What happens with Reggie McKenzie in Oakland?

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Whether it’s reduced to writing and signed or simply lurking on a legal pad in Bob LaMonte’s office, the terms of Jon Gruden’s deal to coach the Raiders undoubtedly have been negotiated. One of those terms undoubtedly will be that Gruden has full control over the football operations — specifically, the 53-man roster and the draft.

So what about G.M. Reggie McKenzie? Hired in 2012 and extended through 2020 two years ago, McKenzie is the G.M. He most likely has control over the roster and the draft. The Raiders, therefore, will have to figure out this potentially awkward complication.

A league source tells PFT that it’s believed McKenzie will stay in Oakland for at least a year with Gruden, as the new coach gives McKenzie chance to become Gruden’s table-setter with the Raiders. But if McKenzie’s current deal gives him final say and if the Raiders will be breaching that term by giving final say to Gruden, McKenzie potentially will be able to walk away, if he chooses.

However it plays out, Gruden will need someone with the skills to evaluate players. Although his coaching skills remain respected (despite a not-so-stellar stint in Tampa, but for the first-year Super Bowl win), the thinking is that Gruden lacks the skills to shop for the groceries. So whether it’s McKenzie or someone else, Gruden will need plenty of personnel help in Oakland.

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  1. Keep Reggie. Ask Green Bay and specifically Ted Thompson how life has been there since Reggie left the front office in 2012.

  2. I don’t get the Gruden fascination. He built his own team in Tampa, after winning the SB with Dungy’s players…and it was bad. How on earth would they dump a guy who put together a very talented team for a guy who’s proven incapable of doing that, is beyond me.

  3. Few are those who are great at both coaching AND talent evaluation. I understand that having a big ego is probably part of what makes goad HC’s good, but some of these guys take it to the extreme.

  4. Gordon says:
    January 4, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    I don’t get the Gruden fascination. He built his own team in Tampa, after winning the SB with Dungy’s players…and it was bad.

    What do you mean Dungy’s players? Was he the GM who brought in those players? Hint: No, it was Rich McKay. There were more holdover players from the Cowher era on Tomlin’s SB team than there were Dungy players on Gruden’s team. Do you ever hear Tomlin won with Cowher’s players? Under your logic, Gruden should be given credit for getting the Raiders to the SB, not Callahan.

  5. Draft some defense that ACTUALLY PLAYS is part of it..

    Gruden’s will have the best QB he has ever had… no excuses. No cap problems. Mack’s in place as a leader on defense.

    Let Reggie work Jon on the draft and see how it goes. It’s not like they need that many more pieces.. LB… CB.. not that many other glaring areas.. a QB,RB, and WR will be drafted late (every year).

  6. In 3 of Gruden’s final 4 years with the Bucs (post Sapp, Lynch, etc) they won 11, 9, and 9 games. The Bucs won three games the next year with a new head coach. I think most Bucs fans would be ecstatic to go back to winning only 9, 9, and 11 games 3 out of 4 years.

    He also did this with quarterbacks named Chris Simms, almost 40 year old Jeff Garcia, and Brian Griese. Why those guys? Because Gruden had no 1st or 2nd round picks TWICE immediately after arriving at Tampa Bay.

  7. Rumor is that the Packers, who just moved Thompson out of the GM role, will be sending draft picks and cash to the Raiders for McKenzie.

  8. Given that McKenzie ‘righted the ship’ for the Raiders, they’d be stupid to pull the rug out from under him and hand the whole operation over to Gruden. I think McKenzie would outlast Gruden, anyway. Gruden’s first year in TB was built on the work Dungy did before him and he clearly couldn’t maintain it for any stretch beyond that. If Gruden has learned anything he’ll work with McKenzie with the idea that they can compliment each other. If he’s all about ‘total control’ that just shows Gruden believes his own hype and it will be all about himself. Good luck, LV Raiders.

  9. Bill Parcells was a great HC who was not very good at player acquisitions.

    Gruden has proven to be an average HC who (with the exception of the Rich Gannon acquisition) was terrible in personnel decisions. I remember that Gruden lobbied hard with Davis to get the Raiders to spend high draft picks Matt Stinchcomb and Marques Tuiasosopo – who were both flops.

  10. araidersfan

    You mentioned Matt stinchcomb and Tui, and ignore that he drafted rookie of the year RB Cadillac Williams, and wr Mike Williams (964 yds, 11TDs rookie year) when he finally had first round picks in Tampa. Far from terrible.

    Everyone has misses, though to be fair, Gruden was traded from Oakland without ever getting the chance to work with Tuiasosopo.

  11. McKenzie built that team with a lot of talent, to let him go for Gruden would be insane, any team would want McKenzie.
    McKenzie is 36-61 as GM for the Raiders. Nobody wants him except the Raiders because they cant find anybody better. Gruden will boot him to the curb and do a better job as GM. Reggie, sorry. He sucks!

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