Paul Alexander out as Bengals OL coach

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The Bengals offensive line did not have a good year in 2017 and they’ll have a different coach for the group in 2018.

At a Wednesday press conference, head coach Marvin Lewis said that Paul Alexander will not return to the team. That’s a major change for the Bengals as Alexander, who also had the assistant head coach title, has spent the last 23 years coaching the offensive line in Cincinnati and has been with the team for 24 years overall.

The Bengals drafted tackles Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher with their first two picks of the 2015 draft, but they haven’t developed as hoped over the last three years. Alexander’s replacement will either try to remedy that or work with new players in hopes of establishing a more productive unit.

Lewis said that special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons will return and confirmed that defensive coordinator Paul Guenther will interview with the Raiders. Lewis said the team is open to Guenther’s return, but that they will begin looking at alternatives before waiting for any move to Oakland to be official.

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  1. I guess I like that they’re trying to fix things, but let’s be real. Cedric Ogbuehi isn’t very good. Jake Fisher is best used as a blocking tight end. They let their best OL leave in free agency (Whitworth-I’m not counting Zeitler, he was massively overpaid by Cleveland and it would have made no sense to match that offer). Paul Alexander may not have gotten the best out of this line, but he sure as hell didn’t have much to work with this year.

  2. Here’s what Paul Alexander said about draft pick Cedric Ogbuehi in the post-draft presser:
    “I frickin’ love him. .. There’s no question that this guy has rare feet and athleticism that you see in the very best offensive linemen in the league.” Asked if Ogbuehi was the best pass protector in the draft, Alexander answered: “Oh yeah. Easily.’

    Ogbuehi has played poorly. So, Alexander is either a poor evaluator of talent, or a poor developer of players.

  3. The Bengals won’t cut the head off the snake. Until Marvin Lewis is gone, the Bengals are destined to underachieve every year.

  4. “Until Marvin Lewis is gone, the Bengals are destined to underachieve every year”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Yeah… like they did before Marvin Lewis was hired.

    I would expect a return to the post-Paul Brown style of leadership of mike brown that led to hiring coaches like dave shula or bruce coslett and poor drafting.

  5. Less than 2 years ago he was listed as the OL Coach on SI’s “Ultimate NFL Coaching Staff”

    Either he absolutely fell apart in 1 season, or all of his talent was allowed to walk in the offseason. I’ll assume the latter.

  6. Michael Philliphs says: The Bengals won’t cut the head off the snake. Until Marvin Lewis is gone, the Bengals are destined to underachieve every year

    Yup; but the ‘head of the snake’ is NOT Marvin Lewis, its Mike Brown.

  7. “Either he absolutely fell apart in 1 season, or all of his talent was allowed to walk in the offseason. I’ll assume the latter”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    … OR… Alexander gave cheap Bengals owner mike brown assurance that draft failures Cedric Ogbuehi/Jake Fisher/Andre Smith would be ready… brown cheaply ignored All-Pro Whitworth’s agent…. smartly didn’t match Zeitler’s Cleveland offer… and… the Cincinnati Bengals 2017 season was ruined by the poor offensive line.

  8. finaly, a hold over from dave shulas staff. this, zampeze and marvin being extended show the problem mikey boy has with loyalty.

    this guy coached the line when Ki Jana Carter was drafted.

  9. Let’s not forget that he had the Bengals trade UP to get Russell Bodine who is the worst Center in the NFL. He also started Nate Livings over Evan Mathis who ended up becoming an All-Pro for the Eagles while Livings became a turnstile.

  10. This had to have been one of Mike Brown’s concessions to Marvin as part of his 2-year extension and is addition by subtraction.

  11. I think folks are forgetting about the fact that the 2016 line wasn’t really good with Whit and Zeitler, either.

  12. The Bengals have ranked 20th or worse in yards per carry for 11 straight years (2014 the only exception). They gave up 41 sacks in 2016 and followed that with 40 more this year. He was instrumental in the drafting of 3 busts: Ogbuehi, Fisher and Bodine. Anyone defending this man doesn’t know their Bengals.

  13. Talk about addition by subtraction. I was so angry they brought back labor cause I thought that meant Alexander was back too. This turd has been around since kijana carter had two healthy knees. How in the heck does a guy keep a job that long as a position coach with four different coaching regimes? I don’t care what anyone says the way this guy gushed over Cedric O and he has proven to be nothing but a human turnstile deserves to be fired, prank called to be re-hired, then fired again!

  14. Some people joke that Belichek the GM lets down Belichek the head coach. On a much smaller scale the same is the case for Alexander. When your UDFA and late round picks out perform your 1st and 2nd round OTs, it tells you something.

    While he is considered one of the better teachers of the position, he has picked some lousy students over the last few years.

    That and we haven’t had a real Center since Rich Braham. When all of your division opponents play a 3-4, it’s fairly important…

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