Marcell Dareus: “Amazing” to face Bills in playoffs

Getty Images

Jaguars defensive tackle Marcell Dareus might have preferred to play the Titans in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, but the cards fell differently and the Bills will be in Jacksonville on Sunday instead.

They may not be the “easy win” that Dareus believes the Titans would be, but it does have Dareus alongside head coach Doug Marrone in storylines involving their former employer. Marrone left the Bills by choice while Dareus was traded to Jacksonville earlier this year.

Marrone said that he spoke to Dareus and “told him to be smart” against a team that traded him after a few rounds of discipline. Dareus acknowledges the personal angle to the matchup, but says it is one that puts a smile on his face.

“I have lifelong friends there,” Dareus said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I’m extremely happy they finally made it and they’ve put everything together to make this happen for them. It’s their first playoffs, it’s my first playoffs. It’s amazing. I’m happy it happened this way. It’s ironic as hell that I get to see them in the first round.”

Dareus started for the first time as a Jaguar in Week 17 and had his first sack since the trade. He’ll likely be a reserve this weekend if Abry Jones is healthy, but should still get plenty of chances to tangle with his former teammates before the day is out.