Report: Doug Whaley may draw interest for Packers’ G.M. job

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The Packers have said they won’t confine their General Manager search to internal candidates or outsiders who previously were on the inside in Green Bay. And they apparently meant it.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, former Bills G.M. Doug Whaley is “expected to” receive interest for the job currently held by Ted Thompson.

Whaley had been the G.M. in Buffalo, before being fired after the draft. With the hay largely in the barn (but for a few trades made by new G.M. Brandon Beane), the Bills made it to the playoffs for the first time in 18 years.

Indeed, each of the three teams who fired General Managers after the rosters were largely set (Bills, Chiefs, Panthers) made it to the playoffs this year. That explains why two of the General Managers who were fired already have been rehired.

Whaley could be the third. To get there, however, the Packers will have to get past a disastrous press conference from Whaley in early 2017. If, however, the Packers are content to allow Whaley to wall himself off from the media in the same way that Thompson did, that may not be much of an issue.

22 responses to “Report: Doug Whaley may draw interest for Packers’ G.M. job

  1. The Bills’ owners don’t have a clue. They had a talented roster, but no QB. So they keep firing coaches. They fired their GM. They still have no QB, but the new GM got rid of a lot of the good players they did have. Whaley actually brought in a lot of good players, he just couldn’t do the most important thing. Find a QB. Green Bay has a QB. If Whaley can do exactly what he did in Buffalo, Green Bay will be in the super bowl in 2 years.

  2. Lol, if they are smart this will defy be an interview just to comply with the Rooney rule. This years draft was McDermott call, not Whaley. Beaned worked hard to get rid of all whales mistakes, like the Darius contract, trading two first founders for Watkins and getting rid of the attitude problems he brought in.

  3. It’s all comin’ apart at the seams in the Lambeau complex, huh?
    Because of a potential interview? Weird comment.

    This is all just window dressing….the new gm is already working for the Packers, I promise.

  4. I liked Whaley but let’s keep things in perspective. He overpaid for Charles Clay and his inconsistent play, Marcel Darius doesn’t even start for the Jags, and 2 first round draft picks for Sammy Watkins? He did find his quarterback; and it was from the recommendation from the coach he hired Rex Ryan.

  5. therealtrenches says:
    January 3, 2018 at 5:40 pm
    It’s all comin’ apart at the seams in the Lambeau complex, huh?

    Yeah, we hear the same thing every single season.
    But, just 3 losing seasons in 26 years.
    What’s that say about the state of 30 other NFL teams not named the Patriots. Huh?

  6. Wow, this guy might actually survive his actions in Buffalo?
    Forget the swings and misses….Take a look at the Marcel Dareus/Doug Marrone contracts. That’s all you will need to see..

  7. Didn’t see this one coming. I always felt like he was in a little over his head as a GM. Maybe his time away has helped him reflect, self assess and learn. He doesn’t seem like a Green Bay kind of guy to me. I’d say he’s a 50/50 guy as GM – about even odds to be really improved from his time with the Bills versus the same guy making the same mistakes. How much of a gamble do you want to make?

  8. Buddy Nix hired Saint Doug and Dareus had like 24 sacks in three years. I always like Whaley as a talent evaluator, however the difference between him and Beane is Beane is building a team not just talent. Think he would be good for Pack because Mike Maccarthy can envision the team while Doug finds the guys. Plus hell have Ted to advise him. Good luck Pack and good luck Whaley

  9. I dont know why most Bills fans don’t like this guy. He was responsible for brining in a ton of talent to Buffalo, the only major mistakes being trading up for Sammy Watkins (although an exceptional talent, he wasn’t worth that price) and never landing a good QB.

    Landing McCoy for Alonso, Jerry Hughes for Kelvin Sheppard, and finding guys like Zach Brown, Lorenzo Alexander, Jordan Poyer, and Micha Hyde were all great Whaley moves.

  10. You’ve got to be kidding me if you think Whaley has any idea how to identify talent??? He did nab a few lower level FA signings that were to be honest, very strong. Too bad his horrific drafts provided no talent and no depth. In addition to the terrible Watkins trade up, and the EJ Manual debacle, I suggest you go an look at the 2013-2016 drafts. Try not to laugh……most of the guys not even in the league…..a few decent picks, but overall whiffs….add the 1/6 or 2/6 nature of his drafts to his trading up to over reach for players that didn’t perform to that level and it’s an overall horrific record as GM and talent evaluator. Then he handed out terrible contracts and brought in bad coaches…..other than that I guess you can say he was ok

  11. “Jordan Poyer, and Micha Hyde were all great Whaley moves.”

    Those were McDermott and/or Beane signings. Whaley had no influence on draft or FA signings in 2017.

  12. I’m not a big Whaley fan, but I’m amused by all the things he gets blamed for that he had little to do with. Like Doug Marrone’s contract or hiring Wrecks or drafting EJ Manuel. Whaley didn’t hire Marrone, much less negotiate his contract. He didn’t hire Wrecks. And Nix was the one that decided the Bills were taking a QB come hell or high water. Whaley may or may not have offered up Manuel as the best of the bunch…but was he way off?

    I disagree with a lot of moves Whaley made, no question, but I do think the Bills had a talented roster for 2 or 3 years there. With a good QB and/or head coach, the Bills could have been a pretty good teams those years. Whaley made enough bad decisions that I’m not sad he’s gone…but I do think he got a little bit of a raw deal.

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