Delanie Walker wants Marcus Mariota to know when to “overcome coaching”

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The 2017 season wasn’t the step forward for Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota that the team may have been hoping to see, but he came up with a good performance when the team needed it most in Week 17.

Mariota led the team to a 15-10 win over the Jaguars that booked them a spot in the playoffs and did it with the help of a season-high 60 rushing yards, including a handful of key runs while the team was running out the clock in the fourth quarter. Tight end Delanie Walker would like to see more of that from Mariota against the Chiefs on Saturday, even if it means ignoring what the team’s coaches might have wanted on a particular play.

Walker noted that plays are drawn with straight lines and that defenses don’t let players run in straight lines, so it is up to players to “figure out how to make that line straight without running it straight.”

“Sometimes you’ve got to play backyard football,” Walker said, via the Tennessean. “Sometimes you’ve got to overcome coaching. And I think that’s what makes some players great, when they know how to do that. … Marcus, basically, a play was broken. He made a play on his own. He didn’t find nobody else, so he took off running, and that’s basically what he did.”

“Overcome coaching” doesn’t sound like the sort of advice that coaches would love to hear, but Mike Mularkey didn’t quarrel with it. He said the team is “at that point right now when every man needs to do whatever he can” to get a win and that he thinks Mariota’s Week 17 game gave the quarterback more confidence about his ability to do that. A repeat on Saturday could give the Titans an opportunity to continue their season a little longer.

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  1. This is a trap game for KC. There is no reason they should lose, which means they probably will.

  2. I still don’t get why people have hyped him up so much. Every QB has their good moments, and Mariota has had several bad moments… We’ll just be saying, “maybe next year” for the next several years…

  3. Delanie Walker is 100% correct. This is the trait that Alex Smith lacked. Alex Smith is almost robotic. Whatever the coach programs into him, he does on gameday with no deviation. Mike Singletary said the thing that is holding Alex Smith Back is that he doesn’t have any “maverick” in him. To stray from his coaching and make plays off of instinct.

    Delanie Walker was on that 49er team so he also is seeing that in Mariota and is lending his advice off of experience.

  4. Walker is 100% right here. It’s why Titans fans want Mularkey GONE in spite of the fact we are finally in the playoffs. The Mularkey/offense is predictable. Run, run, pass on 3rd & long. No QB is going to be successful constantly facing 3rd & long. When our running game was working better last year it was more manageable. Mariota is a stud, watch him play & you will see it. But the playcalling has really hampered this offense this year. This team should have 11+ wins. The talent is there, the offensive coaching has been awful.

    That Mariota stiffarm on Barry Church was exactly what Walker is talking about here.

  5. When Mariota plays poorly (90% of the time), it is a nagging injury, when he plays well, he is the next coming. I can’t figure out why the talking heads continue to talk this guy up. He has been highly disappointing.

  6. I think Delanie Walker is 100 percent right with regards to Mularkey and his inferior offensive scheme. My concern is that Marcus will begin to think that “overcoming coaching” is just what good quarterbacks have to do. But it’s not. In the next year or two, Mariota may find that his new coach is a Josh McDaniels, Scott Linehan, Pete Carmichael Jr., or Matt Nagy. If that happens, he will need to welcome their teaching and follow their instructions closely. Marcus’ ability to freelance is important, but that should only be in play in the two-minute offense, when a defense throws a curve ball, or a play breaks down.

  7. So basically, Walker is gambling that he’ll be employed by the Titans longer than Mularkey will. Publicly advocating insubordination isn’t typically a good career move.

  8. @
    Rdog says:
    January 4, 2018 at 8:34 am

    I still don’t get why people have hyped him up so much. Every QB has their good moments, and Mariota has had several bad moments… We’ll just be saying, “maybe next year” for the next several years…

    No, actually, it is now, THIS YEAR. You have been saying all season how the Titans will never make the Playoffs. Now we are in and you change your tune. You don’t like the Titans nor Marcus, fine. But the rest of us in Titan Town love our team and cannot wait to beat the Chefs like late last season in Arrow Head!

  9. It’s easier for the team to change one coach than to expect 53 players overcome bad coaching. Also, that’s just flat out dumb advice. You have a franchise QB and you’re telling him to run more. Hope you have an elite backup QB. Sounds like Delanie might have a future on TV. He’d fit right in.

  10. What their QB needs to do is complete more passes to his own team than to the opposing team. He’s awful. Nothing about Mariota is a franchise QB. Take away the name and look at the numbers…you’ll quickly see he’s far worse than Blake Bortles.

  11. Any Titans fan will see that Jason Wolfe wrote the linked article. Everyone in Nashville is still trying to figure out why the Tennessean hired someone that’s never watched football to write about it. Go to the team website and listen to Walker with context.

  12. This is a defining moment for Mariota. He should be able to go to Arrowhead and beat the Chiefs and noodle arm Alex Smith. Get that playoffs win monkey off your back. That’s very important to a young QB.

  13. quintorisjones – Mariota worse than Bortles..not on his worst day! What Mariota really needs is receivers who run the correct routes and are where they’re supposed to be and can catch the ball & hang on to it. He has thrown some interceptions that are on him this year, but for sure not all of them are.

  14. Better on his worse day? He wasn’t better over the course of 16 weeks! Forget one day…we’re talking Mariota having less yards, less touchdowns, and more interceptions. This isn’t hard. He had a terrible year. Outside of about 4-5 weeks his rookie year, he’s had a terrible 3 years.

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