NaVorro Bowman finds potential arrival of Jon Gruden “exciting”

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The Raiders are looking for a head coach. Most believe they’ve already found one.

The “pursuit” of Jon Gruden has become sufficiently obvious to prompt players currently on the team to discuss the prospect openly.

For example, linebacker Navorro Bowman described the prospect of Gruden arriving as “exciting,” according to Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“You know what he’s done in the past,” Bowman said Monday. “You know that he understands the game of football, both sides. He’s studied the quarterback position inside and out. He’s a guy that is a well-known critic in this game and coach as well. I look forward to seeing what happens.”

Kicker Giorgio Tavecchio definitely is looking forward to it. As long as Gruden wants him around.

“I did run into him in the elevator at the [team] hotel in Philadelphia,” Tavecchio said of the team’s recent Monday Night Football matchup against Philadelphia. “So I hope I made a good first impression.”

Gruden clearly made a good impression during his four years of coaching the Raiders. It feels like just a matter of time — including but not limited to the Raiders complying with the Rooney Rule and Gruden completing the season with ESPN — before the deal gets done.

5 responses to “NaVorro Bowman finds potential arrival of Jon Gruden “exciting”

  1. Boy, all this hype over Gruden is setting the bar so high old Chuckie’s going to get a hernia trying to get over it with the minimum expectation of at least one playoff game during his first season. Not that it will matter much if Mark Davis is actually dumb enough to offer partial ownership as part of Gruden’s contract. Given Davis’s haircut (and not meaning to haircut-shame a guy but doing it anyway), I think there’s a good chance Al’s offspring is quite possibly that dumb. Speaking of Al, he must be doing cartwheels in his grave over this ridiculous mess.

  2. Actually, Al Davis apparently thought about bringing Gruden back too. So Mark Davis isn’t doing anything his father didn’t think of long and hard. Problem is that unless they get better drafting, I don’t see this working out like they want it to. Gruden clearly doesn’t know personnel from his Tampa years when he ran the whole show, and Reggie McKenzie has been struggling outside of one good draft to say the least.

  3. McKenzie hasn’t “been struggling outside of one good draft”, it’s not his fault players get injured.

    Give these injured kids a chance to prove themselves before you judge them.

  4. So if they’ve been injured, how exactly do you know they can play, lol. Logic of a Raider fan. I know, team tradition. Al Davis, love him to death, used to draft the injury prone guys too, so I guess your fan base is so used to it that you defend it on impulse. There are holes all over that roster, and he hasn’t been hitting very well late in drafts. Like I said, one very good draft, 2015. Otherwise, meh.

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