Ryan Shazier making progress, regaining feeling in legs, father says

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A month after Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier suffered a serious spinal injury, his father says he is making progress.

Vernon Shazier told WPXI that Ryan is regaining feeling in his legs. Vernon still believes his son will play football again.

He’s making progress daily,” Vernon Shazier said. “He’s a long ways from where he was Monday night when he was laying on the field.”

Although Vernon Shazier declined to offer more specifics about the nature of Ryan’s improvement, citing Ryan’s wish for privacy, he expressed optimism.

“He’s much better,” Vernon said, “but we’ve agreed to keep his progress private until he’s ready to share where he’s at.”

Shazier has attended Steelers practices and a game, in a wheelchair.

42 responses to “Ryan Shazier making progress, regaining feeling in legs, father says

  1. His dad believes he’ll play football again? Dude it’s a sign to step away and forget about playing ball.

  2. That is great news..keep fighting and never give up!

    Ryan, more people than you know are pulling for you..good luck, mac

  3. Fantastic news. Long way to go, but I hope he’s back on the field next season, and has learned not to lead with the crown of his helmet. That’s stuff they teach in peewee football.

  4. .
    It’s situations like this that make me a strong advocate for player safety. I never want to see anyone sustain an injury that might affect the rest of his life.

  5. Hopefully he regains the ability to walk. Forget about playing football again. No way a doctor would allow him to play.

  6. I don’t like him the way he plays but I still am praying for him. Get well and concentrate on healing.

  7. If wanting to return to football gives him the determination to get better, keep working for that goal! We love Ryan here in Pittsburgh for what he brings to the team as player, but also for what he brings to the city as a person. All we care about is that he gets strong enough to walk and live a normal life again. If he happens to be able to come back to play and it’s really what he wants, we’ll definitely take that as a bonus. #50 #SHALIEVE

  8. Its good that he’s recovering, but I’d be done with the game if I were him. There are people who can fortunately walk away from spinal injuries once, but a second time? I wouldn’t risk it

  9. Good to hear some news. As quiet as this has been I was afraid he wasn’t recovering at all. Even if he never gets back on the field I hope he will up and around again soon.

  10. Steelers fan here and I don’t care whether he plays or not. Awesome young man and awesome player. All I want for Ryan is to get well enough to play again and make the decision that is best for him, his future and his family. That would make me more thankful than anything.

  11. Shazier should step onto Heinz Field again but not in pads. Love him or hate him, I think most people agree.

  12. Gonna keep his progress private by making public statements about…his progress. I do wish him well in his recovery.

  13. I still remember the silence in the Silverdome when Reggie Brown was paralyzed. Almost 78,000 of us in complete silence. Eerie.

    The recovery process for many football related spinal injuries has come a long way since Mike Utley, Dennis Byrd, Derrick Burroughs, and Daryl Stingley. I see the near full recoveries of Reggie Brown and Kevin Everett, and I’m hopeful Ryan can do the same.

    Good luck, 50.

  14. Who are the few people who give a thumbs down to sincere well wishes? I don’t understand. I understand hating an arch rival, I understand hating a player on your arch rivals team, but come on man, this is way past any game or interest. If you can’t be real for a guy who needs his fellow man now more than ever, then you not a human, you don’t deserve any of life’s wonderful rewards, you are ugly and mean. Disgusting!

  15. Good and bad news. The good is it appears he will walk and have
    a close to normal life ..the bad he should not play again.
    He was a wonderful athlete and fun to watch. As the
    Cowboys coaches said he runs as if he is on fire.
    He could cover and tackle ..a modern linebacker.

  16. That’s all I can ask for. I ain’t a steeler fan but I always enjoyed watching him play as he was my fav player on the team aside from AB. Sucks to say but he shouldn’t play football again but I really hope he can walk again and have a job on the team as a coach.

  17. I hope he can walk and run again. I’m no doctor, but I have heard that for people that suffer injuries similar to Shazier, that having a positive attitude when rehabbing the injury is very important. He may never play again, but him believing that he is going to play again can help drive him for his rehab and ultimately be better. Then again, maybe he will be able to play again. I wish him the best.

  18. He’s in a Wheel Chair, with minimal feeling in his legs & his Dad is talking about playing Football again??

    I don’t think so………..

  19. What kind of bunghole gives a thumbs down to wishing a guy can walk again? Is your life that miserable and insignificant that you would wish a person to stay paralyzed forever? Just asking.

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