Dolphins hire Dowell Loggains as offensive coordinator

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The Dolphins had a disappointing season. They’re doing what they can to avoid another one.

Per multiple reports, Bears offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains has joined the Dolphins in that same position. Former Miami offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen is expected to stay with the organization, in a different role.

Loggains joined the Bears in 2015, working that year with Gase, who was the offensive coordinator. Loggains became the coordinator in Chicago after Gase got the head-coaching job in Miami.

Per Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Gase will continue to call the plays.

Christensen, who turns 62 this month, arrived in Miami from Indianapolis when Gase got the job.

The Dolphins hope to bounce back this year with the return of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who missed all of the season due to a knee injury.

19 responses to “Dolphins hire Dowell Loggains as offensive coordinator

  1. Now they need to hire a really good offensive line coach and a really good defensive coordinator.

  2. So let’s see………..with Gase and his new/old OC………how many wins and better yet Playoff wins do they have…………….0. The Dolphins need to clean house and start clean. This is going to be a train wreck until that happens. Loyal fan since ’83, but I’m starting to feel like Cubs fans used to.

  3. They need a new offensive line coach. And why is Christensen staying? It’s not a jobs program and there needs to be a complete makeover in whatever they were trying to do on offense this year.

  4. This makes perfect sense. Christensen was in Miami because Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck both attested to his skills and knowledge. Everybody in the league knows that Gase runs the offense and calls the plays. By the way, an offense that Gase picked up from Manning in Denver and hence the reason Christensen was hired because Gase doesnt know it as well as him, but I digress. Now in Gase’s infinite wisdom, since he called every play this year, he is going to move Christensen and bring in his 30 something drinking buddy from a 1 year stint in Chicago. The coach he is hiring was just fired in Chicago for actually calling the plays and scheming an offense that finished behind the Dolphins offense. I feel for Dolphins fans and their having deal with Gase’s hubris. In the end Christensen is the big winner because he will no longer be blamed for an offense that he was merely a figure head and will still collect a paycheck. Fans are saying why are they keeping Christensen? Because there would have been a mutiny in the building from players and staff because those on the inside know he always tried to be the voice of reason on offense.

  5. If the Fins would have waited just a few more hours they could of taken the freshly released Green Bay Coaches. But nope. We get another proven non winner.

  6. Bowell is the main reason John Fox is unemployed. The Bears ran the ball (predictably) on first down more than any team this year by country mile according to NFL stats. Bowell also had issues identifying Mitch Trubisky as player with Mobility, so naturally, Mitch had to run for his life behind a patch work O-Line, 5 step drops & predictable play calling

  7. mantastic54 says:
    January 3, 2018 at 9:18 pm

    Hopefully Gase is calling the plays so they don’t have to deal with Loggains’ run run pass punt playcalling
    Really; run run pass punt is Adam Gase’s play calling…

  8. I doubt it has anything at all to do with trying to keep Cutler as some have mentioned in other articles. IMHO it is simply a weak move. This is typical of Gase concerning his coaching staff. The main attribute these guys seem to have is that they won’t be taking his job if things go sour. Gase needed to hire two competent coordinators to handle day-to-day teaching, instilling proper work habits and basic discipline while Gase handles the big picture stuff and calls the plays (if he must). An experienced coordinator (even those with HC experience) can make a huge difference in how these players look on the field. Just look at Christensen getting demoted…and then staying on. That just proves there is a lack of ‘fire’ or that the OC position under Gase is a bit of a farce. My guess it is a little of both. If Christensen is happy with that move then that is not a guy this fan would be comfortable with trying to motivate and improve the players. I don’t see a need for a system overhaul as was speculated in a different article. The offense clicked when 2 things happened…Gase had the confidence to make aggressive calls and the players actually executed at the same time. Much of the problem with the offense was players constantly screwing up something and then Gase lost confidence and went to basic vanilla stuff hoping they could at least get that right. Tannehill will help some as will instilling discipline and accountability from the HC down to the practice squad. If somebody keeps screwing up then they don’t start and their play time gets limited. Continue to screw up…healthy scratch. Same goes for poor attitude, being late for meetings or just not doing what they need to be doing. He did a good job last year in changing the culture but something happened and he stopped…or at the very least he let things fester until it was too late. Gase can fix the team but he must fix himself first. Stop being afraid of hiring quality guys with a proven successful track record. The point is to obtain the best staff possible so they can improve the players’ performance on the field. McVay in LA wasn’t afraid to hire Wade Phillips and Gase shouldn’t be scared to do something similar. That said, I don’t know anything about Loggains other than I’ve never heard of him and he hasn’t been mentioned by any media at all considering the amount of vacancies throughout the league (including the Bears HC opening). He may be a fine coach (I really hope so) but it just seems like a comfort/familiarity move to me. If that is the case then Gase is not as confident as he seems to try to portray himself. Gase has made passion a priority and in fairness the Dolphins players in recent years have been severely lacking there. Landry is a good example in why that doesn’t really work. He is very passionate but he hurts the team with stupid penalties and this latest ejection. Passion and fire are great but they do not trump smart, situational football. If Gase wants passion from his players then he MUST establish uncompromising discipline.

  9. The Peter Principle personified. He had no business being an OC, much less calling the plays. He’s a QBs coach at best and even his credentials at that are arguable.

  10. And this is why the Dolphins are perpetually mediocre. Their offense is in the bottom of the league so they hire the OC from one of the few offenses that were worse?!? It’s the same thing last year with the Defensive Coordinator…Last year Miami’s defense was statistically one of the worst in the league and the linebacker unit was the worst unit on that defense. So, the Dolphins promote the coach of the worst unit of the worst defense to be defensive coordinator? It is insane. Also, while I’m ranting, does Gase ever accept ANY responsibility for anything? No discipline? “We need our leaders to step up”…Crappy play calling? Blame Christensen..

  11. I agree with FinFan68. Everything starts/stops with the HC. Be the example!!!! Don’t be afraid to make impact position coaching moves. Loggains is not one of them. Simply looking at the Bears record. Discipline must be priority #1 on the field and in the locker room.
    NFL Draft…………..OL, OL & more OL.

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