Jurrell Casey: Blake Bortles is going to choke

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Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey has made it clear he doesn’t like the Jaguars, and on Tuesday, he targeted Blake Bortles.

“As long as Bortles is back there, if the ball game is in his hands, he’s going to choke,” Casey said on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville.

Casey got in a postgame scuffle with Jaguars linebackers Blair Brown and Donald Payne after Tennessee’s 15-10 victory Sunday. Afterward, in locker room interviews, he ripped Jacksonville’s offense, pointing out the Jaguars scored no offensive touchdowns as the Titans swept the season series.

“We didn’t want their offense to score at all, and it looks like that’s what happened,” Casey said Sunday. “It looks like that’s what happened. Sorry. At the beginning of the week, I was talking about that. King of the South? King of the South? Sounds great, but got to be able to beat us. Jacksonville didn’t play great today. Appreciate the turnovers. Helped us out a lot.”

20 responses to “Jurrell Casey: Blake Bortles is going to choke

  1. Blake Bortles has been inconsistent, but Jurrell Casey has 6 sacks as a starting DE. Calais, Yannick and Fowler (our top 3 DE’s) all have more sacks than him. Not to mention our DT Malik Jackson also has more sacks than him. He would literally be a 3rd stringer on the Jag’s D.

  2. Time for the Titans to disappear – talk about a team that shouldn’t be in the playoffs – what half-stepping fools with no talent to speak.

  3. players from these two teams should not be talking smack. Win a meaningful game (playoff game). And then still keep your mouth shut and make plays. Both teams have sucked for a long long time

  4. Stay classy, Casey – and karma is not on your side going into the playoffs. One and done, titans.

  5. For a team that barely squeaked into the playoff he shouldn’t be running his mouth. Shouldn’t he be focusing on the Chiefs?

  6. When do you think he’s going to realize that his own QB is far, far worse than Bortles?

    Bortles threw for more yards, more TDs, and less INT’s than Marcus Mariota.

  7. Everyone is all on Blake for no good reason. He doesn’t talk trash to people. Yet they feel it necessary to trash him…
    But, ya know… I’m not surprised. Typical from people like him and Clowney (and Faulk, and numerous others of that ilk)

  8. He’s right that Bortles was terrible, but this is really the pot calling the kettle black. Mariota has been ineffective for much of the season and there’s no way the Titans get any playoff victories as long as he is their quarterback.

  9. The Jags and Titans don’t like each other and this playoff thing has just thrown gas on the fire. Honestly, it would probably be one of the best rivalries in pro football if either team were very good. Anyway, getting your teammates riled up is great motivation. We’ll see if it carries either of them past the wildcard round…

  10. Bortles has had a better season than Mariota. Also, If Westbrook hadn’t dropped that ball in the end zone (that Bortles placed there perfectly), Casey wouldn’t even be playing this weekend. Shut up and be grateful you’re in the playoffs. If last year’s Bilitnikoff (sp?) winner had made the catch, Casey would be sitting.

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