Bills fans’ donations to Andy Dalton’s foundation top $170,000

Getty Images

Bills fans haven’t stopped thanking Andy Dalton for passing their team into the playoffs.

Dalton, the Bengals quarterback who knocked Baltimore out and put Buffalo in when he threw the game-winning touchdown pass Sunday against the Ravens, has received thousands of donations to his foundation from grateful Bills fans.

As of Tuesday evening, Dalton said the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation had received 7,000 donations from Bills fans, totaling more than $170,000.

“Thank you to all the Bills fans, thank you to anybody that’s supporting our foundation,” Dalton said in a Twitter video. “Let’s keep it going. Let’s see how much we can get. The more we can raise, the more families we can help, the more kids we can make an impact on.”

Dalton’s foundation works with Cincinnati hospitals to help children with illnesses and special needs.