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Patriots fans and ESPN have had a contentious relationship in recent years. It could soon be getting more contentious.

PFT has confirmed, as reported by Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch, that ESPN will publish a new story about the Patriots on Friday. The focal point reportedly will be the relationship between quarterback Tom Brady, coach Bill Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft and, specifically, the existence of a rift among the three central figures in the 16-year run of unparalleled NFL success.

Allen contends that the ESPN report will explain the struggle flows from the question of which member of the trio deserves the most credit for the franchise’s success, and that the report suggests the rift is so severe that this could be the last year that the three men work together. According to Allen, the ESPN report also claims that Brady went to Kraft to force the trade that sent Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers.

A source with knowledge of the ESPN report tells PFT that the ESPN report will not contend that Brady tried to force a trade. Beyond that, the specifics of the report aren’t currently known.

Whatever the specifics, it’s inconceivable that the Patriots would have traded Garoppolo if they had any doubt about Brady’s desire and/or ability to play for the team in 2018. The trade happened presumably because Garoppolo was unwilling to sign a contract that would have paid him high-end backup money until Brady finally retires.

But even if the team believed there was any chance that Brady would leave, voluntarily or otherwise, after the 2017 season, the smart play would have been to let the next several months play out. If, ultimately, Brady hadn’t retired and the Patriots had decided not to use the franchise tag on Garoppolo in order to kick the can into 2019 (or for an attempted Matt Cassel-style tag-and-trade), the Patriots could have allowed Garoppolo to walk away as a free agent, setting the stage for a third-round compensatory pick in 2019 — which isn’t dramatically lower than the second-round pick they’ll get in 2018 as a result of the Garoppolo deal to San Francisco.

Putting it another way, if the Brady-Belichick-Kraft partnership were careening toward some sort of critical mass, there would have been no reason to dump Garoppolo in late October for a 2018 second-round pick. Instead, the right move would have been to wait it out and to make decisions about Brady and Garoppolo after the season ends.

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  1. desperation is a stinky cologne. ESPN is in rapid free-fall. Regardless of the validity of this story, it reeks of a network doing anything to stay alfoat.

  2. We all know that if you hears it from B$PN, it’s false. Hopefully, this will be the final bell tolling for the Worldwide Leader in Lies and Misinformation…

  3. What a shock that ESPN would write a story like that. Shade’s of the Tom Jackson report- “They hate their coach”.
    I just laugh at these stories now.

  4. If it involves Brady or the Pats organization, it makes headlines.

    The distractions don’t work, as we saw last year.

    Who really cares about the jockeying that may go on in the background?

    I just want to watch them play football.

  5. Wow….i kept asking what the cheating angle would be and it comes in the form of liar john tomase and the boston herald again.

    Not much to see here…bb had to make the garropolo move and now brady needs to play another 2-3 seasons of good ball. That is pretty much it.

    Leave it to the herald or espn to drum up something out of the nothing….bb will seek out another quality qb prospect in the next couple of drafts and do what he always does.

  6. Now…..lets wait and see what they do in the playoffs. If by some odd chance they were to be knocked out early…..oh my….the stories will come left and right!

  7. The ESPN article is more likely to suggest that BB is going to walk because Kraft forced him to trade Jimmy JQ. It’s every Pats fans worst nightmare & brings back memories of Bill Parcels walking rather than allowing Bobby Greer to buy the groceries.

    If things play out this way, Kraft will replace Goodell as the most hated man in New England.

  8. How sad is it that when you see a story about the patriots in the news you only click on it to see how they were cheating this time and how they get caught out of curiosity.

  9. this is how it probably went down:

    1) Bill and Caserio and Johnathan Kraft sat down Don Yee who is Jimmy AND Tommy’s agent about making a way to keep both of them on the roster.
    2) They found terms that could work, but Jimmy wanted to Start..that’s not happening
    3) Tom said i don’t want to be traded i want to retire a he has said for YEARS.
    4) ESPN, in their pathetic ways, turned the Tom doesn’t want to leave into Tom wants jimmy traded.

    Jason La Canfora just came out and SAID Tom DID NOT ask for Jimmy to be traded.


    ESPN…are they still around?

    A jealous network that is so pizzed the dynasty continues that they make up a story ans will run the crap out of it becuase lets be honest, the ratings are falling hard.

