Adam Gase expects Ryan Tannehill will start, be stronger than ever


The Dolphins didn’t get to play a snap with quarterback Ryan Tannehill in 2017, but his torn ACL hasn’t changed their plans for the future at the position.

Head coach Adam Gase said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, at a Wednesday press conference that Tannehill will go into next season as their starting quarterback. Gase added that he thinks Tannehill “will be stronger than he’s ever been” upon his return to the team.

Tannehill’s return all but closes the door on another year of Jay Cutler in Miami as Cutler said he’s not going to play in 2018 if a reserve role is all that is available. It does not close the door on acquiring another quarterback, though.

General Manager Chris Grier said the team won’t pass on taking a quarterback in the first round if a quarterback is the top player on their board. That may not be the most pressing need, but if Gase is wrong about how strong Tannehill will be in his return to action then the team will likely be looking for their next quarterback sooner rather than later.

13 responses to “Adam Gase expects Ryan Tannehill will start, be stronger than ever

  1. People are rarely “stronger than they ever were” coming off an injury like that. Often they are not even at full strength until the season after the one they came back in.

    What will help Tannehill is he was injured so early he is getting an extended rehab

  2. They better hope so. Tannehill was definitely was improving before the injury. 2 knee injuries in one year means that they need a good QB2, or next year will be another lost cause, and the current regime might find themselves on the outs.

  3. They need to draft and develop a QB as Ryan Tannehill will be 30 in July … “best” years are behind him …

  4. It’s time to cut bait with Tannehill. Take the cap hit, invest in a mediocre QB for a year and draft a QB in the first or second round. I would be all for keeping Cutler for another year and drafting someone. I wouldn’t pay him $10 million though.

  5. The Dolphins need one word to cover their first two rounds of the draft: lineman. Get a QB later. Their season was torpedoed by a hurricane and horrible line play. Cutler played scared all season. He threw off his back foot often. Matt Moore didn’t play scared but neither played well because the defense was in their faces constantly. Tannehill is more mobile than both or he used to be pre-injuries. QB next year will be Tannehill, Fales and maybe a 3rd but more than likely those two with Doughty or some other young player on the practice squad. The Dolphins need O-line.

  6. I swear the people who say a QB’s best years are behind them after 30 might be the biggest idiots in the world. We aren’t talking about an RB. Matt Ryan is 32, Aaron Rodgers is 34, I am not even going to include Brady, Brees or Palmer. Big Ben…Good grief.

  7. At #11, Miami has a great chance at the Left guard, or Left tackle from ND, both would be a great pick, I would love for them to grave the left guard and ink him in as a started. Bill

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