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson considers Graham a close friend and undoubtedly wants to keep him, but Wilson probably wont get his wish.

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  1. Jimmy Graham is a TINO (Tight end In Name Only). New Orleans used him a lot as a third wide receiver. Seattle traded fro him because they just lost a heartbreaking SB because of an end zone interception. They figure if they had Graham they would have thrown the ball to him and Malcolm Butler would not have been able to muscle in and intercept the ball. That is a lot like fixing the barn door after the horse has run away. They cannot go back in time and recreate the same scenario. They traded the center Max Unger and a first round pick for Graham, and that created a hole in the O line. More holes will emerge the next couple of years as they let guards James Carpenter and JR Sweezy go. They also allowed tackle Russell Okung to leave. What was once a good O line is completely gone, and Graham has been pretty much a non-factor in the Seattle offense.

    There is no way Graham can get $10 million per year wherever he may end up next season.

  2. The market seems to indicate that he’s worth $7M to $7.5M a year for three years. Seattle isn’t stupid and will offer him that kind of deal unless they want to spend that for a new tight end or draft one.

  3. “If you have a top-level QB you must have a top-level O-Line to keep him healthy. That should be the focus rather than receivers and tight-ends”

    — Andrew Luck

  4. He just never fit in. 10 TD was great but he seldom made a difference between the 20s. I liked him but he’s better off almost anywhere else. I just hope he doesn’t go to the 9ers or Rams.

    And gosh if he did end up in NE, that would be a nightmare for the rest of the AFC.

  5. nbptma1 says:
    January 2, 2018 at 6:41 am
    The “Super G’s” (Gronk & Graham) in NE, has a good ring to it!
    Perhaps “G-Force?”

  6. Graham may want to go to a team with a more disciplined, less ‘improvisational’ QB, one who will get him the ball on a more consistent basis. The sort of unstructured way that Russell Wilson plays the game doesn’t necessarily lead to big receiving numbers for any particular receiver.

  7. Seahawksboymike told me the Seahawks had tens of millions in cap space. I think he said the Seahawks should be 150 million under the cap next season. They should sign him back up. Money is no object in Seattle with their magic salary cap. Seahawksboymike told me so, so it must be true.

  8. Ryan Pace had a hand in drafting Jimmy Graham in New Orleans, and Ryan Pace overpay and bring him to Chicago. Have you seen how awful the Bears TE & passing game is? And that was BEFORE Zach Miller almost had his knee ripped off during the Saints game this year. Not saying it is going to happen, but i would imagine the odds are fairly good he lands with the Bears.

  9. majormalphunktion says:
    January 2, 2018 at 9:44 am
    Welcome to NE Jimmy!

    No thanks. If Martellus Bennett still wants to play, and recovers from his hamstring and shoulder issues, I expect the Pats will be happy to keep him around with Gronk next season.

  10. The Seachickens never used him properly. He should get no less than 7 targets a game and multiple plays should be drawn up to get him the ball often. He is a rare combo of size, strength, and skill just like Gronk. Problem was Wilson’s improv style benefits WRs running deeper routes with more space to adjust. Graham needs a traditional pocket QB to make 2 step drops and get him the ball quickly. Denver should be blowing up his agent’s phone after the last 2 years of pathetic TE play they’ve had.

  11. Rats jumping off of a sinking ship… hawks are in a death spiral, enjoy your irrelevancy for the next several years Seattle. At least you have “man of the year” Bennett as the face of your franchise.

  12. omeimontis says:
    “They traded the center Max Unger and a first round pick for Graham, and that created a hole in the O line.”
    They replaced the always injured Unger with Justin Britt, who’s a better player and hasn’t missed a game. Ever.

    “Graham has been pretty much a non-factor in the Seattle offense.”
    Yes, all they got out of Graham was 170 receptions, 2048 yards, 18 touchdowns and 30 wins in two-and-a-half years.

    Try talking about stuff you’re not clueless about. It makes it so much more interesting for the reader!

  13. in football terms, going back to NO makes sense .. but in business terms, who knows how much he is seeking and for how long? how much cap space a team has? and how much a team is willing to pay for a TE that is past his prime?

  14. fine w Graham leaving – he’s still a crazy specimen at his size/coordination, but his speed isn’t great, he dropped a bunch of key passes this season, and the worst part is that he’s one of those players who pouts/doesn’t go full out if he’s not involved in the action from the beginning.

    The ultimate bottom line is that his production doesn’t match his salary. I’m still good w the trade that brought him here – was worth the shot – and he’s still the most productive TE we’ve had – but re-signing him shouldn’t be an ’18 priority.

  15. objectivefootballfan says:

    The Seahawks will look a lot different on both sides of the ball next year, especially on Defense!! They are in Salary Cap Hell!!!

    shlort says:
    Seahawksboymike told me the Seahawks had tens of millions in cap space. I think he said the Seahawks should be 150 million under the cap next season. They should sign him back up. Money is no object in Seattle with their magic salary cap. Seahawksboymike told me so, so it must be true.
    I never said that. I was talking about 2019, and the number is $81 million.

    As to 2018, after they cut Jeremey Lane, who played 6 snaps on Sunday, they’ll have $25.5 million in cap space for 2018. Assuming Avril and Chancellor retire with their respective neck injuries, they’ll have $40 million in cap space. Extending Duane Brown and Earl Thomas and maybe even Richard Sherman could clear about $10 million more.