    ESPN will hinge on Patriots hate to justify and fuel the BS story, like all their stories against this team….

    They can’t stand NE…they just cant stand them….

    The “Worldwide leader in Sports”…hahahaha…..

  11. Thank you ESPN, the gift that keeps on giving.
    Your disgraceful coverage of Deflategate helped fuel the Patriots to two titles in three years, and just as that motivation has begun to wane you are about to provide another.
    Do you really think the Pats will do anything other than use this to shove another Lombardi down your throat?

  12. What if it’s Belicheck who is ready to leave? Mike Reiss dropped a note last week leaving open that possibility. It seemed like he was ready to move on to the younger cheaper option a year too early rather than a year too late as he’s always done in the past.

  13. Brady ruined Belichick’s grand plan by beating father time (or at least going 15 rounds with father time) and Belichick just saw his future go to the 49ers. Brady beats everyone, including Belichick. This one could be over after the Super Bowl or as far as the Patriots go. It’s been a great run, but all good things come to an end sooner or later. I hope this much ado about nothing, but too much rings true here. It’s not about cheating. It’s about a battle of wills between two great figures of the game. This had to happen. I hope they handle this professionally.

  14. Who gets the credit? Brady is a HOF QB, regardless of who’s coaching him. Belichick is a great coach, but great coaches don’t win five super bowls without a great QB. Brady could have won a couple super bowls without Bill, and Bill could have probably won a couple super bowls without Tom, but the combination is what’s so potent. Neither one are probably the best ever at what they do, but they’re both top five. Kraft? I credit him for staying out of the way. Don’t laugh. That’s huge. Timing is also important. There haven’t really been the great teams during this 15 year stretch. The competition is light, therefore the degree of difficulty is low. They’ve got one more than Noll and Bradshaw, but those days had tougher competition.

  15. I think Belichick deserves the most credit
    Any players that left Patriots (either through trade or cut) are very well coached players
    Best examples are their QBs (even if its Casell or Garopollo or Brisett) played for other teams – they might not be most talented (or really successful in any other system), but definitely well coached

  16. The media has to create the drama when it comes to Belichick, Kraft, Brady and the Pats since they won’t oblige by actually providing any. Meanwhile in Pittsburgh the OC gets hospitalized in a bar altercation and basically…crickets.

  17. Friscokid called it. Its funny how some of you willingly put your heads in the sand, because the story flies in the face of the narrative that the Pats are the perfect organization.

    The Patriots have been good, but they’ve also been very lucky.

  18. So basically it’s a bunch bs and misinformation disguised to create a rift with the Patriots that wasn’t there before. Gee why am I not surprised?

  19. Please check my comment made when Garoppolo was traded. I said if you asked Josh McDaniel
    which QB he preferred to be traded it would not have been Garoppolo.
    Rex Ryan said the trade a bad one…which is true ..but what he didn’t know or say was that
    Belichick and McDaniels did not want to make the trade. They knew the future was with
    Garoppolo. The new saying in Foxboro is ..” it’s Tom Brady’s world and we live in it “
    Maybe the crazy prediction on ESPN which called Belichick as the next coach of the
    New York Giants is not so far off.
    There are two basic maxims that Belichick follows ….a player must be evaluated on an
    everyday basis..( Al Davis ) …..and eliminate distractions ….that includes owners who
    intervene in player evaluation issues ( see Art Model & Bernie Kosar ) .
    Hopefully Kraft will realize his limitations and let Belichick do what he does ..
    if not …a divorce could be in the offing.

  20. *BSPN

    Ratings Grab

    Why now do all three of em hate each other??? Brady has always played good soldier. Kraft gave BB the keys a long time ago.

  21. The 49ers pick 9th or 10th (coin flip), so 41st or 42nd overall (2nd round pick they traded) versus a compensatory pick which could be 97th overall at best. Find me a GM that thinks that a move from 41/42 to 97th in th draft isn’t significant…I’ll wait…

  22. Yep it’s that time of year again, Pats in playoffs, hit piece full of un named sources by the former world wide leader (that will be taken as fact by non Pats fans)

  23. I seem to recall ESPN’s/Mortensen’s hand in the faux-gate saga of almost three years ago. Wake me up when the Pats raise a new Lombardi in February.

