Bill Lazor will remain Bengals offensive coordinator

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Marvin Lewis has signed up for two more years as the Bengals head coach and offensive coordinator Bill Lazor will be back as well.

Word came on Wednesday that Lazor has signed on to remain in the job he took over when the Bengals fired Ken Zampese after they failed to score a touchdown in the first two weeks of the season. The team averaged just over 20 points a game in the 14 games with Lazor and Lewis suggested things can be better with a full offseason when discussing the offense on Tuesday.

“He’s very comfortable with how I see it,” Lewis said. “We basically wasted the 2,000 snaps of OTAs and training camp because it was through another man’s eyes. When Bill took over, Bill was able to try and work through things that had been already done without trying to slow our players down. He tried to work in the constraints of the way things were and the things that had been installed.”

While Lazor is returning, word is that the Bengals will need to find a new defensive coordinator because Paul Guenther is out of contract and expected to join Jon Gruden with the Raiders.

20 responses to “Bill Lazor will remain Bengals offensive coordinator

  1. Doesn’t matter. Bengals ownership doesn’t care about winning. Don’t buy tickets. Marv is going to be back and giggling for the next two years.

  2. What… the worst offense in the league and we re-sign the offensive coordinator. Do the bengals honestly just not want to win? WHAT ARE WE DOING!?!

  3. Just change their name to the Cincinnati Bungles and be done with it. That’s the only thing they are consistent at. Bungling up everything. And this coming from a Fan.

  4. Simmer down people and look at it objectively. The only thing that makes any possible sense is they got it figured out now. They sat down, realized the mistakes they made and the things they need to correct and now the Bengals are going to win the Superbowl next year.

  5. Hey, Mike Brown, I can give you zero playoff wins in 15 years too, at a fraction of the price that Lewis costs!

  6. The Bungles are on ownership autopilot. Mike Brown just doesn’t give a damn.

    Bill Lazor sucked so bad even the Dolphins fired him. The Fins didn’t ever really replace him with anyone better, but at least the Fins made a token effort to improve.

  7. Things like this are why I haven’t financially supported this team for years. I won’t even buy a bengals tshirt.

  8. bengals3285 says:
    January 3, 2018 at 11:42 am
    What… the worst offense in the league and we re-sign the offensive coordinator.


    See, there’s this OTHER team in Ohio that the Bengals play twice a year . . .

  9. Coaching is not the bengals problem. Their problem is being cheapskates. They have too many players who slid in the draft for character concerns. They can’t resist drafting these guys because they feel like they are getting a good value but they have too many head cases and that’s why they come up short.

  10. Everyone complains and moans this time every year and then you sheep go buy tickets and $10 beers…..stop enabling the Brown family to run a second rate business by giving them money if you want things to change. Look big picture here…..Brown wants to lose so that fans don’t buy tickets. When fans don’t buy tickets he can use that as his justification to relocate the team and make boatloads of cash when the stadium lease is up here in a few years. He doesn’t give to craps about the fan, the fan experience, or this city. He cares about cash. The Brown family are a bunch of con artists. Once they are done fleecing the city of Cincinnati and it’s residents for as much as they can, they will pick up and relocate to another town ripe for the picking with an excited fan base willing to pay premium entertainment dollars for an inferior product. I say let the clowns leave.

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