Giants request permission to interview Schwartz, finally

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As of earlier this afternoon, the Giants had not yet requested permission to interview Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz for their vacant head-coaching position. As of this moment, that has changed.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Giants have requested permission to interview Schwartz. A media source tells PFT that the request came only after the PFT article pointing out that the Giants had not yet requested permission to interview Schwartz.

The interview is expected to occur this weekend, per Schefter.

The absence of a prior request to interview Schwartz had prompted speculation that his status as a possible favorite for the job had diminished, possibly because word of his candidacy had leaked. While the request doesn’t put Schwartz at the top of the list if he wasn’t already there, it keeps him in play as a candidate for the job. Whether he ends up with it is now a more open question than it was late last week.

10 responses to “Giants request permission to interview Schwartz, finally

  1. Jeff Fisher without the awesome mustache and charm… I would have thought his body or work as a head coach would have kept his name out of head coach discussions but clearly I was wrong.

  2. smithee1440 says:
    January 3, 2018 at 6:23 pm
    Well y’know the Giants once had a hot-tempered, defensive-minded coach. Didn’t work out too bad for them.


    right…Parcells and Coughlin both had hot tempers and won. Therefore, it must be the hot temper that makes Giants coaches win. And in turn, this must mean that Schwartz is the right candidate. Your logic is impeccable.

  3. ez0682 says:
    January 3, 2018 at 5:09 pm
    I swear Giants like doing things the eagles look at the past 5 to 6 years smdh.

    That must be why the NYG have like what 5 Super Bowl wins & last I checked PHI has what, Zero? Yup, that explains it. The Giants success comes from copying the Eagles.

  4. lol…go ahead and take him. Guy lets up 500 yards against your team and you want to hire him? Haha

    Id rather go with Spagnuolo myself. If Schwartz goes to the NYG, I hope the Eagles bring Spags back

  5. personally i hope the giants pass on schwartz. i think he has done a pretty good job with the defensive talent they gave him at the beginning of the season. the ability to pressure the passer with 4 rushers has allowed him to protect the back end as much as possible.

    i also believe he may be more suited tempermentally as a coordinator. and would suggest that the new york media market is a lot different than detroit. i was hoping jeff lurie would approach him to suggest a raise and assistant coach title that makes it more difficult to want to take on the extra unpleasant parts of the job of head coach….

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