  24. BSPN is running out of stories about the Ball family so they need to resort to this garbage.

  25. Colin Cowherd called this a few weeks ago. Bill Belichick wanted to trade Brady before the start of the season to San Francisco, but Kraft slapped him down because of his relationship with Tom Brady. Bill was more concerned about the future of the Patriots keeping Tom around and letting go Garoppolo.

    Bill knows the success of the franchise is dependent on keeping good young players around and letting time go of aging veterans. Belichick is supposed have full control the team but Kraft pulled rank on him and that will totally kill Bill’s legacy.

    So with Brady skills diminishing and Jimmy’s ascending (five straight wins with a horrible 49ers team, of which three of them were against playoff teams) Bill trades Jimmy to San Francisco for just a second round pick when he could getat least two first-round from any other franchise in desperate need of a good quarterback.

    My guess is that Belichick cuts bait after this or next year and leaves the Patriots in tattered ruins because Kraft overstepped his bounds. Belichick is the reason why the Patriots are so successful, not Brady. Enjoy the rest of the season Patriots fans because your time enough sun is over. Good night now!

  26. As I Colts fan I’d love nothing more than to watch the Patriots implode. As a guy who loves football and respects the hell out of Brady and Coach Bilichick, this is pure nonsense.

  27. ESPN revenues are down! Readers are dwindling. Quick – make something juicy up on the Patriots! Just use our reliable and quotable friend. “Sources”.

  28. Yeah, I’m sure Bill “credit goes to the players” privately brags to Robert Kraft about how it’s all he, and not Tom Brady, responsible for their success. And Brady, too.

    This is the most asinine thing I’ve read since thr accusation Belichick installed a “cheat screen” in the parking lot so he could better see replays. This “cheat screen,” for anyone who has ever been to Foxboro, faces away from the stadium and can’t be seen from the field anyway.


  29. So who is the source of this story? Only the owner, coach, or quarterback could know if there is a problem and neither have a history of saying anything
    that would detract from the objective of winning a super bowl. This story makes no sense and is just another case of espn trying to get ratings!

  30. the herald or espn to drum up something out of the nothing….bb will seek out another quality qb prospect in the next couple of drafts and do what he always does.

    Agree but you have to worry dee if there is any truth to this. It’s obvious jimmy will succeed so why would he trade him? They literally had Brady’s successor and they got rid of him. Would BB have made the move? This is stuff I find very interesting as a football fan and someone who has hated them but secretly wish my team was more like.

  31. Yeah, but if this is true and they traded Garoppolo, doesn’t that take a lot of the impending doom out of the report? It’s sort of been resolved.

    Also the credit for the success angle is probably overblown. Many people have been at odds and continued a successful run. I also don’t see how it really matters as Tom Brady is year by year because of his age. Belichick is too, and for both it eventually comes down to age.

    It does reek of ESPN trying to sensationalize a story.

    Legendary starting QB wants up and comer trader to not challenge him, they do. All the while the main three figures are disagreeing on who was most pivotal in their success.

    Seems like a trivial story really.

    Not a Pats fan.

  32. I figured there would be yet another attempt at distraction aimed at the Patriots, as they start their playoff run. But the GOAT has extraordinary mental toughness…his mother’s fight against cancer, the suspension last year, the jealousy of other teams….nothing stopped him from playing his best, and helping the team win the SB. He’ll do the same thing this year, next year, and the year after that. BS story from ESPN, especially at this particular time of the season, isn’t going to distract him, or the team one bit.

  33. The timing on this story reeks to the heavens. (during a playoff run)
    The reported theme seems unlikely.
    And the ‘this is their last year’ due to friction is a convenient theory that the author can claim to be true just due to the obvious and unrelated convenience that Brady, Belichick are at retirement age for their relative jobs, and the coaching staff is gonna shake up when some of McDaniels, Patricia, Daboll, Caserio, Scarneccia, Adams move on due to job offers or age.

    The BS mill is working overtime this year

  34. You think cheaters don’t have big egos? Think again. Just like politicians. It becomes ingrained in their heads that cheating is the way to win and the moral thing to do. When they don’t get their way like when the Broncos beat them twice a few years back, the fingers point each way. I personally think if the cheating head coach goes, the team is finished.

