John DeFilippo set for Bears, Cardinals interviews

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Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo is drawing attention as a head coaching candidate and he’ll get a couple of interviews done before the team has to start preparing for their divisional round game.

Albert Breer of reports that DeFilippo will interview for the Cardinals and Bears head coaching openings on Friday and Saturday in Philadelphia. DeFilippo will not be available for a second interview unless the Eagles are bounced from the playoffs or make the Super Bowl, which would leave DeFilippo free to talk during the week after the conference title game.

DeFilippo has also spent time as a quarterbacks coach with the Jets and on two different occasions with the Raiders. He also spent one year as the Browns’ offensive coordinator before moving to the Eagles in 2016.

His work with Carson Wentz over that period is likely a big part of his appeal as the Bears would love to see Mitch Trubisky take the same kind of strides and the Cardinals will likely have a young quarterback on hand whether Carson Palmer returns or not.

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  1. Horrible choice. Guy is a QB coach and not even a coordinator. Look at his videos and he spend his time talking about sneakers and hats. Acts like he is 15

  2. omeletpants says:
    January 2, 2018 at 11:26 am
    Horrible choice. Guy is a QB coach and not even a coordinator. Look at his videos and he spend his time talking about sneakers and hats. Acts like he is 15


    So was Andy Reid

    I’ve seen a few articles (not here) mentioning him as a OC. That won’t happen, the Eagles won’t let him leave for that job (just like last year), it’s HC or nothing. It’s a gamble, it’s a matter of debate how much he really influenced Wentz. Sure he’s his position coach, the the HC and the OC are both former NFL QB’s. I have to think they had just as much, if not more, of an influence on Wentz that he did.

    That being said, the most important position in sports is QB. If you have a franchise one, you want him happy. If you don’t, you want someone who can develop a guy into one. So I would no be surprised if he gets a HC job somewhere

  3. Multiple former and current players, as well as colleagues, have all said this guy is HC material beyond question. Also the majority of Eagles fans seem very upset (yet resigned) at the prospect of him moving on. No NFL HC is every a 100% sure bet his first time out but those all seem like pretty legit endorsements to me.

  4. I have no idea who this guy is. Maybe he will be a good coach; maybe not. I’m confused why Darrell Bevell’s name isn’t bandied about. Sure he had the blunder calling a pass play in the superbowl, but surely he’s grown from that mistake.

  5. Who the hell knows … but if Wentz is his Resume, I’d take Pat Shurmer over him anyday. Shurmer had to deal with a hell of a lot more adversity and he’s an OC.

  6. I would rather the Eagles promote him to OC. He is the only coach on the team I DONT want to lose. Very smart guy, and he has a great rapport with Wentz. If anything, you want continuity from year 2 to year 3, especially with the ACL. I really hope he stays.

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