Offensive coordinator hire could be first pressure point for Hue Jackson, John Dorsey


Browns coach Hue Jackson had an offensive coordinator during the 2016 season. Jackson didn’t have an offensive coordinator during the 2017 season.

After the Browns hired G.M. John Dorsey, a report emerged that Jackson will hire an offensive coordinator for 2018. Over the weekend, a report emerged that Dorsey would be hiring the offensive coordinator.

On Monday, Jackson was asked about the report that Dorsey would be hiring the offensive coordinator.

“I really appreciate John’s expertise,” Jackson said. “He has seen a lot of different ways to do things, and I will lean on him for things, but I don’t think John is making a decision on if we are going to have a coordinator or not.”

Jackson also was asked whether hiring an offensive coordinator falls within the responsibility of the coach.

“I would think so, thank you,” Jackson said with a laugh.

That may have been nervous laughter. Jackson may realize that an effort by Dorsey to hire, or at least influence the hire, of an offensive coordinator could mean that Dorsey would have an interim head coach in place, in the event Jackson and the Browns yet again stumble out of the gates. In 2017, the lack of an offensive coordinator meant that there was one less potential in-season replacement for Jackson.

In 2018, the presence of a coordinator means that Dorsey would have someone who could take over, if/when Dorsey finally persuades ownership that, yes, Hue Jackson has significant responsibility for the current state of the franchise. The more influence Dorsey has over the hire, the more likely that the hire will be someone Dorsey envisions as a potential replacement for Hue.

So look for the hiring, or not, of an offensive coordinator to become the first pressure point in the new relationship between G.M. and coach.

28 responses to “Offensive coordinator hire could be first pressure point for Hue Jackson, John Dorsey

  1. I don’t think John is making a decision on if we are going to have a coordinator or not.”

    Umm, he’s your boss now. He can do what he wants…unless Haslem is dictating the decisions. In which case, Dorsey won’t be there long.

  2. Thats weird, a GM hiring the OC?
    It’s not enough that the owner tell the HC to hire a OC, he has to let the GM do it?
    How can that not be a source of friction?

  3. I don’t have the same hatred for Hue Jackson that the genius pool here does. I acknowledge his many mistakes, but also question how you win football games when you have no control over your own roster. Something had to give there, so let’s see how Hue handles the reprieve.

    That said, I think this guy needs an OC, and I don’t think he should hire the position himself. We tend to hire people who think like us, and I don’t think an OC with a similar mindset is the right thing to do. I’d rather have someone willing to challenge the offense, make the right decisions about personnel on the offense, and someone who is solely focused on the offense calling the shots. That’s how you start to turn this around.

    And yes, I think this outfit can be turned around.

  4. Hue Jackson has become the Matt Millen of head coaches – arrogant, delusional and incompetent. Haslam is far worse as an owner than Ford as the Browns have endured Jackson led internal political strife, constant in fighting and shifting of blame to players and other executives by Jackson. Incredible stubbornness or perhaps Haslam still believes that a 1-31 coach will still fill the stadium and win next year. The “Dog Pound” has become the “Puppy Nursery” under Jackson. Time for the bags over the heads for any fans who attend any home game.

  5. It’s rather fascinating to watch the workings (?!) of the Browns franchise. They never seem to be able to get out of their own way regarding anything. It’s kind of amazing that they have any fans left. Maybe that’s the ultimate goal…to completely alienate and eliminate their fan base?

  6. Why isn’t Dorsey just blowing this up and starting anew? It’s not like a coach who has gone 1-31 is a ‘have to have’. Something feels amiss.

  7. I don’t care either way about Hue Jackson but his desperate comments the last few days tells me they should probably go in another direction. I’m surprised these decisions being made by Hue and Haslem aren’t being made by Dorsey. I’m curious if Dorsey is beginning to wonder what he got himself into. It looks like the dysfunction starts at Haslem and has permeated through every layer of the organization. Sorry to say it but the Browns will probably be lucky to win two games in any season for the next decade or so.

  8. I don’t think any of this is a surprise. Whatever the circumstances, you are 1-31 as a head coach. I don’t think you have much of anything to say. They want to steer the O coordinator hiring…sure. Thanks for keeping me employed this coming season.

  9. Some days, most days when reading stories like this coming out of Cleveland, I just want to sit down and weep for the long-suffering Browns’ fans. Seriously, no NFL fan should have to endure the agony that these fans have suffered for so long.

  10. As bad as Hue was this year, the only real problem with Cleveland was the QB play (and Hue bears responsibility for how he handled the rookie QB). If they were to get Kirk Cousins or Alex Smith in the off-season, the Browns are fighting for a playoff spot next year, Hue looks like a genius, and that QB is hailed as a savior.

    They have a decent o-line already. They have a solid and developing young defense. They have more play-makers on offense than the Ravens do.

    The Browns lost games because Hue refused to run the ball and asked too much of a rookie QB who he never should have chosen as his starter. Hue was a good OC in Cincinatti when he had AJ Green, Mohammed Sanu and Marvin Jones making Andy Dalton look like an MVP, but some people are clearly not HC material.

  11. sjd1234 says:
    January 3, 2018 at 8:14 am

    Get the popcorn. This is gonna be like watching a train wreck that you can see coming for miles.

    Huh? That train has been wrecking for nearly 20 years now.

  12. Dear Hue,
    Repeat after me:

    I am 1-31 and still have a job as a head coach in the NFL.
    I am 1-31 and still have a job as a head coach in the NFL.
    I am 1-31 and still have a job as a head coach in the NFL.

    If the new GM wants to hire an OC, you let him.
    If the new GM wants to hire an OC, you let him.
    If the new GM wants to hire an OC, you let him.

    P.S. You must have been really good in a previous life. Bless you and your eternal soul.

  13. Dorsey to Hue: “A Hue, yeah, we are going to have to move you down to storage area B. We have some new people coming in and we need all the space we can get. So if you can go ahead and pack up your stuff and move it down there, that would be terrific. OK”

  14. Seriously, who would take the job of Browns OC? Having no QB (unless they draft another one in April), not knowing if your WR1 will be suspended from one week to the next, and knowing you’ll be micromanaged by Hue. No thanks.

  15. Cleveland is the graveyard for NFL careers or the springboard for those that
    GET OUT!!

    The only player in the past 15 years that ”springboarded” out of Cleveland was Taylor Gabriel and he didn’t even make the pro-bowl.

  16. Mike
    You heard it here first, if Hue leaves Browns and Shurmur gets HC gig, with Zimmer and Jackson being close friends, Jackson will be next years OC for Vikes

  17. I still cannot fathom how the incompetent, obtuse, stupid, and foolish Baby Huey has the keys to a car for a second year after wrecking it each week save for one in 32 tries.

    I guess being black now has privilege from performance.

  18. This shows, once again, how naive Haslam is. Keeping Jackson was a horrible idea from the start. Dorsey needs to hire his own head coach. Jackson is a master manipulator and will try to turn Haslam against Dorsey and then the Browns will continue to be a train wreck. Jackson has to go, he’s a lousy coach and a lousy player developer.

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