  35. With the organization that leaks info way less than the CIA and FBI combined, ESPN(which has time and time again demonstrated what their cred is worth) claims to have inside info on the Kraft, Belichick, Brady relationship. Unnamed sources once again? Pardon my skepticism. Perhaps a friend of the butt hurt Guererro.

  36. The team wins. The team is documented to have cheated. This is the NFL version of the Hendrick Racing Mafia that has a seven time champion who has been caught cheating 14 times and has never won a champion in a year it has not been caught cheating.

    Winning at all cost is what matters in New England and with the convicted felon Rick Hendrick.

  37. I’m a Seahawks fan so, I’m supposed to hate the Pats (according to everyone else it seems). I read this, considered laughing at the absurdity of it & was overtaken with a yawn.

    I’ll believe there’s cracks in the foundation of the Patriots only, if I see them come crashing to the ground.

  38. So as a Niners fan, the only thing I need to know is who to thank for Jimmy G? Brady, Bill or Kraft? On a real note, they have 5 Superbowl rings. So if a rift is what it takes to get a Superbowl ring, where do the Niners sign up? I want their problem. ESPN is garbage, anyways.

  39. This has been talked about since the Jimmy G trade. Why is ESPN acting like the discover some mystery. Belichick wanted to move on with Garropolo and Kraft wouldn’t let him deal Brady. End of story.

  40. A team like the Patriots who protects their information like Fort Knox and something like this leaks out? Nah. Not buying it.

    Or maybe some BS from a salty Guerrero.


  41. wait i got it!!!! Today is the 20th anniversary of the day Bill Resigned as HC of the NYC… Woody Johnson, Roger, and ESPN decided to have the last laugh!

  42. I will say this… if there is any truth to this- I expect Bill to resign as HC of the NEP after this season. If he does… then we will know.

    He won’t of course. 🙂

  43. “A lot of static coming out of that locker room, I see a one in done in the playoffs.” Said the Patriots fans about the Steelers.

    Now they’ll chalk it up to some grand scheme or conspiracy like they always do.

  44. .
    I’m hopeful that ESPN mentions that Brady and Garopollo share the same agent, Don Yee, and that he has had an excellent relationship with the Patriots for well over a decade.

    Additionally, I’m hopeful that somebody realizes that letting Jimmy G hit free agency would have allowed him to sign with divisional rivals, the Jets or Bills. So, there was a good reason to move him to the NFC West.

    Finally, the idea of holding Garopollo as a highly paid hostage was always a non starter. Patriots fans were among a throng of NFL observers who were certain that he was ready to be a #1 QB somewhere. Trying to enslave him with the franchise tag would have been unfair to a guy who was a good soldier for three years.

  45. I can see how they might get some short term sales from the people that are just dying to hear that, but then if ESPN says that and then the three do go into next season together…well that would look pretty stupid wouldnt it? That short term gain would be overshadowed by the long term damage.

    I can even see those three leading ESPN onto such a path just to screw them.

  46. kenberthiaume says:
    January 4, 2018 at 9:12 pm
    Nonsense, but at least it’s not at the “they must have stolen playbooks” or “videotaped walkthroughs” level of idiocy.

    Oh its that level alright. Just not that story.

  47. A good compensatory pick is immediately after the 3rd round, at best the 97th pick. At the time of the Garoppolo trade, the Niners’ 2nd round pick would have been the 34th pick. So, it is disingenuous to argue that a compensatory pick is only a little worse than what they got from the Niners.

  48. Who deserves the most credit? Everybody knows it’s The Deflator, Derrell Bevell and Kyle Shanahan, in that order.

  49. I do believe that Belichick wanted to keep Garoppolo long term, which might have meant punting brady out the door after this year.

    I also believe that Kraft and Brady have a stronger relationship than Belichick and Brady which seems only professional.

    However, this nonsense about brady asking for garoppolo be traded is garbage.

  50. What competitive QB wants to be a backup, anywhere. If I had an NFL team, I would play both QBs throughout the season. How else are you going to get real experience — definitely not from practice or preseason games lol. Who cares about individual stats — football is a team sport.

