Mike Maccagnan: Jets may trade up for a quarterback

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The Jets’ 5-11 record in 2017 was better than most people expected, and so their first-round draft pick, No. 6 overall, is worse than most people expected. General Manager Mike Maccagnan says if he has to trade up to get a better pick, he’ll do it.

Maccagnan was asked on ESPN 98.7 if he would consider trading up, and he said he absolutely would.

“The simple answer to that question is yes,” Maccagnan said. “If that was a player we felt strong about, we would have no qualms of potentially trying to go up and get him.”

Presumably if the Jets trade up, they would be targeting one of the three top quarterbacks, Josh Allen of Wyoming, Sam Darnold of USC and Josh Rosen of UCLA. The Colts, who have the third overall pick but are set at quarterback with Andrew Luck, could be a team fielding plenty of calls from other teams who want a guarantee at one of those three passers.

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  1. Rosen would be gone, and do the Jets (or anyone) really want to go with another USC QB?

    No thanks.

    Baker Mayfield to NYJ with the sixth pick. No need to trade up.

  2. With what “Franchise” QB’s are stealing from the cap, a team can easily afford to trade up with the annual QB savings. They can use that savings of lost picks to pay to retain key veterans and add other position free agents with the extra money. Smart move in todays overpaid franchise QB nonsense!

  3. Of course you would. It just so happens you haven’t proved you can ge t it right. If Josh McCown hadn’t had the best year of his career last year, and you would’ve been forced to play Petty and Hackenberg, Everyone knows, you would’ve NEVER EVER got an extension. Well played and way to fleece ownership. Hackenberg will never see the light of day

  4. We don’t know about Andrew Luck’s health, so the Colts could actually be eyeing a QB. Also, I could see Bryce Petty ending up like Case Keenum, winning with another team. This is a funny year for QB’s. Most teams will be listening to what everyone else is saying, while someone like Bill Belichick will probably end up drafting the best QB from this class with the 32nd pick. Belichick’s advantage is he actually scouts with his eyes and not his ears. I know everyone says that, but very few actually do it. History proves that you don’t need to move up to get a good QB. Brady. Montana. Brees. Rodgers. Warner. Favre. Roethlisberger. Marino. Just to name a few.

  5. beachsidejames says:
    January 4, 2018 at 11:15 am
    How can the Colts be set at QB when Luck hasn’t thrown a football in over a year?

    THIS ^

  6. My life experience has taught me that the general consensus is typically incorrect. The majority opinions are usually proven over time to be incorrect.

  7. robkeezy says:
    January 4, 2018 at 11:11 am
    Baker Mayfield, please.

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    Yes please to Johnny Manziel Part II!

    – Pats Fans

  8. beachsidejames says:
    January 4, 2018 at 11:15 am
    How can the Colts be set at QB when Luck hasn’t thrown a football in over a year?

    Andrew was throwing and practicing in Novemeber but he was still hurting so they shut him down because the season was done for. He’ll be perfectly fine.

  9. Baker Mayfield at pick 6 is a joke. Dude isn’t 6 feet tall. And stop with the Drew Brees comparisons. Mayfield is a head case on top of everything else.

  10. deprado1 says:
    January 4, 2018 at 11:02 am
    And in other news it’s snowing in NJ. This is so obvious that the Jets need to move up to get aa QB.

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    It is?

    Yet, it’s a deep draft and the Jets need a talent and youth infusion, with so many holes everywhere.

    Rosen, Darnold and Mayfield have massive red flags everywhere.

    Trading up a la Sanchez in 2009 didn’t work out well and it won’t work out well here, because it signifies the Jets actually think they’re close to contending.


    My god, do you people ever understand how to build a team in the cap era?

    This is why Pats fans sit back and laugh.

  11. .
    All four AFC East teams may be interested in the QB position. Besides the Jets, the Bills have 2 first and second rounders and the jury is still out on Taylor. The Patriots need a QB and have their own picks plus the 49ers second. The Dolphins situation is clouded by Tannehill’s injury situation. The AFC East is one of eight QB needy divisions. The top 15 picks in this year’s draft is where the action will be.

