Bills shift focus from euphoria back to “The Process”

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The Buffalo locker room exploded when the Bengals beat the Ravens and the Bills earned their first playoff berth in 18 years. They now have to set aside the euphoria and get down to business.

Veteran defensive tackle Kyle Williams doesn’t think it will be a problem to forget about the celebration and to focus on what’s next: A date with the Jaguars.

“I think it’ll be pretty easy,” Williams said during a Wednesday visit to PFT Live. “We’ve got a really well-balanced group of guys. Coach McDermott, everybody up here’s kind of turned it into a punchline called ‘The Process.’ We’ve got a bunch of guys that really reflect that every day, every week about our business, what we do and that’s the reason we’ve been successful. I think it’s going to be great. Obviously, we’re in our first day of official preparation here. Guys have been in here by themselves watching tape getting ready for Jacksonville. We’ll start our game planning today and I suspect all of our guys will be locked in ready to go.”

Williams talked more broadly about the attitude that McDermott has brought to the job this year, after two seasons of Rex Ryan.

“Well, I think it all goes back to his slogan for the year is ‘Playoff Caliber’ and ‘The Process.’ Committing yourself to a standard every day, holding everybody in the building accountable to that, not just the players, and really earning the right to win, earning the right to play. Whatever line you want tp put after ‘earn the right,’ he does that for all of us. We really are a reflection of him, and it’s been great. Obviously it’s not perfect, but the results are there and we have an opportunity to play in the playoffs.”

Yes they do. And if they win in Jacksonville, the Bills will get a third shot at the Patriots, who have beaten the Bills twice this season but not nearly as easily as the final scores of those games would suggest.

8 responses to “Bills shift focus from euphoria back to “The Process”

  1. Happy for them and the Jags. Just sucks one of them has to lose 1st. Would love to have seen Bills take down Pats and Jags take down Steelers for the most improbable AFCCG in history.

  2. After a series of average coaches and then an nightmarishly horrific coach and GM who had no idea on how to build a team or write a safe contract, we have what we kindly refer to as McBean.
    It will take time, but the wheels are finally bolted tightly on the bus..

  3. JoJoPoon99 says:
    January 4, 2018 at 8:24 am
    Marrone’s turnaround>>>McDermott’s turnaround

    Marrone is coach of the year, hands down.


    Relax homer…… I’m not sure either of these guys is coach of the year, but lets be honest. the Jags are stacked with high round defensive draft picks. Add Fournette and a decent group of WR’s. I don’t think the turnaround is all that amazing. What’s amazing is Bortles hasnt torpedoed it (yet). McDermott basically gutted the secondary and turned it into a strength of the team immediately. We are on the right direction, and a win this weekend isn’t really that improbable….as for coach of the year, it’s the Rams by a mile.

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