Shad Khan heaps credit on Tom Coughlin for Jaguars resurgence

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Jaguars owner Shad Khan praised Tom Coughlin for getting Jacksonville to the playoffs for the first time since 2007.

According to Michael DiRocco of, Khan was effusive in his credit for Coughlin, who he instilled as Executive Vice President of Football Operations last January.

Tom has been a very successful coach,” Khan said. “This is a different stage for him. Can he embrace it? I think It turned out better than probably, certainly, I thought it would. And really the credit is to him.”

The Jaguars had posted just one .500 season in the previous eight seasons with just 42 victories over that span. The team fired Gus Bradley during last season and appointed Doug Marrone as interim head coach. He would get the full-time gig after the season with Coughlin being appointed with full oversight of the football operations over general manager Dave Caldwell.

“What I felt we lacked was football IQ,” Khan said. “You just can’t say, ‘Let me go to craigslist or and get some football IQ.’ You want somebody who really has the passion, the emotion, the drive. Nobody really personifies it better than Tom Coughlin.

Jacksonville went 10-6 this season and won their division for the first time since 1999. They host the Buffalo Bills – in the playoffs for the first time since 1999 themselves – on Sunday.

16 responses to “Shad Khan heaps credit on Tom Coughlin for Jaguars resurgence

  1. That defense was good last year and they added to it. Coughlin is getting too much credit from the media.

  2. TC was a borderline HOF candidate. This run in Jacksonville can cement it.

    FWIW he should have never been fired from the Jags in the first place.


    He should have been kicked upstairs in the Giants org. The love affair with Reese/Ross is baffling to die hard Giants fans. But then Mara has a son and blah blah

    In the end TC has done great things with one franchise and now great things with one franchise, twice.

  3. Coughlin’s departure from the Giants was complicated and years in the making. It’s not a simple scenario as posters here would like to portray it.

  4. At some point every franchise has a pivotal moment when the culture changes. Go back and look at those franchises that went from bad to good to great. It took either an owner, GM, coach or collectively all three to get those franchises as perennial contenders year after year. The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping like a beautiful spring morning. This is the Jaguars time.

  5. It’s not a coincidence that the Jaguars failed miserably when Coughlin left and the Giants flourished when Coughlin arrived there. Then the Jaguars flourished when he came back and the Giants failed miserably when he left.

  6. Remember when Jags players were complaining about the physicality of their OTA’s and mini-camp?

    Bet that’s looking pretty good right now.

    The real upside of this is that either the Jags or the Bills will make round 2 after not doing so well for a very long time.

  7. Not everyone thought this was going to work. I give a lot of credit to Mr. Khan for having the wisdom to hire Coughlin. But it also starts with Khan’s passion for winning. There are too many owners who don’t give a hoot about winning. Khan recognized that he couldn’t do it by himself. Coughlin turned out to be the perfect football guy. He’s an old fashion worker. He’s not spending all day promoting himself either. Coughlin is probably focusing on what still needs to be fixed. Jacksonville had some good pieces. Dave Caldwell has done an excellent job getting talent. None of this is happening without talent. Caldwell is right there with Spielman for GM of the Year. I hope their season keeps going.

  8. TC was always a top football guy…he popped right into the perfect situation in JAX with the Jags loaded with top picks on D. Solid hire.

    McDermott and Beane trying to change the culture in Buffalo too…takes time. Im hoping we see a regime shift in the AFC with some new blood…..

    Looking forward to a good game this w/e. Go Bills! To all the haters of this matchup, lets hope it’s the best of the weekend.

  9. shad kahn is a very savvy man.. and has correctly given the credit for the team’s success to the football people he put in place. even says the progress exceeded his expectations… apparently he is sufficiently secure as a person to understand that his long term interests are served by him heaping the praise elsewhere… can’t imagine some of the other owners being able to resist the temptation to blow their own horn.

  10. @cheek2vegas
    Good post. I knew you had it in you. Although I want my Jags to tear your team on new one on Sunday at 1:05, it is nice to have some new blood in the playoffs. I think we’ve all seen enough of Patriots, Steelers, Packers, every year. Both of our franchises have suffered enough so cheers to you. As far as haters not liking this matchup, I got two words……Don’t Watch. I couldn’t care less. My Jags are in the playoffs and I’m going to enjoy every single second of it. Go Jags. DUUUUUUUUVAAAAAAAAAAAL

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