Marvin Lewis on staying with the Bengals: “The job’s not done”

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Marvin Lewis cited unfinished business with the Cincinnati Bengals after signing a two-year extension with the franchise on Tuesday.

The job’s not done,” Lewis said, via Geoff Hobson of “I was entrusted to win a Super Bowl and I have the opportunity to finish it.”

Despite having never won a playoff game, Lewis is the second longest tenured head coach in the league behind only Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots. He’s been head coach of the Bengals since 2003. He will have coached in Cincinnati longer than the entirety of Carson Palmer‘s 15-year NFL career, which came to an end with a retirement announcement on Tuesday.

The Bengals had already endured a 12-year playoff drought when Lewis took over as head coach. They had zero winning campaigns and just one .500 season over that stretch as well. Under Lewis, the Bengals have made the playoffs seven times and had six 10-win seasons. Cincinnati had just six 10-win seasons in franchise history before Lewis arrived.

However, that doesn’t negate the inability of the franchise to make a playoff push under Lewis either.

Nevertheless, Lewis will return for his 16th year as head coach of the Bengals.

“No change of heart,” Lewis said. “As I said many times, I just take it day-to-day. I’m excited about the opportunity to fulfill my job. Which is to win a Super Bowl. That’s what I’m excited about.”

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  1. In 15 years he hasn’t been able to win ONE playoff game, but now he’s going to win a Super Bowl.

  2. “I was entrusted to win a Super Bowl and I have the opportunity to finish it.”

    Marvin seems like a really nice guy, but may be a bit delusional. He’s been there 15 years and has not won a single playoff game.

  3. Yes, as your moniker says, it’s all about team unity with the Flag and Anthem … who cares if you win anything … let’s all have a KUMBAYA moment!!

  4. More than 12 hours after this news broke, and I’m still filled with rage. I can’t say I was surprised by it, but I still had hope that the Bengals front office had turned a corner and were finally done with Lewis and mediocrity.

    We all know 0-7 in the playoffs. I’m not trying to justify any of Lewis’ shortcomings, but here’s a look at those games.

    2005 – Palmer’s knee is annihilated on the first series against Pittsburgh.
    2009 – No excuse for losing to the Jets.
    2011 – Dalton/Green’s first year, coming off a 4-12 season, against a very good Houston team.
    2012 – No excuse for losing to the Texans.
    2013 – Here is where the tide started to turn on Marvin. 3rd straight playoff season, home game against a Chargers team they beat soundly earlier in the year, and they get embarrassed.
    2014 – Injuries excused away another poor playoff performance.
    2015 – Bengals fumble late and then the lack of composure costs the team their best opportunity to win a playoff game.

    0-7 in the playoffs. 5-9-1 off the bye. 7-8 on Opening Day.

    People need to remember that Paul Brown was a revolutionary football mind. What Mike Brown and the Cleveland Browns are doing to his legacy in unforgivable.

  5. Beyond not winning a playoff game, he hasn’t even been able to win a primetime or late season big game against the Steelers or Ravens.

    They beat the Ravens last week in a game that meant nothing to the Bengals. If the Benglas were still in the hunt, I’m positive they would have lost.

  6. I suspect this happened because the notoriously cheap Mike Brown was able to get Marvin Lewis to coach for another two years for $35,000 a year plus health and dental insurance.

  7. Beyond not winning a playoff game, he hasn’t even been able to win a primetime or late season big game against the Steelers or Ravens.

    If that were true, they could not have won the division, because math. They did win it four times in his tenure.

    I am painfully aware of his limitations, but at least be accurate.

  8. What they need is at least one co-ordinator who is a disciplinarian and strong-willed enough to control some of the yahoos on the team. Lewis isn’t the worst head coach in the leaque, but he doesn’t have a fiery personality and he lets way too much stupid behaviour slide.

  9. Oh hum, Marvin needs to draft some character not bad characters that have cost him games. He seems to be a good coach that have allowed certain players to cause outcome of big games.

  10. In seven playoff games under Lewis the Bengals have scored a grand total of 3 points in the third quarter. In Lewis’s best season of 2015, when the Bengals went 12-4 and had a chance at the #1 seed, the Bengals lost heartbreakers to the 13-3 Cards and eventual champions Denver by scores of 34-31 and 20-17 during the regular season. The Bengals were outscored a combined 35-0 in the third quarters of those two games.

    Point is, Lewis is simply not a great game day coach, and he really, really doesn’t know what to do during halftime.

  11. Lewis checked his phone msgs on Sun night for job offers, and there were none, so he re-upped. When the NFL does his life story, it will be titled “A Football Life in Hell: Marvin Lewis”

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