  12. All the top QB prospects have major red flags. Allen, 50% completion rate. They play little rascals back yard football in his division. Big Ben had a 79% completion rate in the ‘lesser’ division.

    I can see ‘hoping’ Rosen stays healthy a la Sam Bradford. Same type of talent. But 2 concussions already means he’s halfway home to retiring within one contract.

    I an see hoping Darnold was more like his freshman year but that means he can only play well when he has a good team? Aaron Rodgers carries a bad team on his back.

    Baker M. Glorified Kase Keenum. With the right coaches and some calming down, he might be successful. Which Keenum will he be? Minnesota’s or the Rams?

    As far as Jackson is concerned: No. He’ll get hurt or who knows if he’ll ever be a pocket passer.

    Someone above or a lesser known will shine. Not 2004 when the concerns were limited to sidearm vs low competition, vs is he as good as Peyton. They were all going to be good just what was the order…

  13. Browns have two picks in the top four. Only one will be used on a QB. Giants will take whoever Browns don’t take of the top two rated. Colts won’t take one. So Jets get a pretty high rated QB at six. My guess is Allen.

  14. How the Cleveland Browns handle he impending Josh Rosen bidding war is about fifty times more intriguing than anything they can put on the field.

  15. Big MacC traded up for Bryce Petty and over-drafted for Hack. This was on the heels of the Jets trading up for Sanchez and settling for Geno in the second round…

    Trading up is fine and good…so long as it is for the correct QB choice…which the Jets have shown zero capacity at doing.

  16. …but comparing him to Johnny Manziel is just ignorant…”

    But you did see them both do the ‘money sign’ on the field …so, there’s that…

  17. Offer the Giants so much that they can’t refuse. Puhleeze! I don’t want to see Gmen waste a #2 on a QB.

  18. “grumpysal says: January 4, 2018 at 12:21 pm Why on earth would a GM come out and tell everyone else that he’s willing to trade up for someone? Incoming fleecing in 3…2….1….”

    ^^^ This right here. Blood in the water.

  19. Best moves for the Browns:

    Sign Kirk Cousins at QB
    Trade either #1 or #4 for more/future pick bounty
    Use other top pick on stud defender

    Use remaining 2nd and 3rd round picks to add defenders and WR/RB weapons for Cousins.

  20. As an NFL fan, I hope the JETS draft Baker Mayfield. It would be hilarious. Anyone paying attention knows he’ll be a bust in the NFL. Too short and benefited from the second best OL in the NCAA. He’s Johnny Football 2.0. It’ll be a riot to watch Mayfield act a fool in NYC, and melt down when the NY media tears him to shreds… and that’s just in the offseason.

  21. How stupid is the Jets GM to publically announce this before the draft. Now teams needing QB’s are absolutely guaranteed to jump ahead of NY trading up if they really want a guy. It literally served the Jets no purpose whatsoever at all to announce this, why not keep clubs guessing? You think successful GM’s announce crap like this that other teams do not need to know. Now everyone will definitely be looking to jump the Jets.

  22. If the Jets can do it they NEED to pull the trigger, as long as it’s for Rosen.

    Baker Mayfield will not translate to the pro’s, he’s even more flawed than Geno Smith was coming out of college and he ran the same offense as Geno. He’s Tim Tebow 2.0.

    And to the comments above who think Petty can be Keemun on another team, please watch the tape. Kid couldn’t even complete a pass in the flat.

  23. so many franchise qbs have come outside of the top of the first round..i dont have to name them, you know them well…never trade up..at least, that’s my philosophy

  24. Anyone commenting that he’s not smart for laying out his cards need to actually listen to his recent interviews. He’s basically said we’ll evaluate all options and look into trading up OR trading down. They haven’t committed to do anything yet except look into the prospects.

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