Sean McVay not concerned by Rams’ lack of playoff experience

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The Rams haven’t been to the playoffs in years. Which means that not many members of the team have playoff experience.

How much does that worry first-year coach Sean McVay?

“I don’t think it’s a concern,” McVay told reporters on Tuesday. “I do think that we have a confident group, I think we’ve got a mature group for a young football team and then those guys in that locker room, the guys that have been in playoff atmospheres, we’ve got coaches that have been there as well, can provide that leadership in terms of what to expect.

“But, at the same token, we know the expectations, we know what’s at stake at this game. I think the consistency in terms of our approach and our preparation is important to be mindful of. Our team has done a great job of kind of handling a lot of different things throughout the course of the year, whether it be traveling more miles than anybody in the league, kind of responding from losses the right way and I think they’re excited about the opportunity to play in front of a great home crowd on Saturday night where you’re the only game playing and those are fun opportunities that they’ve earned to be in this situation and doing it against the reigning NFC champs provides an excellent opportunity. It’s still football, we’ll be very consistent with our approach and I think the guys will be excited about it, but you do have a respect for the experience factor and how that comes into play, but I think our guys are confident from what they’ve done this year and they’re looking forward to the chance to be able to play in an atmosphere like that.”

It helps to have defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, whose playoff experience resulted in a Super Bowl win two years ago. It also helps to have tackle Andrew Whitworth, who has been through plenty of playoff games in Cincinnati. Linebacker Connor Barwin also has experience from his time in Houston and Philadelphia. Beyond that, however, the Rams are heading into a wild-card game against a team that has plenty of recent playoff experience — including a Super Bowl that went to overtime.

The challenge for the Rams will be to meet the increased intensity of a single-elimination setting, and to find a way to fight through any adversity that may come before the lead becomes insurmountable.

You know, like 28-3.

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  1. I’m not clear on how “playoff experience” translates into better performance on a football field in a playoff game. Actually, I doubt it does.

  2. Rams are a good story, and I am rooting for them but the lack of playoff experience for the players as well as the coach’s lack of experience in the playoffs will bite them in the butt. They’ll be gone in the second round against Drew Brees.

  3. Jeff Fisher wants you to remember he went to the playoffs six times in 22 seasons. And that vast playoff experience, which included five wins – woohoo! – surely rubbed off on these guys just by Jeff’s immense presence. Because Jeff will tell you that he’s a great coach and he has absolutely prepared these men for this moment.

    And yes, I know he doesn’t coach the team any more. But he apparently forgot he doesn’t. And didn’t. Because whatever he was doing wasn’t “coaching”. More like “defrauding”.

  4. Rams 23, Falcons 13. Sure, a number of the Rams will have some nervous energy. But the Falcons offense isn’t potent enough to match what the Rams can do.

    And besides, I will be at the game rooting for the Rams, which means a lot. LOL.

  5. The Rams are a talented team. One of the many this year that can win it all. I understand why he isn’t concerned. SKOL

  6. The 1999 Rams didn’t have much playoff experience either. I’ll take talent over experience any day. If the only edge you bring to the game is your experience, you’re in big trouble.

  7. the rams have been loaded with talent for several years now. jeff fisher built a good team, he just ran an offense from 1993, I think the rams will do fine in the playoffs for years to come

  8. Thank goodness he has Wade Phillips who has been to and won a SB recently. It definitely makes a difference having playoff experience. The playoffs and regular season are two different animals. And if the guys don’t understand they are going to approach it like they have regular season and that error in thinking can be enough to give the more vet or playoff experienced team the edge.

  9. There is only one way to get experience and they are doing it. Youth also can be a good thing. They are too young to know what they don’t know.

  10. If the Rams win, they play the Vikings, not Brees and the Saints. And yes experience does absolutely matter. How do people explain how less talented teams like the Packers and Seahawks beat much flashier teams in the playoffs every year? Last year the Cowboys lost to a less talented Packers game in the playoffs. All it takes is a QB with Playoff experience and players with experience. The Rams will round one. The Falcons are the least talented Team in the NFC playoffs this year. But I don’t see them getting past the Vikings or Saints. The Vikings have the defense to shutdown almost anybody and the Saints are soo balanced.

  11. McVay sounds like he’s in an ignorance is bliss frame of mind.

    Expect a rude awakening.

    Falcons are a tough matchup for the Rams and they’ve all got playoff experience.

  12. One and out Lambs! For the next ten years The Niiners will own you and it started this year!


    Haha…The Niners. That’s cute. They beat the Bears, Texans, two AFC scrubs and the Rams practice squad. Garoppolo looked like crap against our 7th CB. Imagine when he faces the starters.

  13. fballguy says:

    January 3, 2018 at 10:29 am

    One and out Lambs! For the next ten years The Niiners will own you and it started this year!


    Haha…The Niners. That’s cute. They beat the Bears, Texans, two AFC scrubs and the Rams practice squad. Garoppolo looked like crap against our 7th CB. Imagine when he faces the starters.


    Two AFC scrubs? I hope your not talking about the Jaguars? They are one of the best teams in the leauge. The Niners torched the Jaguars who boasted the #1 defense (Now have the #2 Defense thanks to that game alone). Say what you want about most of the Niners roster, but JimmyG might be the best QB, or second best (After Russell Wilson) next year. And any team that puts 33 points on the Jaguars deserve recognition. JimmyG had 4 years to sit and watch Brady. Usually in that situation the QB does well…It worked out well for Rodgers sitting and watching Favre all those years.

  14. If they win a playoff game or two, great.

    If they lose, it’s not a bad thing…a bunch of young, hungry players are gonna learn they gotta work that much harder.

    The Rams have a very bright future.

  15. I understand why the coach says this. What can he do about being inexperienced? Absolutely nothing. So why be concerned about something you can’ do anything about? The only thing he can do is do his best.

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