  51. Interesting that ESPN likes to stir up a bunch of BS about the Patriots whenever they’re making a Super Bowl run.

  52. My fellow Pats fans have their heads so far up Brady’s backside that they can’t see the truth. Belicheck, as always builds his team with the future in mind. He had a plan of succession at the QB position and the time had come to make the tough decision. Kraft stepped in and chose Brady’s legacy over the future of the team. No way BB trades both backups and leaves the future in question at that position. Everything he’s said in the past goes against that. Remember his statement on the Colts failure to be ready for Mannings injury and the free fall that team took. However great Brady’s been, selling the future for his legacy isn’t worth the teams future success. And to all the naysayers this isn’t the first time Kraft intervened in BB’s decision to let one of Krafts sentimental favorites go. Troy Brown was kept a year longer that Bill wanted, and Troy who is my all time favorite Pats WR was ineffectual as a player that last year on the team. Bill was right and Robert was wrong, it’s better to let them go a year early rather than a year too late.

  53. Just when I thought ESPN can’t get anymore pathetic. Between ESPN and the Boston Glob, they are the toilet of sports reporting.

    Who cares?

  54. I hope the article is nothing about this. I hope it’s about the biggest sports conspiracy that involves the Patriots, NFL and sports media at large…..Spygate.

    If not now, the truth will emerge. It always does.

  55. This story should actually be an EXAMPLE of “how to” to SUCCESSFULLY take hard driven people with tremendous individual personal goals, yet they figured out how to do what very few can… That DESPITE their conflicting goals, they MADE it work – and did it BETTER than all the rest.

    And THIS is somehow a negative story?

    This should be MANDATORY viewing for every “great” selfish player coming into the league that doesn’t get it, and never wins. (IE: Johnny Manziel, Terrell Owens, Jay Cutler, etc.) This PROVES that “individual” great competitors, IF they really get it, CAN make it work where ALL eventually achieve MORE success.

  56. Is there probably some tension there? Yeah, but this is along the same lines (and ironically from the same “news” outlet” as Tom Jackson’s infamous BS about the players hating BB.

    Until one of them speaks about it, I call BS.

  57. Saying the comp pick for Jimmy G was about equal to what they got from the 49ers is silly. Comp picks come at the end of a round. So at best the 33rd pick in round 3 in 2019. Waiting a year is about equal to going down a round so it’s equal to a late 4th round pick. They got an early 2nd rounder in 2018 in trade which is much better.

  58. The point of most distress for Brady is Garoppolo’s unexpected immediate success. At the time the trade happened, it was rumored that Garopplo would go to San Francisco as a bargaining chip to perhaps deal back to New England in exchange for Brady to close his career in his hometown. That’s not going to happen now.

    Lots of smoke emanating from Foxboro, but that won’t keep them from winning the conference. Unfortunately for the Pats, I still see Minnesota being crowned the first home stadium champion.

  59. Well, we all know how talkative all 3 of these guys are to the media… I’m sure they will be very forthcoming with their answers.

  60. Bill will be coaching the NY GIANTS next year the team he has always wanted to be head coach of !

  61. Isn’t this story already out there? We’ve been hearing about a rift between the three for weeks and weeks. This is nothing new,true or untrue.Kraft’s loyalty is to Brady. Yes,they let Garoppolo get away,but he’s not the only good QB out there. They will find another when Brady retires. It may not even be Belichick coaching,but nothing lasts forever. Let’s be realistic. They have given the fans of New England more enjoyment than most pro teams of any sport. ESPN, if you think that this is some big scoop,you have failed miserably. Meanwhile,we will be watching ANOTHER road to the SB run through Foxboro.

  62. The world wide leader will beat this into our collective heads in partnership with ABC & the all powerful mouse for the next 48 hours plus leading up to Saturday’s kickoff that by the time the games come around, people will be burning torches or protesting on Park Ave for them to be vacated or vindicated of everything they have ever/never done.
    Create news stories with “close sources” and half will believe it as gospel & the other half will defend it as blasphemy.

  63. Surprised they didn’t sit on it until three days before the Super Bowl. ESPN must not think the Pats will make it. Bill will use that angle as motivation.

  64. I’m sure the Patriots (ie TB12) would love to have TB be the QB forever, but we all know it will come to an end eventually

  65. I don’t believe it, but for arguments sake, Belichick is the reason for the success. Then, it’s Brady. Kraft has nothing to do with it. He’s just lucky Belichick changed his mind about coaching the Jets.

