Adam Gase: Jarvis Landry ejection “as embarrassing as I’ve seen”

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The Dolphins’ season ended with their Week 17 loss to the Bills, but wide receiver Jarvis Landry‘s season ended a few minutes before the final whistle.

Landry was ejected along with running back Kenyan Drake after a fight with the Bills at the tail end of a one-yard touchdown catch and head coach Adam Gase was unsparing with criticism of Landry during a Wednesday press conference.

“This last game was probably the pinnacle of what I’ve ever seen with him during a game,” Gase said, via “I don’t think I’ve ever seen it get to a level where it was extremely bad. But the last game was about as embarrassing as I’ve seen in a long time. It was something we can’t have happen.”

Landry is headed for free agency in March and word last month was that talks are starting up on a new deal in Miami. Gase, who had a sideline argument with Landry in Week 16, said on Wednesday that the team won’t overreact to one incident but will look at “the body of work and see what direction we want to go.”

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  1. As a fan I want them to sign him but only of its made crystal clear his actions are not to happen anymore. He is young so his emotions are going to take over. This is where the team needs a true veteran in the WR room to be a true vocal leader. Hoping Miami gets some vocal leadership because that is one huge thing that was lacking this season and it’s very evident in the penalties dept.

  2. Let him leave … he’s not worth the money he wants.

    Landry is a glorified Wes Welker .. Amendola … Edelman, etc … there are plenty of these kinds of receivers who don’t carry the baggage …

  3. Landry is a tough player. He’ll go into the middle and make the tough catch. The clutch catch. No fear. When you need to get a first down or win the game, Landry is the guy you’re looking for. I think he’s setting NFL records for most catches in a short period of time. But I can’t stand the dumb stuff, and this wasn’t the first time. I loved this kid coming out of college. I thought he had the best hands in the draft. I can forgive a guy doing something dumb, but if he keeps doing it, then he becomes a dumb player. You can’t win with dumb players. I’m not around the team every day, but from what I’ve seen, I’d have to let him go. WR’s are the easiest position to find. I would not pay big money to a guy who can’t control himself. That ends up costing the team.

  4. Landry also tried to physically injure Darrelle Revis’s surgically repaired right wrist when he played the Chiefs. talk about a Sick Dude. Suspend that Jerk.

  5. Jarvis is very talented but he’s also an emotional powderkeg that can explode at any moment. A really good coach like Belichick wouldn’t put up with this nonsense. Landry expects to be paid as a top 5 NFL receiver, but his lack of control could cost him.

  6. How sick would it be to add Landry AND Fitzgerald to the Patriots?

    Landry would be a physical upgrade over Amendola. Fitzgerald > Mitchell, Edelman back….

    That would be a scary receiver room.

  7. It’s too bad the rest of the Dolphins can’t show emotion like this. If you put Landry on a winning team he’ll behave really good but when you play for a loser it get’s on your nerves.

  8. this pretender of HC never implement a code of discipline, because this is not the only time that him explode causing the lost of yds. b/c of penalty, his behavior leave much to be desired and after that, nothing happen -fine or suspension-

  9. Discipline starts at the top Gase.. maybe it’s time you look in the mirror. He talks a big game in front of the microphone and media, but is the team buying into it and respecting him ?!?!?!? Because if they don’t them they won’t change.

  10. lewsblues says:
    January 3, 2018 at 5:16 pm
    Let him leave … he’s not worth the money he wants.

    Landry is a glorified Wes Welker .. Amendola … Edelman, etc … there are plenty of these kinds of receivers who don’t carry the baggage …

    Amendola, Welker, and Edleman are orders of magnitude better than Landry. Landry’s a loser, just like Beckham, while the others are winners.

  11. Adam needs to pay attention. The 45 yards in penalties on 1 play a few weeks ago was just as stupid. Landry would be a good guy to keep but since he chooses to act like a moron during games then he needs to go. His outbursts have been as embarrassing as his stupid first down gesture when the team is getting destroyed. He even signaled first down when he was 3 yards short this year. Miami needs players who are aware of what’s going on during the games. Jarvis is not one of those guys. He was busy strutting instead of lining up during a 2 minute drill…not that it mattered much because the rest of the offense moves slowly too and they snap the ball with less than 5 seconds… ugh.

  12. Finally the Dolphin’s brain trust is thinking correctly. Do not pay a player who is not elite, elite money. They are using Landry’s actions to save money and help the team sign other much needed players or free agents. Jarvis may think he’s elite but he simply is not. Hopefully Landry will get insulted and sign with another team! Goodbye Jarvis, glad to see you go! Let the door hit you on the way out. Then get mad at the door!

    I predicted this management attitude toward Landry if the brain trust is serious about rebuilding the Miami Dolphins.

  13. I wouldn’t want this guy. Sure, he’s a good WR but he’s also out of control. Why give him a truckload of cash and watch him get even worse? Did they not pay attention to Dez Bryant. I’d pass on this guy and just draft a WR or two. As dumb as this sounds, if they could get someone in the draft like the Steelers did with JuJu Schuster, then I’d say letting Landry walk would be an addition by subtraction.

  14. whenwilliteverend, they have a decent option on the roster already. Grant is explosive and can take any touch to the end zone. Landry is slow for a WR but Grant is one of the fastest guys on the field. Putting Grant in the slot and distributing Landry’s excessive targets should make the offense more explosive and unpredictable…especially with Drake in the backfield. I think even losing Landry (my preference) they just need a reliable TE to work the seam.

  15. I love Laundry to bits but he might be to expensive, I hope not. But if does leave and I will never be upset with any player who leaves for a lot more money he must not go to the Patriots. I think he’s a little naughty for them and probably too expensive, but if he and Brady hook up, it’s lights out on the next couple of seasons. It’s bad enough now but if he land there you can forget it. I am not just talking about the AFCE it’s the end for everybody. Even now I can’t see anybody getting close.

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