Matt Nagy: Interviews won’t interfere with game preparation

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Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy is adamant preparation for interviews with the Colts and Bears for their head coaching vacancies won’t interfere with preparations for Kansas City’s wild-card playoff game this weekend.

“It really doesn’t,” Nagy said, via Adam Teicher of ESPN. “Coach [Andy Reid] has been really good to me in knowing this process and explaining how to go about this. One thing you try to do is prepare ahead of time so that there’s no crunch, no crash course, that goes on. So I’ve been doing that. One thing I made very [clear] to coach is that nothing is going to take away from anything I do in this game. That was very clear. That’s [not] going to happen. . . . The biggest thing is just making sure you put these horse blinders on and you focus. You’ve got to focus on this game. It’s not fair [otherwise]. . . . If you start getting your mind off on something else, you’re neglecting [the team], and I refuse to do that.’

Both the Colts and Bears could lean toward an offensive-mined coach. The Colts will welcome back Andrew Luck next season, and the Bears hope to build on the 12 starts Mitchell Trubisky got as a rookie this season.

Nagy, a former Arena League quarterback, took over as the Chiefs’ play-caller for a Dec. 3 game against the Jets. The 39-year-old is in his fifth season as a Chiefs’ assistant.

4 responses to “Matt Nagy: Interviews won’t interfere with game preparation

  1. Nagy needs to stay put; Andy won’t be coaching forever, and he has Patrick Mahomes coming up next to Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill, and a young GM in a great franchise. Yes, Chris Ballard is in Indy, but there you have Andy Luck with a surgically repaired shoulder and possibly needing a biceps operation, and Jim Irsay.

    Stay in KC and take over for Andy in 2-3 years, maybe sooner; Reid has been coaching for 35 years and will be 60 soon. Nagy will be the next Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs if he stays.

  2. If the Ravens hadn’t choked, almost half the playoff teams (5 of 12) would have either been coached by Andy Reid or coaches who worked under him.

    One day there will be nothing but Andy Reid coaches roaming the earth.

  3. Nagy isn’t seasoned enough to be a head coach in the NFL yet. Todd Haley had more experience (coaching) and he fell flat on his stubble coated face. Dude needs to stick around on the staff of a guy like Reid and see how EVERYTHING is put together from off-season, training camp, full and post season, a few more years. Put in the time like Doug Pederson did and see and learn as much as possible…. then take over the reigns in KC with Andy retires.

  4. Baloney, interviews always interfere with game prep. NFL should not allow interviews until their season is over.

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