  66. Great another media distraction for the Patriots in the post season. Patriots have to take every teams best shot as well as fight the lying media and crooked NFL. This just magnifies the accomplishments of this great team thanks to a hyper focused Bill Bellichick!

  67. If they are going to say that on 12 of 11 meetings, Brady insisted on trading Garrappolo, we know that it’s patently false. And knowingly too.

  68. All this does is fuel the Patriots.
    Look how this season is unfolding: Home Field Advantage, Solid end of the year veteran signing and now Media as motivation for “everyone verse us.” Super Bowl

  69. ESPN seems to have a habit of trotting out these anti-Patriots stories right before the playoffs. Seems like they are once again trying to torpedo another super bowl run. They can’t even be trusted to write an accurate story about their own employees as Gruden contradicted much of their story about his Raiders coaching talks.

  70. Lol…..BSPN……the TMZ of so called sports reporting……
    Going down in FLAMES….. KARMA BABY….KARMA!!!
    What’s even funnier is the timing of the story…… Lets not focus on the wild card weekend of football, let’s instead try to create a distraction for the number 1 seeded team & DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPIONS….
    It’s not enough to talk about the possibilities of the Pats losing BOTH COORDINATORS & maybe even Nick C. which are REAL possibilities, let’s just throw some crap at the wall & see if the rest of the media will run with it!!!!
    Bill,Tom, & the Pats are WAY beyond this type of dribble & will only use it as FUEL toward the collective goal of Lombardi #6……
    I remember when the Pats were 2-2 & the sky was falling….. how’s that
    story played out so far??!!??

  71. Pats couldn’t wait till end of season to make a decision on Jimmy G. They would have had zero leverage. Only leverage would had been to tag Jimmy G and that wasn’t happening. Can’t pay a back up $20m+.

    The 2nd rd pick from SF is drastically better than a 3rd rd comp pick. That’s a difference of about 40 picks.

  72. Leave it to Pats fans being upset over negative news about their franchise. Sure, you’re upset about past stories and biases. You’d have to be a fool to think everything isn’t crumbling down soon. Bellichick is walking away.

  73. Yes…I look at my 5 Super Bowl rings and I weep at night…all alone in my 15 million dollar mansion…profoundly depressed because JG is my back up…I must do something about that…I must speak to Mr. Kraft so he gets traded to the 49ers…my favorite team while growing up…this I must do.

    I can’t stand it when coach slams me when I don’t play to his standards…in front of JG and all of those kids…I’m so depressed…I hop onto my Bentley on my way home and can’t help but think of the miserable life I have…I do what I love for a living, make a ton of money, am the best that has ever played the game in my position, have a shot at winning a sixth Super Bowl, have a great family…

    Why God, why do you punish me so!!!!

    ESPN…please hurry up and publish the story…not that the Pats need extra motivation but if will help for sure. Thank you.

  74. I find it incredible, though completely normal, that once again Don Yee is not mentioned anywhere in this discussion. How do you completely ignore the fact that Yee is the agent for both Brady and Garoppolo?

    Saying that “Brady forced the Garoppolo trade,” without even considering that Yee knows all the details of both players contract negotiations and has years of dealing with New England, is ludicrous. Yee has a responsibility to maximize his clients earnings.. that includes Garoppolo’s, while at the same time.. Brady’s.

    Brady meeting with Robert Kraft and saying he plans on playing into his forties is far different than “forcing” a trade of Garoppolo.

    ESPN should stop trying to make a “non-event” into something it is not for the sake of ratings.. this is where they constantly shoot themselves in the foot. Yee knew Brady was planning on playing into his forties and that the Patriots will not be moving on from him; therefore, Yee did what was in the best interest of his other client – Garoppolo. The move to the 49’ers takes a looming conflict of interest out of the equation. Brady no longer has the distraction of looking over his shoulder AND Garoppolo gets paid.. win win for Yee.

  75. It’s not bad. Some great stuff about Belichick and Shanahan, meeting with him to discuss what went wrong in the Super Bowl, and then the decision to trade Garoppolo. Bill likes the Shanahans, it’s that simple.

    The rest of it… meh. The Beatles lasted 10 years. B&B lasting 18 is pretty good.

  76. typical espn story. headlines with no substance. TB12(GOAT) and BB(GOAT) working together to embarrass the rest of the league for 18 years. Some people just can’t stand it. Leave it to the dying espn to come out with another trashy story about their success. espn never was a reliable source of information. they focus on innuendo and hearsay to try to raise their falling ratings.

