Jerry Jones: “We need more from Dez”

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn’t want to talk about the future of wide receiver Dez Bryant, since the numbers on the payroll ledger don’t seem to add up.

But he did acknowledge that they needed more from Bryant on the field, because the numbers on the stat sheet definitely aren’t adding up.

During his weekly interview on 105.3 The Fan, Jones refused to answer a question about Bryant’s future. He’s due to make $12.5 million next year, and is coming off a 69-catch season which featured plenty of dropped passes but no 100-yard games.

Bryant blamed scheme and an injury he never got treatment for for his dip in production, and has rejected the idea of volunteering for a paycut. But it’s clear that something’s not right.

“Well, I think Dez is right. We need more from Dez. We need bigger plays,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “That’s obvious to everybody is we didn’t get big plays. I don’t know that you ever get enough of them, but we certainly didn’t get the amount that we have to have to change our fate here. And, so, I agree with him. We need to have bigger plays.

“There’s a lot into that, but we’ve got to get more from — he’s top player on our team. He certainly expects to make big plays, the expectation for Dak (Prescott) to get him the ball is there. We’ve gotten used to it. Yeah, we need more from that area.”

The gulf between Bryant’s production and what they expect from his for the money is a significant one, and could lead to some offseason headaches for Jones.

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  1. He’s pushing 30 and not the player he used to be. The reality is that he’s probably no more than a decent #2 now.

  2. WHAT we need is for Dak and Dez to stay after practice and try to develop a chemistry, like Romo & Dez did forever!!!! Sure, Dez has dropped too many passes, but Dak has overthrown him, underthrown him, and most of his passes have been erratic 😦 Frankly, if Dez does not restructure his contract, taking less money, we will have to do something. We need the cap space for other major contracts…..

  3. Jerry Jones: “We need more from Dez”

    More what…more temper tantrums? More dropped passes? More passes deflected and intercepted?

  4. Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.

    Now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.

  5. Dez never had speed so im not concerned there. I did see him a few games with safeties over the top helping the corner.
    I would like to see him CATCH the ball more then drop it but then again i would like to Dakota throw ACCURATE passes to him that being said Tyron Smith is the KEY to them having time to HOOK UP and Smith missed a bunch of games the past TWO years. Hence PART of the production drop off IMO.

  6. AND IF your just saying cut him because of his $$$$$$ then WHOM will replace him????? If you have no real answer then THAT is not a option to CUT him!

  7. This just wasn’t ever going to be Dallas’s year… I do believe next season will look a lot more like the 2016 year. There will be clean air for Zeke plus those youngsters in the secondary will have a full off-season of work this year. Dallas and Philly are going to be battling it out for that Division for the next 10 years. Meanwhile, the Redskins and Giants will be chasing Wild Card births.

  8. fareandbalanced says:
    January 3, 2018 at 7:51 am
    He would look good in a Patriot uniform

    sorry dude. if chad johnson wasn’t bright enough to learn the new england route tree, what do you think dez’z chances would be? also….

    calizcowboyz says:
    January 3, 2018 at 9:32 am
    AND IF your just saying cut him because of his $$$$$$ then WHOM will replace him????? If you have no real answer then THAT is not a option to CUT him!

    dez is due 12M next yr. you can have your choice of a lot of free agent wideouts for that money…

  9. Duh, Jerruh. Dez has always been a lazy, under performing fool. He’ll never do more work other than to whine.

  10. Dallas fans are so delusional.

    2018 will be like 2016?

    But Giants will be vying for wild card berths?

    You got it backwards, pal. Giants are the ones who had the outlier season in 2017.

    Dallas regressed to the mean. Sorry to break it to you.

  11. I would like to see and offensive scheme that isn’t vanilla and boring and puts key players in positions to make plays. But unfortunately Jerry Jones is okay with mediocre and doesn’t recognize the obvious.

  12. He would look good in a Patriot uniform
    That would require a big time pay cut; showing up on time; learning how to run disciplined routes, catch a football, and block; plus a profound come-to-Jesus attitude adjustment.

    Belichick could do it and you can teach a poodle to point, but why invest the time required?

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