Sheldon Richardson expects to be back with Seahawks

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Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson said after Sunday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals that he expects to be back with the Seattle Seahawks in 2018.

“Yeah I do, actually. I definitely expect to be back here,” he said.

Richardson is set to be an unrestricted free agent in March. The Seahawks acquired Richardson from the New York Jets on Sept. 1 in exchange for wide receiver Jermaine Kearse and a swap of draft picks. He started 15 games for the Seahawks this season.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll expressed a desire to have Richardson back as well next season.

“If we could be fortunate enough to get Sheldon back, that would be huge,” Carroll said on Tuesday.

Richardson said the team has spoken to him already about bringing him back as well.

“They haven’t threw out a number or nothing but they said they wanted me back so that’s a plus in my book,” Richardson said.

The obvious desire for Richardson to be back in 2018 could be a heavy indictment about what the Seahawks feel the chances are for 2017 second-round pick Malik McDowell to be able to play at all.

McDowell was injured in mid-July in an ATV accident prior to the start of training camp. He sustained a severe concussion and additional injuries that keep him off the field the entire season. He was placed on the non-football injury list at the start of training camp and remained on the list all year.

With Jarran Reed and Nazair Jones back next year and a healthy McDowell available to play, the need to bring Richardson back is probably not nearly as acute. The Seahawks trade to acquire Richardson came directly in response to McDowell’s unavailability this season.

“We had some really clear thoughts about how our roster was going to come together and one of our guys that we drafted very high wasn’t able to play,” Carroll said. “So we made a big move and found a fairly young guy in Sheldon Richardson.”

If McDowell isn’t expected to be cleared to play, the notion of bringing Richardson back makes significantly more sense for Seattle.

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  1. Even if Malik can or does play for the Hawks I’m sorry to say any smart GM knows he can’t trust him. The other end Sheldon seamed to gel well with his teammates, coaches, and city, so would love to see Sheldon back and Malik if he’s philysically and mentally ready to rip it.

  2. Cliff Avril is likely to be cut or to retire. They can use Avril’s salary on Richardson. May be pay him a bit more than they pay Avril, because there are other players like Kam Chancellor who are also unlikely to return. They have been trying to get rid of Jeremy Lane, for example.

  3. I say they re-sign Richardson, and cut Bennett. Avril unfortunately won’t be back most likely. But we have Frank Clark and Dion Jordan who played well when they let him on the field. So if you get McDowell back he can learn from Richardson while McDowell is cheap. Our D Line might need one more rusher to rotate with Frank and Dion but the interior lineman I think are solidified if they keep Richardson. Naz Jones played well before injury and Jarron Reed is a powerhouse and a leader in the locker room (needs to hold it together on field though) you play those two on running downs, then you have McDowell and Richardson as the interior pass rushers on 3rd downs. That’s a good rotation. You look for LB’s RBs and Offensive lineman in this draft. We need another rangy MLB that can backfill for Bobby or KJ if one of them go down. There is a big drop off in production when either one is out.

  4. Salary cap space forced Seattle to allow LB Brock Coyle to sign with the 49ers as a free agent. Coyle played well when Wagner had a turf toe one season and missed a few games. That performance was remembered by 49ers defensive coordinator, who used to work in Seattle. Coyle played well as backup MLB and he is now in the starting lineup as an OLB. Having lost Coyle, Seattle signed Michael Wilhoite, who was cut by the 49ers. It is illustration why Seattle’s defense has been so inconsistent. They have no depth at LB.

  5. would sure be nice to know what they have or don’t have in McDowell. Richardson played well – not superstar salary great – but definitely value added. I think unfortunately, it’s likely that Avril and Kam are done. We’ll see about Bennett. If he was actually playing the last 2 months with a torn plantar fascia, that provides some explanation – I don’t want them to cut a good player just for the sake of ‘getting younger’.

  6. I would love them to sign richardson, but I sure miss Mebane. Mebane was a great run stuffer for years and occasionally got push in pass rush. We need another Mebane.

  7. Based on both sides wanting him to remain, and no real reason for it not be done, I too expect him to be signed to a multi year deal. Couldn’t be happier with this development.

  8. dmoney253 says:

    January 4, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    I would love them to sign richardson, but I sure miss Mebane. Mebane was a great run stuffer for years and occasionally got push in pass rush. We need another Mebane.
    His name is Jarron Reed and Nazir Jones. They both are great and stuffing the run and taking up blocks while Wagner gets the job done. If Wagner is hurt then we aren’t a good defense.

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