Tom Telesco sees benefits to Chargers doing Hard Knocks

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49ers General Manager John Lynch said recently that he doesn’t want the 49ers to be on Hard Knocks this summer, although they may not wind up with a choice as they are one of six teams that can be compelled to participate by the league.

The G.M. of another one of the teams in that group is less negative about the possibility of inviting NFL Films to document their time at training camp. Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco admitted that the prospect of cameras and microphones around every corner isn’t his favorite idea, but said that he could see some upside to having the Chargers on HBO.

“We have a really good relationship with NFL Films and Ross Ketover and his staff, they do really excellent work,” Telesco said, via “And that show is really good because they give great access. Am I comfortable asking our players and coaches to work every day with microphones and cameras on them? Not entirely; I just think that people work differently when you’re under the microscope like that being filmed. But that all being said, there’s some benefits beyond football to being on that show, and we’re pretty adaptable people here. If it so happens that we do it, then we’ll make it work and we’ll adapt to it. We shall see.”

Given the lack of a home-field advantage at StubHub Center and the need to sell more tickets for the stadium they will share with the Rams, it would seem likely that one of the potential benefits would be a boost to the size of their fan base.

3 responses to “Tom Telesco sees benefits to Chargers doing Hard Knocks

  1. Then the Chargers can re-brand their games as a Live version of Hard Knocks. They might be able to sell out a soccer stadium with actual fan support that way.

  2. Like I said when this was reported: It will be the Chargers. They are 2nd class citizens in a place where the team ahead of them is barely recognized.

    In NY, the Jets are permo 2nd class. Just the way it is. The Jets would have to hire Belichick to get even with the Giants. It would be bandwagon, anyway.

    I root for the team on Hard Knocks, every year (2nd to the Giants, that is). I can’t be the only one and the NFL knows this.

    It works but LA is one strange market. We don’t do college football here. If Rutgers became a national powerhouse (by getting Saban, for example), they might get near the Jets but never the Giants.

    Same thing in LA. USC rules and UCLA football are the Jets. The Rams and Chargers are doomed because the NFL wants what they want, regardless of reality.

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