Thursday’s PFT PM features a chat with Robert Woods

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Robert Woods played for the Bills last year and the Rams this year. Both had gone a long time without qualifying for the playoffs. Both have now made it back.

Woods and the Rams will host a playoff game at the L.A. Coliseum for the first time in nearly 40 years on Saturday night. During a visit to PFT PM, Woods discussed his first year with the team, why he chose the Rams, the importance of a loud crowd during the wild-card game against the Falcons, and plenty more.

The Thursday edition of PFT PM also includes discussion of a variety of NFL topics (regarding the Packers, Raiders, and Eagles), a lengthy Twitter-based question-and-answer session, and the long-awaited (not really) story behind “you’re better than that.”

As you know by now, we’re not better than that, or anything else. Hopefully, you’re not better than pressing play in the box below to hear everything that was said during the PFT PM podcast.