Two-year extension likely means at least two more years of Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati

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Bengals fans who forget the 12 years before Marvin Lewis may have a problem with him getting a 16th season. Those who haven’t forgotten the miserable seasons that filled most of the gap between Super Bowl XXIII and 2003 aren’t so quick to dismiss the decision to keep Lewis around.

And here’s the most important thing to remember when it comes to the two-year contract signed Tuesday by Lewis. If both years are guaranteed, Lewis is virtually guaranteed to not be fired before the end of the 2019 season.

Owner Mike Brown abhors paying employees to not work, which means that a two-year commitment is indeed a two-year commitment, with Lewis earning whatever he’ll be paid.

Sure, the Bengals still haven’t won a playoff game since January 1991. Yes, they haven’t been to the playoffs for two straight seasons. But Lewis has been solid over the last decade and a half, and he’s now guaranteed as a practical matter to have the job for nearly a full generation.

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  1. Who else are they going to get that is better in their situation. An upgrade would cost money. Brown is so tight he could turn a penny into copper wire. Besides, the Bengals did have an impact this year. They knocked Detroit and Baltimore out of the playoffs. So they were a factor.

  2. I respect what Marvin his done in turning a perennial loser into a team that has won multiple AFC North titles and on those years they haven’t won a title they’ve at least gotten a Wild Card or competed for one.

    Having said that, the man is 0-7 in the playoffs and has never been able to control players like Loco Stinko, Pacman, or Vontaze Burfict. I believe he’s taken them as far as he can. Maybe Mike Brown is happy just having a coach with a winning record. I, however, would prefer to have a team that doesn’t quit after week 17…whether they’re in the playoffs or not.

    As a fan, I’m not mad about them resigning Lewis. Other than Paul Brown he’s the only other coach in their history with a winning record. I’m also not thrilled that he’s still there, either, though. Sometimes change is good and I think now should be one of those times.

  3. Unfortunately, the Bengals haven’t been the same since Zimmer was hired in Minny (thank you Cincy!!!). Marvin has proven to be a decent talent evaluator and a great DC but something isn’t clicking on offense. Zimmer extends a long leash for the OC. Maybe Marvin just needs to find the right OC and give him more authority/leeway. Jim Bob Cooter (Lions) might be available. Don’t let the name fool you. He is a force when it comes to OC capabilities. Detroit’s offense was exceptional under Cooter.

  4. As one of those guys that has been a fan from the beginning, I’m relieved. Getting somebody else’s failed coach doesn’t interest me. Marvin is solid and I just can’t blame him for the playoff loses. He is part of it but he’s not on the field.

  5. I honestly have no bad feelings towards the Bengals or Lewis but I can’t believe he wasn’t canned two years ago.

    He should have no excuses on why he hasn’t won at least one playoff game with the talent they’ve had in his tenure

  6. As long as Mike Brown makes money, he is happy. Sure he would like to win a Super Bowl, but is not willing to do what is necessary to win one. He doesn’t understand the basic concept of keeping your best players (Zeitler, Whitworth, etc…) and refuses to use the tool of free agency. As long as the organization is happy with never winning a playoff game and they keep mediocre people in key positions (Dalton, Lewis), the team will underperform.

  7. I think Bengals fans do forget what it was like before Marvin. They were TERRIBLE! At least they have been competitive under Marvin. I can’t say I like how he brings in dirtbags then defends them (like defending Pacman every time he gets arrested). If they had players who could control themselves they’d have already won a playoff game. The problem is, they have guys who behave like children and get personal fouls which cause them to lose games. Then of course you have “Big Game Choker” Andy Dalton who plays more like Andy Griffith in big games. Still, at least they are competitive under Marvin. Before him they averaged three wins per year and were a perennial cellar dweller.

  8. Disappointed, but not surprised, that the Bengals took the path of least resistance.

    I don’t care about contrived stats like winning a playoff game. It literally meant nothing 30 years ago – either you went to the Super Bowl (or better yet won it) or you didn’t. So not winning A playoff game is irrelevant to me.

    What frustrates me is letting far too many good players and coaches go to maintain the status quo. Either you are getting better or worse and the Bengals got worse upon this signing.

  9. As a long time fan responding to the posters who can’t believe he is still here, just look at the teams record before he arrived. I mean they weren’t even a real team. Yes, 0-7 is heartbreaking in the playoffs and there is a collective sigh of relief when the schedule comes out most years and we are spared from playing in prime time due to his failures on national tv. However, this team at least has a semblance of an identity and can no longer be checked off as an easy win on your teams schedules. Even if you do beat us, you will most likely be struggling the next week. Losing Zimmer was a terrible blow , he is an exceptional man and a tremendous coach. If this team can just get a good young offensive mind in and deviate a little bit in free agency, they are still a championship caliber team. Odds are they will stay with the status quo and bring back Lazor and Alexander and keep putting along at the bottom of the league in offense wasting away a potential hof career in aj green.

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