Pete Carroll laments lack of Seahawks rushing attack


Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll wants a potent rushing attack to be one his teams’ primary attributes. The reality is Seattle has been far from potent on the ground over the last two seasons.

However, the ineptitude from the Seahawks’ ground game this season was staggering.

“There were issues during the season,” Carroll said on Tuesday. “The big one I’d like to address for you is we have a real formula for how we win. We’ve been unable to incorporate a major aspect of that – running the football the way we want. There are tremendous examples of teams around the league that have turned their fortunes around with a formula that should sound familiar to you: Teams running the football, playing good defense and doing the kicking game thing. That’s the formula that has proven historically the best in this game.”

Seattle ranked 23rd in total rush offense this season with 1,629 yards on the year. However, Russell Wilson was the team’s leading rusher with 586 rushing yards and three of the team’s four rushing touchdowns. J.D. McKissic‘s 30-yard touchdown run against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 4 was Seattle’s only rushing touchdown by a running back all season.

Mike Davis led all running backs with 240 yards rushing on 68 carries. That’s the least amount of rushing yards by a leading running back in team history outside of Sherman Smith’s 202 yards in a strike-shortened 1982 season.

Davis, McKissic, Chris Carson, Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise combined to get 301 carries for 994 yards on the season. That’s an average of 3.3 yards per carry for the year, which would be the worst output of any team in the league. Seattle also had 15.6 percent of all carries on the year go for negative yardage.

The issues were exacerbated as the Seahawks neared their opponent’s goal line.

The Seahawks had 43 rushes for a total of 46 yards with two touchdowns inside an opponent’s 20-yard line this season. Seattle’s running backs had just 17 yards on 34 carries with no touchdowns and one converted first down inside the 20.

Inside the 10-yard line, the Seahawks had a total of 23 carries for zero yards and two 1-yard Wilson touchdown runs.

“That’s terrible, yeah,” Carroll said. “It just shows you if you can’t run it with authority it’s just going to show up down there and that was really indicative unfortunately. And you know I won’t tell you that we really made a concentrated effort to go back and recapture that this year and we were on it and ready to go and it just didn’t come together for us for all of the reasons.”

Carroll is optimistic about Carson’s potential moving forward, though he returning from a serious ankle injury. He also mentioned Prosise, Davis and McKissic among options they feel comfortable with, notably leaving Rawls and Lacy out of his comments. Getting the run blocking to improve is also going to be a priority.

The Seahawks have not been able to play football in the style they’d prefer due to their running game inefficiency. Carroll wants to see the team get back to their offensive identity next season.

23 responses to “Pete Carroll laments lack of Seahawks rushing attack

  1. The Lions would kill to be 23rd in rushing. Seattle’s problem is their OL, sorta like the Lions, except Detroit had a lot of injuries plus their backs weren’t overwhelming. I watched a number of Hawks games and their line really stunk. Don’t know why they went cheap, when they had some decent backs.

  2. Cut cheeseburger and Ifeidi, then trade for some picks back and go get some monsters for up front that don’t just stand like a statue and hold every other play cause they get smoked.

  3. Lacy is way too immature to take football seriously. He made good money and he wants to coast and eat twinkles and read comic books. That’s his motivation.

  4. Anyone with half a brain for watching pro football knew their line was terrible in 2016. They did nothing to improve it in 2017, either with better players or a better coach. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of what again?

  5. Man those are some bad numbers. Amazing they were one game from the post season.
    BTW Where did all the 12th man posters go? Been pretty quiet this week.

  6. Well, lamenting won’t change anything. A good start would be to fire Cable. Bevell also should move on. The same stagnant coaching for the last three years.

  7. You mean a bunch of fans getting drunk and making noise didn’t make up for the lack of talent?

  8. What do you expect when you pay your OL minimum wage and give all your money to diva defensive backs?

  9. IDK, it’s as if they need an upgrade on the O-Line or something.
    That many RBs and none of them can do well?
    Regardless of who to blame (RB vs. OLine) obviously there is a serious personnel issue in Seattle (and it’s about to get worse since 3/4 of their defensive stars are done or want out).

  10. Enough with the window shut and dynasty trolling. Pretty sure all the real Seahawks fans know there are no dynasties in modern football outside of the Patriots. Yeah, we’re disappointed that the hawks missed the playoffs. Only one NFC team made it back from last year so unless you’re a Falcons fan, chances are your team missed too or you’re new to the post season. Pretty sure the league is designed this way…

  11. It’ll be worse next year. The Seahawks would be nothing without being lucky. They lucked out and got some draft picks that hit. Now those.players are gone and their defense isn’t getting the.opposing offense off the field. The defense isn’t taking the ball away either. Seattle won with defense when they were good. Those days are over.

  12. You had a great rushing attack – your running back dressed up in a QB Halloween costume is what ruined things. You just don’t have a real QB.

  13. Seattle tried to transition from a rushing attack to a passing attack over the years. They traded for Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham, and both cost them a lot of salary cap space. They had to allow one OL starter after another to leave as free agents, and they also traded their pro bowl Center Max Unger away. The OL they drafted have been awful. It is tough trying to pass when the QB has no pass protection. if not for the fact they have a scrambling quarterback who leads the club in rushing and who can dodge the pass rush better than most, their offense would have been at the bottom of the NFL.

  14. Pete is only successful when he has a bunch of fast hungry superior athletes on his side. Am I the only one that notices this? At USC and with Seattle, his teams aren’t better coached, or more disciplined. They were just more talented. Have you ever seen Pete out scheme or fine tune out coach anybody in your life? His goal, have a team like a swarm of bees. Commit a ton of penalties, but overwhelm the opponent into submission. The message has gotten stale in Seattle.

  15. Seattle was 4-5 down the home stretch this season. Unless there is a major influx of talent (unlikely given they have just a handful of draft picks, only 1 in the first 3 rounds, and little salary cap space), they are likely to finish 7-9 and out of the playoffs again in 2018.

  16. The Hawks are utterly screwed. With the 18th pick in the draft there will not be a back left worth taking that high in the draft, there is some solid mid-round caliber RB’s but nothing spectacular, the time to take a RB was last year this years draft isn’t nearly as good. The Hawks can look in free agency, but they have zero cap space and there are no elite backs hitting F/A. Technically Bell will be a free agent but the Steelers won’t let him go. Behind him, 2nd best is Carlos Hyde but he is mediocre and not a back u want to commit a ton of money to or sign an aged 32yr old LaGarette Blount. Hawks have by far the worst rushing offense in their division and I do not see it getting better any time soon. Arizona has the best situation as a healthy All-Pro RB/WR David Johnson is the best most complete back in football, doubling as a truly elite WR who can run receiver routes to perfection and split out wide, work the slot and beat double coverage. Behind him, they have 2017 rookie 5″10/200pd RB/WR TJ Logan who was tearing it up and looked to be an absolute stud before dislocating a tiny bone in his wrist that required surgery. Logan posses elite 4.35spd & posses the fastest top speed sports science has tested in the last 5 years & has excellent hands in the passing game dropping just 1 pass in college. He will be the perfect scat back type behind Johnson so David doesn’t get overused. The Rams have Elite RB Todd Gurley who in my opinion is the NFL’s 3rd best RB behind Leveon Bell, but no one really behind Gurley. SF has a very average rushing attack with Carlos Hyde and Matt Brieda, and SEA’s rushing attack is just trash, good luck with that..

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