  77. Robert Kraft should forever be thankful to Bill Belichick for the many years of success the New England Patriots have experienced. Belichick has to be considered the best Head Coach/General Manager and operations architect of the most successful NFL franchise in history. Many may not agree but Belichick has always brought in the players that allow the Patriots to win and then coached those players to championships. This report only proves that Bill Belichick would never make the mistake of unloading a franchise QB. Kraft is a very smart person but all he really has to do is listen to Bill Belichick concerning his NFL franchise. Bruce Allen and who ever was responsible for the report published by ESPN; Should get credit for realizing that there was more to the reason why Belichick would trade a franchise QB with Tom Brady being 40 years old.

  78. Will make a great soap opera,but all I care about is the game. I’ll leave the drama to the sports people that make a living at writing the behind the scenes drama. Entertaining!

  79. greenwhodat26 says:
    January 4, 2018 at 11:50 pm
    I don’t believe it, but for arguments sake, Belichick is the reason for the success. Then, it’s Brady. Kraft has nothing to do with it. He’s just lucky Belichick changed his mind about coaching the Jets.
    ____________________________________________Well said Greenwhodat26!!! If it comes down to who to keep, this is a no brainer, keep Bill!!

  80. marcsasharc says:
    January 5, 2018 at 2:41 am
    Leave it to Pats fans being upset over negative news about their franchise. Sure, you’re upset about past stories and biases. You’d have to be a fool to think everything isn’t crumbling down soon. Bellichick is walking away.

    Im not reading ‘upset’ in these comments. Most are just calling bull on it and kaughing it off.

  81. So, unnammed staffers and coaches are talking to this ESPN guy about conversations within the organization?? Horse hockey.

  82. Last time there were 90 unnamed sources. I wonder if they will try to eclipse the century mark this time.

  83. reenwhodat26 says:
    January 4, 2018 at 11:50 pm
    I don’t believe it, but for arguments sake, Belichick is the reason for the success. Then, it’s Brady. Kraft has nothing to do with it. He’s just lucky Belichick changed his mind about coaching the Jets.

    Kraft has everything to do with it. The standard for excellence in his organization (which goes much wider than just the Pats) starts with him. The culture and philosophy hiw to run and manage an organization starts with him. From there he hires the very best people to carrry out his philosophies. That led to Belichick. And the Beluchick knows what he looks for in players. That led to Brady who was drafted because he had those ingredients and not because he was any obvious great choice.

  84. So…individuals who have an over 20-year relationship are allegedly struggling over what both parties feel is an important issue? (What…no deflated footballs to report?)

  85. I’m guessing these folks who want to debate if it was TB or BB who made NE what it is today probably stare at their coffee trying to decide if it’s the beans, water, cream or sugar that makes it so good.

    You can’t separate some things. In some cases the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

  86. It’s hilarious to see the panic in Patriots fans as they try to deny this story that’s rapidly gaining traction and credibility. Sorry, why else would New England do such a dumb thing as to send Jimmy G. to San Fran instead of Cleveland, where they couldn’t gotten a treasure trove of higher draft picks?

    Oh and again, congrats to all the Patriots fans who gloated over their “genius organization” stealing James Harrison, after all these years of calling him a cheating steroid monster.

  87. Lemmy Aksyadis says:
    January 5, 2018 at 9:06 am
    I’m guessing these folks who want to debate if it was TB or BB who made NE what it is today probably stare at their coffee trying to decide if it’s the beans, water, cream or sugar that makes it so good.

    You can’t separate some things. In some cases the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

    Yes, you can.

    Any QB with any competence stepped in and did just fine.

    Bill >>> Fraud Tommy.

  88. tbisgod says:
    January 5, 2018 at 1:18 am
    The jealousy of our success is never ending….#fake news. Bill and Tommy here another 5 years.

    Just like Carl Lewis was jealous of known cheater Ben Johnson, right?

    Do you realize how foolish you people sound when you claim people hate NE — and more so NE fans — when you claim “jealousy” is the reason?

  89. THIS JUST IN….

    11 of 12 ESPN stories are completely made up, according to unnamed sources within the organization.
    The 12th story is just wildly inaccurate.

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