Cowboys fire two veteran assistant coaches

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The Cowboys have begun the coaching staff turnover owner Jerry Jones promised.

According to Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys have fired quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson and secondary coach Joe Baker.

Wilson, a longtime NFL quarterback who finished his playing career with the Cowboys, had been in his current role since 2007. He was hired by then-head coach Wade Phillips, and was retained when Jason Garrett took over.

Baker has been with the team since 2012.

They’re also expected to be in the market for a new special teams coach, as Rich Bisaccia’s expected to join Jon Gruden’s staff in Oakland as soon as the Raiders are done wiping their feet with the Rooney Rule.

26 responses to “Cowboys fire two veteran assistant coaches

  1. Get off the Rooney Rule whiner bus please. If you know who you want, what should you do? Geez!

  2. yesterday i heard crowing over future of dallas’s second year quarterback and the young secondary as being positives from this season…

    guess it wasn’t due to these guys…. or maybe jerry just hasn’t worked up the courage to fire marinelli and linehan

  3. “Wiping their feet with the Rooney Rule”? This is what is wrong with the Rooney Rule. The Raiders knew who they wanted before they fired Del Rio, and he coached them before. So they shouldn’t have to interview anyone — black or white.
    And remember — the Raiders did the same thing with Art Shell. They had him as their coach, fired him, then re-hired him a couple of years later. Did anyone complain that they didn’t interview any white guys before they re-hired Shell?

  4. They can fire as many assistants as they want. Does anyone really believe that Dallas will win a SB with Garrett as their head coach??

  5. DAL’s problem with the QB, CB and SS/FS positions wasn’t the coaching, it was the lack of talent. Maybe the head of personnel should be held responsible?? oh wait…sonofa… Jerrah, your Cowboys will not win a title until you are dead. It’s the Al Davis situation all over again, except Davis was actually good at evaluating talent at one point in his life….

  6. For all the uninformed, Prescott regressed because he was running for his life on two of every three downs. Stabilize the offensive line and his accuracy returns.

  7. I would like to know which of the Cowboys QBs, other than Tony Romo, was successful under Wade Wilson? I’ll wait…

  8. Dakota is a fourth round qb and was scouted perfectly at that position… why does anyone wonder why he’s not that good of a qb?
    it’s OK, bc a mediocre qb on a mediocre team, with a mediocre coach and a below mediocre gm fits great.
    carry on

  9. Wade Wilson… he has never won a Super Bowl, but he did win a Deadpool. See what I did there.

  10. As long as the keep Garrett and Linehan, they will never win. The offense is dull, predictable, and easy to defend if they can control the run. The receivers are slow and and produced little. If they can’t get a scheme to get them open, the receivers cannot get open themselves.

  11. Why would you mess around with what is clearly a competent and successful coaching staff?

  12. The Bengals and Cowboys are okay with mediocrity because their owners have a comfortable level with their mediocre coaches. The Browns seem to be fine with even worse. Until fans stop showing up for games and stop buying merchandise, nothing will ever change. No matter what they tell you, a billionaire’s first love is money.

  13. As a Cowboys fan, I know that neither Wade Wilson nor Joe Baker were fired. Both had contracts that have expired at the end of this season. So they are not under contract anymore. There is a HUGE difference between “fired” and “contract has expired.”

    I mean, if they were the same thing, then every free agent ever has been “fired”, right?

    Other Dallas coaches with no contract at the moment are: Derek Dooley, Gary Brown, Matt Eberflus, and Steve Loney. Loney and Wilson are both on record stating that they are thinking about retiring.

  14. Weird way to spell Scott Linehan. Seriously, if the Cowboys don’t fire Scott then they are going to be back at square one with where they left off this year. Scott is the problem, not the secondary coach. A young secondary that actually played well this year, so how firing their coach is going to solve the offensive woes that Scott brings…

  15. The Cowboys problems are not the second line coaches. Dak tried forcing the ball to Dez all season and Dez cant catch. The o line is average at best and the team just does not have the talent Jerry thinks it does Just like every year. Further more Jason G cant coach . Anyone who follows the Cowboys heard how Dak was way off and throwing interceptions in camp as reported by Cowboy press. It carried over to regular season because Dak is and was not ready to be a starter in the NFL. Then you throw in Dez who cant catch a dang ball acting like a idiot on the sideline and you get a second year qb forcing the ball to a washed up never has been cant catch overrated receiver who has a 16 mil cap hit and needs to find a new team because he is horrible. Cowboy fans keep hope because jerry is old and he cant live forever.Hopefully the next guy can spot talent and doesn’t over pay average players huge money and have cap issues every year.

  16. YAWN……. We have zeke back for 16 next year. And a Top 10 DEFENSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nuff said … carry on

  17. Please stop with the Rooney Rule stuff. If a team knows who they want, why make some poor minority guy sit through a sham of an interview? Personally, I think that’s more demeaning to the minority than uplifting. Maybe change the rule to where if they interview at least 3 people, one has to be a minority, but if they already know who they want, what’s the point?

  18. Was it the QB coach or the defensive back coach who mismanaged the clock, made foolish challenge decisions, failed to make offensive line blocking adjustments, plus installed and called a simplistic predictable offense just for starters???

    Problem solved I guess.

  19. Until the sheeple stop giving Al Davis Jr their money, stop going to games and tank the ratings on TV nothing will change. Look at this way….. you get paid 5 Mil to do your job…… you’re not good at it but they keep you anyway no matter what you produce… so as long as you’re secure and the people keep buying your products why would anyone want to change anything? See my point? Until the fans speak with their wallets he isn’t going to change anything.

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