    I’m not sure in what universe “cap hell” means $45 million+ in cap SPACE, but it ain’t Seattle. You’re complete ignorance of the salary cap and how it works continues unabated.

  16. omeimontis says:

    January 2, 2018 at 6:10 am

    ….”JR Sweezy go. They also allowed tackle Russell Okung to leave.”

    Sweezy has been mostly injured in TB and is a decent OG at best. Okung was hurt a lot with Seattle and is very average. Okung negotiated a goofy contract for his self; Seattle would have paid him more. Do you think Okung returns to Denver? Doubtful. Neither of those guys were a big loss. The problem was finding adequate replacements.

  17. He’d look good with the Browns – if they take Saquon Barkley at 1, whatever QB is left at 4, with that o-line and those receivers, they could be a dominant offence.

  18. Bennett, Graham, Sherman, Thomas…. all Pro Bowl/all pro talent and they are leaving while they still can play to go to a real contender. They realized that the organization put their hopes in a QB that can’t lead them anywhere and they all know why they won that one (and only) SB title… and the QB had nothing to do with it. Now they can go to a team and fan base that will actually appreciate them.

  19. Show me one play that Jimmy made that Luke Wilson couldn’t or wouldn’t have made…

    I’d say he was misused by even using him as a tight end at all, but for god’s sakes let him leave and use the money on a competent O-Lineman.

  20. San Fran or the Rams would be fun, or my personal choice- ATL. Redo the whole Tony Gonzalez older pass catching TE thing. Gonzalez was 34 when they traded for him, Graham is 31. The Falcons got 5 really good years out of TG.

  21. Dennito, you need to keep up more – Okung is with the Chargers now. Not to mention he was better than almost everyone Seattle had on the O-line the past couple of years. There were quite a few injuries to the mediocre players on Seattle’s O-line since he left.

  22. The fake dynasty has been put to bed


    Looks like someone is insecure about their OWN team and fan base.

    Sweet look

  23. Bizarre that it took an entire season for Seattle to start getting him the ball and even then it was like 50 catches per season less than he was making in NO. He can still be a difference maker for a team that realizes what exactly he is as a player.

  24. Seahawks are screwed.

    No Oline, that once again the Seahawks are LUCKY they haven’t destroyed Wilson’s knee…. YET.

    No 2nd or 3rd rounder this year. No 2nd rounder in 2019. Due to trades for players they are going to have to back up the Brinks truck for.

    About to let Jimmy Graham go in free agnecy. That’s a big red zone target. If he hits free agency, he’s gone. Someone will throw money at him. Even in a down year he had 10 TD’s. He’s going to get paid. Wilson and the offense are going to be worse because of this.

    Richard Sherman’s Achilles is toast. Big contract.
    Bennett thinks he’s gone, and he’s hurting.
    Avril is toast, big contract
    Chancellor is toast, big contract
    Lane, cut probably, but will have dead money.

    Richardson? Potentially gone in free agency.

    Still have to re-sign Sheldon Richardson and Duane Brown. Remember these guys are going to each be looking at 15-18 million a season, maybe up to 20 mill/season. There’s about 30-40 million on the cap next year for these two… unless they backload it a bit to save a bit on the front end.

    How they going to fill all these holes with not enough cap space, and missing some high draft picks?

    Also need a new kicker since Blair Walsh isn’t the answer. Which of course was staring the Seahawks right in the fact when he missed the field goal against THEM in the playoffs, at home, last year. Hey… lets sign THAT guy.

    Still need running backs. Still need another receiver.

    It looks like the team that is getting ready to be blown up the most in the NFC West is Seattle.

  25. For those of you saying he is overrated, keep in mind he was a 3rd round pick and a basketball player who became a better football player than ANYONE EVER IMAGINED.

  26. I for one would be happy to see him go. One of the biggest reasons there’s no run game is he couldn’t block a trash can. He’s also the reason RW had to run for his life because he couldn’t pick up a blitz EVER. Half the time I don’t think he even tried.

    Someone above said he could be like Tony G. Not. Tony G, Gronk, etc., Can actually do their job and block.

  27. Rats jumping off of a sinking ship… hawks are in a death spiral, enjoy your irrelevancy for the next several years Seattle. At least you have “man of the year” Bennett as the face of your franchise.


    I think he’s gone too. Thankfully. As for the demise of the Seahawks you can surely hope.

    Lots of haters in here confirming the pain that the Seahawks have caused you recently. Personally, I think the George Fant injury threw a tight plan into chaos and then when Chris Carson finally provides hope, he goes down as does several key defensive players in Sherman, chancellor and April. Heck our #1 pick hit a tree with an atv before we could even see him play.

    Terrible year really…on top of that they were Blair Walshed for 3 losses. If it weren’t for him they would’ve been 12-4. Imagine that! He literally blew three games by himself.

    Terrible year and still would’ve been 12-4 If not for a terrible kicker. Hmmmm.

    It may be time to move on and get younger…but don’t expect the Seahawks to fall off the map. Keep hoping though!

  28. One thing about Wilson is that while he is a magician about improvising, I think when you have talent other than throwing, it becomes a crutch and rather than reading defenses and finding the open guy, you fall back on that other talent, scramble around and either run the ball yourself or find Doug Baldwin somewhere getting open, While Wilson is probably the best ever at this sandlot kind of play, it doesn’t make for a consistent offense and high production for players like Jimmy Graham.

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