Ziggy Ansah heads into free agency with a player of the week award


Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah played the last game of his rookie contract on Sunday, and he picked a good time to show he can play at a high level.

Ansah, who is poised to become an unrestricted free agent in March, has been named NFC defensive player of the week after his three-sack performance in the Lions’ season finale against the Packers.

Ansah played the 2017 season under his fifth-year option of $12.7 million, and although he got off to a slow start, he had a very strong finish and was playing his best football down the stretch. That gives the Lions a tough decision about whether to franchise him, which would come with a price tag in the neighborhood of $17 million. If the Lions don’t franchise him, they risk losing him.

If Ansah does hit unrestricted free agency, he’ll be one of this year’s most sought-after prospects. He showed on Sunday that he can be a defensive force.

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  1. He will be franchised on a prove it deal. If he can’t stay healthy next year, so long. This guy is unfortunately the picture of inconsistency, secondary to health issues. Lions got 53M in cap space so 17M isn’t that big of a deal for the only pass rusher on the roster.

  2. Lions Fan here,

    Ziggy looked to be an absolute stud his first 2 seasons. He just can’t seem to stay healthy.

    Outside of a new coach and Stafford’s contract- this is the biggest decision Bob Quinn has faced. I’d like to see him franchised even with the big cap hit- if he performs sign him long term, if he doesn’t you can cut your losses.

  3. He can be a force, but it’s important to note that the Lions moved him over to face the right side of the Packer offensive line–with a second string guard playing right tackle and his backup playing guard with a full wrap club on his right arm. Thus, Ansah was facing–literally–a third string right tackle and a one-arm third string right guard.

    And my Packers played lousy. For the record, those two backup linemen (Patrick and McCray) have shown promise when playing healthy in their own positions.

    I’m sure Ansah’s agent likes this headline, but it was preseason level football.

  4. The Lions have consistently mismanaged injuries. Ansah is still a stud. And if the Lions hadn’t rushed him back from injury, he would have shaken off the rust and performed at a high level after he was fully healed. Houston let Watt and Clowney recuperate until they were ready to play. Detroit has ruined the careers of a handful of players (most recent example is Levy) by rushing them back from injury.

  5. Frazier28/7 says:
    January 3, 2018 at 10:19 am
    Whoever the new GM is in Green Bay, this is the kind of guy you need to go after.

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    Go after other teams’ one dimensional draft busts?

    Not recommended.

  6. Patsareinyourheads says:
    January 3, 2018 at 11:22 am
    Belichick could use a good edge guy like this…

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    BB has no interest in a guy who can’t play a 3-4 and has no interest in it. Besides, with Eric Lee, Flowers, Rivers back next year, hopefully McClellin as well, they really don’t need this guy, especially if James Harrison wants to go for another year at age 40.

    Guys who play a 4-3 and have no interest in Run D on the edge, are not BB kind of guys.

  7. I would think Doctors and Trainers will be heavily relied on for Ziggy’s analysis before handing over that type of Cash. If it is something easily healed or something that will nag on his body the rest of his career may determine the Tag

  8. I never trust players that all of a sudden prove it in the last few games of their contracts before free agency. Where was he all the games before that? Too many of this type player gets the big free agency money and go back to being just another guy.

  9. Ansah is the kind of player that can put a team over the top. A young team like the 49ers, who are riding some momentum after a 5-0 finish with Jimmy Garoppolo, could become a dominant defense with Ansah. Division rival L.A. Rams probably won’t sit there and watch that happen, so there could be a west coast bidding war for this guy. The cities of L.A. or San Francisco might also be more appealing to a young man than Detroit. Ansah in underrated. I’m not comparing him to Reggie White going to Green Bay, but this cat is going to make a big difference somewhere. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan both got 6 year contracts from the 49ers, but I’m not thinking they’re going to wait five years before they hit the accelerator.

  10. He got half of his sacks against the Giants and Packers. Hes 29 years old and consistently injured. Not worth a big contract.

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