Report: Texans interested in Brian Gaine, Nick Caserio for G.M. job

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With Rick Smith taking a leave of absence, the Houston Texans are looking for a new general manager for at least a one-year opening with the team.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Texans are interested in Brian Gaine and Nick Caserio for the job.

Gaine is in his first season as Vice President of Player Personnel for the Buffalo Bills. He spent three years working under Smith as Director of Player Personnel with the Texans before taking the job in Buffalo last May.

Caserio has been the New England Patriots Director of Player Personnel since 2008. He’s spent 17 years working for the Patriots and 15 years in the personnel department.

Smith is under contract with the Texans through 2020. His potential return to the general manager role following his leave of absence could make the role less appealing if it’s though to be an interim position.

Gaine’s previously time with the franchise would seem to make him an obvious candidate for the job if he wants to return to Houston after only a year in Buffalo.

7 responses to “Report: Texans interested in Brian Gaine, Nick Caserio for G.M. job

  1. The owner makes that job unappealing. Kraft’s role in the Patriots success is under appreciated.

  2. The widespread interest in a slew of Patriots personnel, especially McDaniel, was heightened by the success of Garoppolo. Teams know they can’t morph into the Patriots overnight but the need to develop a franchise QB and Garoppolo is the model.

  3. Haven’t we figured out that anything Jason “La-NoConfirma” says about the Texans is probably wrong, since he’s been talking about the front office blowing up for the past 3 years now?

  4. Its gonna be Nick. He doesn’t have the ‘power’ in NE, he is a great personnel guy but I’d bet at this point he would be looking for an upgrade. If they were healthy this year the Texans had a chance to be the powerhouse of the AFC. Defense should have been incredible, and they got the QB now. Sadly the injury bug sunk their season.
    Without too much turnover I’d place them as at least a playoff team next year if not a favorite for the AfC Championship game.

  5. Find it hard to believe that Caserio would leave NE…for that cuckoo’s nest in Houston.

    Not worth the money..or the title.

  6. Lots of talent in Houston and an owner who is painfully patient with lack of success. This job has a big upside and if successful, the new guy won’t need to worry about Smith’s return.

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