Todd Haley returns to Steelers facility

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Injured Sunday night after being shoved to the ground outside a Pittsburgh bar, Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley is back at work.

According to Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (via, Haley returned to the team’s facility on Wednesday.

Details still remain sketchy, and in some ways confusing, regarding the incident that resulted in police being called to the Tequila Cowboy, that prompted police to conclude that no one had been injured, and that ended in Haley later suffering a hip injury outside the establishment.

The timing isn’t ideal for Haley. Apart from the fact that it kept him away from work for a couple of days during the bye week, it plants a red flag for any team currently considering Haley for potential employment. Despite his work with the Pittsburgh offense in recent years, Haley has received scant interest for head-coaching jobs elsewhere. This latest incident gives a prospective employer plenty to explore without much time for exploring, if that team is interested in considering Haley.

Haley’s contract reportedly will expire after the season ends, allowing him to go anywhere he wants. It also allows the Steelers to move on, if they so choose.

Six years ago, the Steelers faced a similar situation with offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. After his contract expired, the Steelers claimed that he had “retired,” even though he actually had been fired.

With no contract in place for 2018, Haley could be the next offensive coordinator to “retire” from the Steelers. Until he takes his next job, wherever that may be.

That next job could be hard to find in the immediate future, especially if the inevitable surveillance videos generated both inside and outside the Tequila Cowboy complicate an already confusing situation.

15 responses to “Todd Haley returns to Steelers facility

  1. I’m sure the Steelers brass loves it when players & coaches go to places named the Tequila Cowboy. I heard the scuffle wrecked his plans on going to the Double D Saloon later that night.

  2. “My team is in the playoffs and my name is in the mix for a HC position. So I’m gonna go out drinking New Years Eve, mix it up with kids half my age outside a bar and get myself injured.”


  3. Didn’t I read his wife was involved in some cat fight earlier that evening? They must have an interesting marriage.

  4. I just love how many commentators KNOW what happened when there have been almost no details given out by sources who where there and saw it!

    Right now all we know is that his wife had an altercation inside the bar. The police were called for that incident. Then Haley and his wife left the bar and Haley got pushed to the ground.

    No police involved in the second incident and no one saying what happened outside the bar. But by golly the people making comments all seem to KNOW there was a bar fight with people half his age and that Haley was drunk.

    The ignorance displayed on these threads in astounding. I guess that’s why they are sometime entertaining to read!

  5. Yea sure ignorance. Haley actually hasn’t addressed the situation and his non response is telling. This has all the makings of a Pittsburgh Cops episode.

  6. no details? shocking!! I’m sure the Po-lese will be very forthcoming in telling the public what they discover in their investigation even if it makes the local NFL team look bad…

  7. The guy went out to celebrate New Years Eve. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. And defended his wife from some drunks. As any of us would do. I am not even a Steeler fan and I can clearly see how the media is trying to bend this into “he did something wrong”.

  8. His wife is always runnin her mouth & startin BS. She tries, on a regular basis to get peoples seat licenses revoked when trey say how bad Haley sucks as an OC, which he does. He can leave after this year is over, as far as I’m concerned. It’s no coincidence that the offense didn’t take off until the games were placed in Ben’s hands more than Haley’s, via running more no-huddle.

  9. Someone probably called him out on his lousy, predictable, uninspired playcalling. He’s a proven hothead and this story surprises no one from Pittsburgh.

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